Using A Barrel For Safety For Groundwork (With Baby Gracie) – Livestream

Using A Barrel For Safety For Groundwork (With Baby Gracie) - Livestream

okay bear with me here as usual to get my audio working and hopefully it's working I need a horse okay I hope you guys can hear me I can't I wasn't smart enough to bring my other phone with me to test audio let's go get a horse but I figure I just let people get notifications that there's a livestream because again I didn't put up a notification I was gonna do this so let me just double check see if anybody said the audios on no hello anybody can hear me let me know it's riggan yes good okay thank you all right I'm gonna go get Gracie she's just right over there so today we're going to talk about and I'll come back and talk about this again but we're going to talk about using a barrel or an obstacle if you're doing groundwork and it isn't feeling very safe something I thought I would talk about I get cast once in a while somebody's got a horse that just doesn't really behave as well as they'd like and sort of ends up pushing them over and stuff like that and so I thought I would demonstrate a couple of ways that you can help your horse pass that and then hopefully you won't need the barrel anymore it was I'll be right back of course you guys can still hear me so I can talk as I go and I don't I'm very far to go been a super busy day I'm working on a brand new project that I will show you guys hopefully in a day or so like okay I have arrived to the gate Maroni thinks he's coming out he's not sorry buddy I need the other brown horse scuse me coming through yes Gracie hero one I need it look like you're taller first he looks taller than me all right can tronie you have to back up a good boy don't you go big girl okay close it up the gate is you guys can probably hear and I now have my horse I know Luke passed by Luke see if I could drag her into the arena or that are losing her mind it's a bunch of stuff on the outside of the evening yes so come on big girl you didn't you just thinking terrific start walking come on good just another day in horsey land she says I gotta go poop just outside here of course you do that makes sense terrific come on in just wait patiently just keep the pressure on not a lot I don't want to go upwards and iterate or nothing just wait I'm not sure where this problem of entering this whole arena is coming from great that's one whoo one more foot please there you go but you know I wouldn't really cheat this any different than trying to get her onto a trailer some tight spots somewhere back up back up back up terrific back up you're too close make me nervous close again watch the gate back up back up back up come on Gracie I got to go check and make sure everything's cool make sure you do hasn't crashed on us yet she says what is with all this stuff in here well that much good and freak out over that okay so check to make sure you tubes running looks like it is I've got my very nervous horse here now I'm actually going to take advantage of course tarps don't really freaked her out much anymore but maybe a little and I'm gonna place this in front of my camera and with any luck she'll stay away from it but I think that she's more concerned actually with my broken umbrella let's find out hey not that bad okay but we're not here for umbrellas okay stay there on the other side of that no she's got to go poo what else is new right okay now just out of curiosity could you guys hear me all the way over when I went to go get her if somebody could just say yes or no making sure that my mic is working she's uh yes okay thank you what do you think she's gonna do with that should I just let her play let's let her play first thing was she gonna do it's a broken umbrella it's a cheap umbrella there's a store called Walmart here in North America and they sell garbage I bought some garbage from Walmart now I sell these things these are actually horse trading devices and their modified garbage and they're 50% off just today only for 83 dollars what is she doing she's stuck look oh she moved I love watching horses explore things and check things out what do you think Gracie should we walk around a little okay let's walk around a little and I'll point you guys down this way because this is where we're gonna go now the the thing about spaces environments and spaces were the horses sometimes they can get themselves a little bit worried if they've changed so we've got some extra barrels in here I'm gonna check out whether or not she's gonna get worried about them travel them around them see she's sort of jetting around I'm just gonna send her around the other side go on go around me now stop now back up now go around now stop back up back up back up really important whatever it is that's worrying you I need to be bigger then whatever that is so she doesn't have her butt to the forest maybe let's kick a barrel or two around here better hi you okay you gonna kick it too if you want well there's a little loose I'm gonna just tighten it up a bit a tight halter is safer and it is also easier to work and train with them for two reasons one it's fitting correctly and if it's fitting correctly you can get a better response and it reduces the the time it takes to tell the horse to do something and when they feel it so yeah let's demonstrate just a very quick demonstration wouldn't I mean and it's good practice for her to walk her own anyways so what I mean by that is that if I have a really say a really long slackline when I go to ask for something it takes a while to ask for it but if I have a short slackline it takes a little less to bring that in where as compared to being a long slackline I've got to pull out a lot of slack so same thing with a halter if it's loose if it's not fitting right when you go to ask for things it's got to pick up that slack before it no yes it's trading day Gracie I hope you manage this okay no more big huge piles of poop everywhere okay so let's keep walking around a little bit it's important that she feels good to me before I bother starting with any activity that I want to do I'd like her to