TYT’s Healthcare Clickbait Is Getting WORSE! | Louder With Crowder

TYT’s Healthcare Clickbait Is Getting WORSE! | Louder With Crowder

so we're done with the GOP health care bill now here's the deal this is a disaster I won't be I won't tell you anything else this is a disaster it's not good it doesn't look good for Republicans it certainly doesn't look good for having a functional government on any level now the left is taking this opportunity as it deals with health care to try and push their solution which of course is a single-payer plan a universal health care plan The Young Turks enter Young Turks he always transitioning they always do them they released a video today with the title now this is important because it's the title of the video it says universal health care has been working great in Germany for a long caps time let's get to what they say the story of universal health care begins in Prussia in the late 19th century with we have an image room this is Otto von Bismarck and he not only proposed the first modern welfare state but also in 1883 proposed the sickness insurance law which really be precursor to modern universal health care and it's actually known as the Bismarck plan in many European countries talk about quality control that nobody just I own your shirt he looks good like Tony Hawk had sex with it retarded Tony Hawk okay so he's talking about that how do by the way not only ad hominem but ad hominem in addendum to substance can be a lot of fun so the biz markie talked about the first welfare state it's a scam like the wealth the welfare state is almost invariably a scam it is a Ponzi scheme I'm a Rick Perry cotton is so much got so much flak for saying social care he was a Ponzi scheme in Bismarck ok the retirement age for their welfare security net was set at 70 average life expectancy at that time was 42 some would say that's brilliant what's funny is actually mirrors a lot of you know United States Social Security think it was set that the average life expectancy was 68 it was set at 65 and there were either three workers per retiree or three retirees per worker but now it's something like 16 retirees per worker so invariably you have to add more people more people paying in or you simply have to change the math for it to work that is the definition of a Ponzi scheme according to the SEC the only reason it's not considered a Ponzi scheme is because these are the same people who write the rules from the SEC so but not a weed I think in Bismark about 10% of people there's your universal health care coverage 10% of people who are covered so it wasn't necessarily successful but let's get to more of their arguments as to why it's been working in Germany specifically for a long time I've heard this I don't there's no any evidences but I've heard from my physician friends at around 1900 was around the break the point where you if you went to see a doctor you were had a better chance of the doctor healing you than making you worse what happened around 1900 not the entirety human of history for some reason at 19 it is nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing Oh vaccines and x-rays it was a Second Industrial Revolution dumbass again this was free enterprise and capitalism and technology benefiting mankind through the modern marvels of medicine something which of course is stifled under a socialized system if you actually look at medical research was being conducted okay so the Young Turks here's a prop I wish we had more clips there's nothing in there about Germany completely completely when used you title a video it's been working in Germany for a long time I think clickbait as I expect a video about universal health care in Germany yeah and and and then there isn't one there so let's address the arguments because a lot of people just see the clickbait title and say hey it's been working inject we've had this we've had people on the show liberals come up with titles and we're going on a second hat how you substantiate that we just so happen to have spend computer our intern from Germany so and the reason this is important is because they've pivoted it used to be Canada all the time and now they're going to Germany kind of like when Bernie Sanders talked about Venezuela used examples for socialism and then he said uh it's not really Denmark said we're not socialists anymore stop calling a socialist and I go uh Sweden and there's rape and they go back to Germany like shoot we're just here so these are things that you don't know about Germany everyone in Germany has to pay fourteen point six percent of their salary for health care each day and you can only opt-out if you make over forty eight hundred euros per month think about that for a second if you're making fifty sixty thousand euros a year that could be over seventy five hundred euros at the end of the year which by the way if you look at American plans privatized plans for an individual young healthy birth that would be way higher than most people who pay yes but let's assume you're fine because you don't want personal responsibility you no choice intimidate so you just want the government to take care of it what are the numbers look like alright not get here let's bring up this next number here Germany has the fourth highest health expenses in the world and the compulsory individual fees but a state or private carry on at a rate rising faster than inflation now I know that you'll say well active well we have some of the biggest health care cost in the role and I'm not going to I'm not going to argue that the United States the current system is not working that's because we have an ungodly marriage between government and private insurance and lobbyist groups and special interest groups and kind of bordering on going to a public option but we didn't really get it and so costs of skyrocket I just like when you look at the the industry for student loans this is a cottage industry that involves an overly intrusive government it doesn't work right now our costs are high I'll be the first to acknowledge that but the solution is not to go to a system that yields lower quality worse results lower survival rates add increased costs certainly if you apply to the United States when it has you know 10 times a population 20 times the population of some of these countries life expectancy how do you substantiate the how is it higher quality of care life expectancy rates are much higher with mortal diseases here in the United States as a matter of fact depending on the cancer it can be up to twice as much in the United States then in Germany it and here's here's something else even if none of these numbers we have more of these numbers we'll have them available you can look at the resources even if none of these numbers were true it still doesn't take into account that Germany Sweden Denmark they don't have to foot the bill for the security of the entire free industrialized world to begin with when I lived in Canada and there we well you know the United States doesn't have this we can do this socially we can do this well for crime I'm going yeah well yeah but that's because the only reason that you aren't being conquered by anyone who feels like if at that given moment in time is because the United States love Canada but you have a crappy health care system that's subsidized by tax dollars because it doesn't go to creating a military let's break this down so the solution here from the left was to force everyone to buy private health insurance okay now force insurance companies to accept everyone now again this is where the filter through which you see the world matters because if you go home saying there all these people who are uninsured here's go that's me why were the uninsured there's a significant amount of people who were young who didn't want to be insured there was a significant amount of people who had serious pre-existing conditions who never purchased insurance until they had some kind of catastrophe hit them so it's not just people couldn't afford health care it wasn't just the generic middle-class American worker couldn't afford a basic health that's just not reality but if you look through the lens of entitlement that's how you did so let's force everyone to buy insurance okay put all those people in there now force insurance companies to accept everyone now including the highest risk highest highest cost applicants in their risk pool now the solution because costs are out of control this is what you see they actually talk about this in the video and I had people talk on Twitter before we go to a prior go to a universal health care plan a public option we need to force insurance companies to set price maximums we need to enforce rules now that insurance companies can't charge more to stay afloat which they need now when they're bringing in all kinds of people who live on a diet of of soda and fried Snickers and come in because they didn't get insurance until they have two legs removed because of their diabetes and they watched a Wilford Brimley commercial said I think I have that so now I want to tell the insurance companies that person walks in your door millions of them and you can't charge them more listen the textbooks definitions capitalism economics and what's going to happen insurance companies won't be able to sit in and so they'll close their doors which of course is what the left wants they want to see all insurance companies closed their doors they want a public option and they want the public option to be the only option and that brings us to a single-payer system this is the solution that they have and this is why when you look at Amy this is where the Republicans cannot concede ground because this is the ultimate goal the left you see it with the first drafting of the American health care bill of the Affordable Care Act from Barack Obama you see it with the public option you see it with their statements regarding the public option of the public option we could just continually flood it with federal tax dollars and no private insurance company can compete until it's the only option from single-payer health care that has always been their goals so we cannot go any further along the trail they want insurance companies to close the door so that that's what they can have but I'm sure that the mr. producer from The Young Turks was going to get to that many urban US workers gained access to what's called sickness insurance yeah they've got the wrong image there but we'll get through it I've so the IRS tax changes but so but the question what's interesting to me is that nobody seems to know why employer-based health care plans you know what that is but the the workers okay okay but the problem is finish decision but he pulled the Social Security health care elements so they were able to do that and Syria I don't know what that is but universal health care see this is my old TV they say the internet hasn't a right it's just low quality don't lump us in with that guy that guy is a dinosaur in new media and he still hasn't learned to read prompter but I mean he still haven't learned to use a hairbrush hey if you liked this video subscribe by clicking the button that says subscribe if you're not aware of it now there's no way you're learning the Internet at this point I'm not going to help you but this was clipped from my daily show available exclusively to lotto with credit com / mug club members of your student military or veteran internet promo code it's less than six dollars a month and you get daily content no more clips Plus this hand etched mug oh I just when I feel it I got a chill like on the inside

