UNKNOWN Mexican Street Foods You MUST Try! MEGA Mexican Pizza, BEST BBQ, and 7 Mole’s in OAXACA!

UNKNOWN Mexican Street Foods You MUST Try! MEGA Mexican Pizza, BEST BBQ, and 7 Mole’s in OAXACA!

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100 thoughts on “UNKNOWN Mexican Street Foods You MUST Try! MEGA Mexican Pizza, BEST BBQ, and 7 Mole’s in OAXACA!

  1. Your Spanish is cringe worthy. 😂 I love how adventurous you are though. I definitely would not be able to eat some of those things….especially bugs.

  2. Dude in the video ignorant there's no such thing as a Mexican pizza or even American pizza because the so called pizza we eat in America lil Cesar's or Pizza hut or papa John s isnt pizza as much as we try to make it pizza it's not .

  3. Comida MEJICANA y bien hecha y mucho Sabrosura de sabores mhm yumie , 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  4. This guy pisses me off just walking up to strangers and putting his hands over their food..like dude give them some personal space

  5. That's how your man supposed to look at you and talk so passionately about the food every night 🤭🤗😋

  6. Lol! Those abuelitas made sure you were good and stuffed!!😥💪🇲🇽 if we like you we get you drunk and full of food. We love to party and burn it off dancing💃🕺

  7. By the way thank you for treating our hispanic people with respect. I like to see the way you approach them with kindness and gratefully for their food . Food ranger Thank you and keep it going budd!!!

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  9. Si se escuchar el
    Gringo como se escuchara no hablara español 😂😂😂 pobre Mexico tan lejos de y tan cerca de EEUu

  10. I have watched your Oaxaca videos about a 100 times, but am some how just now seeing this one! Glad I found it!

  11. ? Hey bro, can I come with you next time I'll pay you I'll pay you upfront cash money oh, you can't eat all that on your plate, see if I could help out

  12. You should go to Jalisco. Mainly Tuxpan and try the Tostadas raspadas, cuachala, tortas ahogadas, raspados, tejuinos and more 🙂


  14. Great u go to India and all these others places and know the language but u go to Mexico and ur Spanish is not even a bit ok wtf is mixto

  15. @11:58 I dont think i would eat there because he slaps the uncooked meat with his bare hands. Who knows if he wash his hands.

  16. I love your excitement with all the food and how you don’t care how people look at you, because there’s a lot of nice people, but at the same time there’s a lot of people that aren’t

  17. Who else is Oaxacan & doesn’t use chocolate on their mole or any sweet stuff like bread or raisins ? 🙋🏽‍♀️ my family prefers straight up spiceee

  18. Just clarifying tgat in the memelas, where they say it is cow brain that's actually cow's spinal cord. It's actually delicious!

  19. Awww someone’s grandma at @16:25 is so cute, she just made you a Mexican Pizza cuz she know ur American viewers love pizza❤️☺️

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