stay in a particular position around me some of you have seen my rectangle and circle video I'd encourage you to keep thinking of that cuz that's what I'm thinking about she's a little bit ahead a little bit in my space so I'm comfortable I don't like it and so the barrel trick it actually helps protect that space mmm better we're good and I know I talked about safety a lot I don't think I could talk about it enough you definitely can't overdo the idea of being safe it's a little nervous the pole should probably check that out a little sometimes I'll use this pole on some pretty nervous horses and I can get a lot of space see and I can still touch them and move it around move good so she seems fine no surprise so you never know what you can do with just something that you have lying around she says that freaks me out yeah well it's ten feet tall I'd imagine so I'll bump her lightly you know you do this lightly these things are hard plastic yeah you could better go poop a little bugger belly this is in a pool noodle so I can't just go crashing around on her bones and stuff I'd be not kind you can you crash down on anything you make sure it's if you kind of bump a little with something make sure it's flesh here come out we I don't want to just step in your boo-boos I'll clean that up in a minute when we have break time so I will bump her a little just to see how this goes get it up high see if she listens and got onto my barrel exercise it hi my car do just hang out with me while I do this look don't back off that stop bad ten a while I do it maybe she'll think I'm not here to kill her horses are always working on instinct through just being afraid make sure you twos running looks like it is okay let's uh let's talk about safety around a barrel ah let's see back up back up back up and don't turn good when your horses are backing up away from you you don't want their nose to go either way or we'd like for the knows not to go either way it would likely lead to them not backing straight and I do always try to say I want to see two eyes and two ears at all times just let them know that you'll manage that backing up part how about the ball what do you think of the ball you care greasy ball time we're gonna get a little bit better I know you guys I've I've done a few things here with it here where there here and there with the ball since the last the noisy motorcycle wasn't it let's see if she'll do I've got are kicking it pretty good usually you kind of kick it out of the way and stuff come on give it a kick there you go now give it a nose scar come this way ah nope go around can you get it between the barrels yep Hey okay that's enough of the ball now I'm gonna use just one barrel for now let's put the other barrel out of the way oh you kick some sand onto your barrel that's good okay make sure I'm framed up alright and then we'll get started on this safety thing looks pretty good I think if I just keep that centered come on big girl let's do this now ground work can be terrifying no two ways about it there's a little more come on right there see she's in her rectangle that's my imagination so stay there and she's small better I'd like her to have her head down a little maybe should relax a bit horses naturally relax and their heart rate slows their breathing will slow so there's been many times that I've done groundwork with horses and it's just plain scary though the scarier horses are the ones that cut corners and they shoulder in the even worse ones I guess I would say are the ones that try to leave and they're baack comes in on their way by so when they cut the corner they're coming straight instead of doing a circle around you and your groundwork your basic circle groundwork and if you don't know what I'm talking about I'm afraid you'll have to sort of catch up a little bit watch a couple of my groundwork videos I'm talking about doing just a basic circle for groundwork and when you do in that basic circle there should be no straight lines throughout that circle because it's a circle it's not a Pentagon it's not about hexagons it's not an octagon it's not a triangle it's certainly not a square or a rectangle it's a circle so there are no straight lines it's just a nice what do you want nice yielding round sort of circle and if they're making a straight line there they're either trying to leave or they're trying to push you out of position but the problem usually resides in the foot placement and the hand placement of the person doing the groundwork so what I want to talk about today is when we use a barrel you need to be less afraid of this this is just and you kick sand all the time there you go I don't want to afraid of this I don't need her worried I need her respectful of it if I push her into it she ought to move out away from it if I sort of carry it around with me you see but I'm not talking about carrying it around with you because that's pain in the butt that would just be almost ridiculous to have to do that if you had to carry something around with you to keep a horse off with you but you can do your groundwork here come over this way so people are seeing you sideways something like that right there good so when we're when we're using a barrel for groundwork you you you're hoping to get away from using the barrel for grammar you don't have to use a barrel I've seen people use bales of straw not necessarily hay sometimes if it's tasty-looking the horses just coming to eat it you don't want that but actually it can be you can work on freedom of that but you can use a straw you can use bales of hay with a tarp on top a barrel you can use a stump you can use something that's going to be in the way of the horse to get to you so once in a while you'll have them to where they'll you'll get one that just wants to sort of come over to you and give you trouble so if you put a barrel in the way you can get away from that so what I'll do is I'll just ask her to come around like that go go and then I'll just sort of keep the barrel in between her and I and we'll do a direction change and she won't be able to make her way over to me because I'll be able to have