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33 thoughts on “TYT’s Healthcare Clickbait Is Getting WORSE! | Louder With Crowder

  1. jesus my boyfriend wanted me to watch tyt and i haven’t until they made that video about you the other day and seeing this one and they’re all horrible at speaking stumbling over words saying stuff like i’m not sure of the source but i’ve been told like are y’all just pulling shit out of your ass why are you even talking or trying to teach people

  2. Really? Edited footage. I was a believer, now all I see is a deceiver. That was kinda sad and my opinion of you just dropped a few pegs. Be a real man, and don't lie.

  3. I was always under the impression health insurance worked like all other insurance. Its a saftey net in the event something unexpected or unfortunate happens. Like you get into a car accident. Your insurance covers some or all of the bills for the repairs, and you pay them back over time. Insurance companies are not obligated to cover you, especially if you have a history of getting in trouble. That just makes you a liability to their company, and if you want their help you need to pay more in premiums so they dont gut more of their bottom line just to cover your ass if/when you cause more trouble. They are a company, not a charity. You are not entitled to insurance just because you have poor health. You cant walk into a McDonalds and expect them to give you a free Big Mac just because you're hungry.

  4. So I was just going through a few older videos, and I noticed this chart. It was only up for a few seconds, but the two large drops caught my attention. I went back and hit pause, and looked at the dates. I guess fighting a world war doesn't help life expectancy much.

  5. Anyone else think that anytime a TYT employee is on screen, they seem like they just got dumped on their Birthday where their dog also died at the same time? Or like that one guy who looks and acts like he just broke out of a mental institution for people with violent tendencies that you make sure to avoid?

  6. What's wrong with you perverts? Avert your eyes! I'm a masterful young turk furiously 'bating…..clickbaiting.

  7. Steven Im big fan of yours .. But I dont agree with you on health care . I mean yes the people whom do not take proper care of themselfs and then want free care are a problem. But what about people who do and still are striken with a horrible illness ? They should be turned away from coverage because they are sick and it would cost too much too help them ?

  8. This guy sounds like a 9th grader giving an oral report on the history and origin of socialized medicine in Germany. I give him a C-! Bare minimum research and poor delivery!

  9. It is hilarious that the left keep touting how great Obamacare is when nobody wanted it in the first place because Obamacare is nothing more than Hillary care in a different rapper and we didn't want it when that skank try to force it down our throat either

  10. Ask anyone in the billing department of any doctors office what is billed vs allowed vs paid by Medicare & Medicaid vs private insurance companies & be prepared to be shocked.
    It’s why most doctors are part of groups because they can’t afford to be in private practice alone with very many patients w/government insurance.

  11. When they talk about Otto von Bismarck the guy was as conservative as it comes he didn’t even want a parliament or healthcare but parliament forced him

  12. Damn this whole show is just ranting. Hardly anything of substance. Seems like you just want to crush left wing idealism. Only reason this young generation is shifting left is because old policies that essentially mean you get to protect your money and borders is all the rich care about. And if you're not part of that class you're not even worth news. Which is exactly what this show is about

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