U.S. lagging behind in healthcare?

U.S. lagging behind in healthcare?

health care expected to dominate the political debate in 2020 it has been a hot button issue for years one talked about option by Democrats is universal health care PolitiFact Wisconsin looks at a claim that suggests the u.s. is lagging other countries it's been nearly 10 years since the Affordable Care Act was passed it offers health care coverage to everyone but it's not universal health care Democratic congressman mark Pocan from Madison tweeted his support for Medicare for all act meaning a government-run system that would replace private insurance quote the United States is the only industrialized country without universal health care PolitiFact Wisconsin first looked at the definition of industrialized country to see who has universal health care and who doesn't the benchmark for this is a group called the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development which includes primarily the industrialized countries United States a lot of countries from Europe Australia and so forth PolitiFact Wisconsin says despite the u.s. having some of the best hospitals in the world some less industrialized countries have government-run health care in fact when you look at the next tier of countries that are not fully industrialized such as North Korea Uruguay and other places there are some of those that do offer universal health care as well so politifact wisconsin rated this claim true

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  1. The main reason is the EXTREME COST it’s cheaper to go to a different country for the same medical stuff then getting medical in the USA everyone in the medical field and insurance companies will say it’s a bad idea not safe but that’s only greed talking not the truth

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