the barrel in the way of her and I now if you guys have watched any of my groundwork you've seen that this is not really the way you want to be able to do or to do ground work because you can't get the right sort of angle and she's also not going to really yield away from me while I go but if she were thinking about coming in like this so I'll draw her in if she were coming in and she was giving me trouble and stuff like that if I did have this barrel here there'd be a chance that she she could reach over and and run me over or something I'll get her go the other way and so the barrel can be very handy the other thing about the barrels you can get them to go by something like this and if you were having actually I'll demonstrate this because I'm pretty sure she'll show that she won't handle it so what we'll do is we'll use the barrel as a squeeze as well so that's a that's sort of very simple and I'm talking super simple demonstration of doing a groundwork in the open let's move to a squeeze now there are gonna be times when you might think look I want my horse to mm-hmm it's just a ball relax I want my horse to be able to travel by me and go by a wall or a fence now we'll watch what happens now see how she kind of snugs into me like that hopefully you guys can see that I can't hear you cuz nobody can talk to me but she's pretty worried so she's gonna kind of shoulder in and bring her butt in as well but I want her over there though I mean in an ideal world I'll use my rope and get her to be a little bit further away from me than what my rope will let her so my swing will come out and the end of my rope will be with enough space for her to get by me and the wall try again and as time goes on I'll extend my rope out oops I had a bad swing there let's try again come on keep going yeah yeah yeah okay go poof another poof baby we got to take a break clean up all your purples okay travel around me now the problem there is that they'll go faster more you swing or the closer you are with your swing to their body and so we don't want speed in ground work we want slow and careful and are you breathing about come here come down hey take a breath what do you think good girl so we don't want speed we want just careful slowness so again you can use a barrel or you can use some kind of obstacle in between you and the horse like so then I'll have her go through in this barrel will give me the space go the other way good luck should Lou travel on but I can go slow and then stop her I don't want speed so instead of concentrating on the driving part of this activity I lead her through with my hand and then ask her to stop and the barrel will keep me safe and stop come on Gracie you big look keep moving she says this freaks me out yeah I can see that but you never know when a horse might try to cut through real quick but she should be able to go through and get beside that wall a little bit better and I'll keep this up a little bit more till she just walks now she might bump that she'd bumped the barrel but that's fine cuz it doesn't hurt me each time Mike have her go through it's a little quieter hopefully she's got herself a little worried I'm okay with that it's a gap I get to find out these little problems I mean if she ever ever get good at this amount of space come here come here come here calm down you're not in trouble you just need to move I know I heard you keep traveling right and instead of concentrating on this hand we concentrate on this hand which is are essentially going to turn into our one rain stop if we ever get on our back come on never slow down they slow down you don't need to rush through there take your time do you need a hug I can give you oh it's okay Gracie there you go should you hug your horse yes yes you should hug your horse come on Trevor one she already knows to go because my left hand is out that's a nice walk and a nice stop I'll pet her again before I send her through just briefly now my hand is out she knows to go and I Drive with my other hand just a little and you see in time gets a little better so move the barrel over some more rather than having me go closer and have her squeeze between the wall and me I use a barrel oh come on Gracie you could do this she's really worried she says that's not as much space as I'm used to I'm used to a little bit more space she knocks the barrel over that's good she'd get used to that better than knocking me over now it is a crutch don't get me wrong but it's a start come on then you get to practice your direction changes you won rain stops there she bumped by the barrel now hopefully in time she gets that space figured out and she doesn't bump against the barrel anymore and she just travels on through like a good girl don't the barrel again keep asking this time I'm gonna guide with my hand a little bit better or a little bit more out I'll touch her on the way by – you can't go wrong petting your horse when they walk by you come here I know you're very worried yes you are you're a good girl okay so that's the basics you're using of using a barrel for safety with your ground work I'm gonna let her free to go see she'll have a roll for a second we'll capture again do a little bit more and I'll answer a few questions he did good good big girl yeah go free to the loo okay I'll turn the camera on her she'll likely stay at this end we'll see and I'll do a quick clean up while I talk about this a little bit more uh so the barrel idea is not new it's not mine I didn't make it up or whatever I learnt it from let's see is it Tom Dorrance or bill one or the other thing tom was the original guy who probably came up with it but the idea was that when he was getting older he wanted to be able to work a horse without getting run over but he's old so he came up with this idea that if he used a barrel he'd be able to keep the horse away I need to be able to shuffle around the barrel and get something done until that horse was gentle and kind and not too worried about whether or not it was gonna die in his care under his training so um that's where I got the idea from it's not mine but I like it and I use it for a lot of different things myself and so I thought I would demonstrate that just in case you guys decide you want to work with your horses and you're thinking hmm how do I get this done without getting myself hurt uh-huh and that'd be one of the ways to do it okay I am at the phone and see if she has a role or if she just checks things out or if she just comes over cuz I'm sitting down and she usually comes over look at her though doesn't she look good what a good-looking horse that muscles droning she's getting a little bit taller a little thicker see her shoulders are getting a bit bigger anyhow so ah all right see if anybody has any questions everybody says sound is good hello Teresa and olives in barb in sunny one Maria the pool noodle from hell yes yes we should try the pool noodle it's not a pool noodle come to think of it it's what is it a cylindrical foam advanced horse training device on sale today only stella says I finally made it alive I only stay a few minutes might give you a thumbs up and back to watch the replay later peace peace Stella thank you for stopping in briefly Gracie do you think of the pool noodle just keep that thing away from me okay um let's see Walmart umbrella end up in the trash to streaming is circling and came back okay now Teresa thank you Wow my goodness all of us as well you thanks olives thanks for the lesson you're welcome you know I think I enjoy teaching I do but more than that I constantly watching seeing and getting asked questions and and teaching things about how not to get hurt and I really do want it to be more of a an important topic that more and more people talk about when hanging around these massive animals that are fear-based they will run or kick or both to save their life you know they have a very strong instinct to stay alive know I'm back to the $83 horse training tool made of some kind of synthetic fabric what a goofy watch this this is I don't know full wheels aren't that bad Gracie want a pool little okay enough that um an aunt Gracie is coming a long way along such an incredibly long wait is she has it's true I know head tossing your tale King just you me Ida hello watching the Soyuz reentry that's cool I like astronomy cube so q1 yes yes some horses need a hug look at her square up nicely it's true Gracie's actually very good I mean even still she has this whole arena to go hang out in and she's over here in the corner with me so it's not it really isn't just about squaring up I think she has a real desire just sort of hang out and be together do you think she's thinking stop playing with my umbrella yeah bunk bunk bunk bunk bunk I'll just rest it on her nose Gracie hold that for me okay Mariga umm she's so adorable yes she is who was calling Gracie uh Roni was oh wow you guys have no questions so far good so when I when I when I demonstrate these things and you know it doesn't just have to be a barrel I can I can use the ball I can use the tarp sometimes if horses the thing about a barrel or a stump or a couple of bales of hay or something like that is that it is a physical obstruction and they they're not going to get through it so what do I do with her okay so the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to drag over a couple more barrels and I'll show you some some ideas around getting her to go in between them and me being on the side and I'll demonstrate sort of a more dangerous activity to do that you might want not want to do at the same time as well I trust her for the most part but I don't think I wouldn't put it past her to kick on her way by just if she thought I was gonna do something she sure is a she sure is being sweet today gotta admit I'm really happy with hey I had a suggestion I'm gonna give this a shot live I don't know if this is gonna work but I have a suggestion for a nose massage I don't know if you guys know the lady off to see if I can get her to stay with me there's a lady that has a channel called about horses and unfortunately from what I understand she's passed away but her channel lives on and her last video was about I think about a year ago so she's been gone for a little while I believe but amazing really intuitive person talked a lot about the same things sort of same things that I talk about horse behaviors she did a lot of observations I don't think English was her first language but she conveyed what she thought how she felt about them quite well anyway so I got this email from a guy over I think where is he I think he's over in Montreal and he was talking about a nose massage he says you should give this a go and see if it works Oh and essentially the lady said the same thing she says it's almost like hypnosis you can massage their nose just the inside I guess I don't know exactly how this works I'm gonna let go over oh well soon as I let go over next she moved I don't want to have to keep her with my other hand you guys are just watching me goof off live honestly sometimes I just play around with ideas and things but this one was a real thing I don't know how it works though so I'll just rub Oh nope come back come back this way more this way more good girl that is weird have you guys ever seen such a thing it appears to be working just rub I guess I won't do too much just in case she hates it doesn't seem to hate it she sort of stuck with that a little bit right she's loving the scratches on the withers lately I think Ronnie's doing a good job of taking care of her so I don't think I have to do much anymore but when he wasn't around man I'd come up to her and just be the first thing she'd be looking for now she doesn't care at all weird she in fact she's leaving that is unusual for her usually I did a one of my playtime videos and I had her try to leave me and and she wouldn't leave she'd let me scratch her until I stop scratching and then she left so hey miss okay that's go-getter where's my halter there it is right behind me any questions about the massaging I don't actually know about the massaging how to do it exactly I think I will mess around with that some more camera needs to be angled up a bit I wish I could read these things as they're going but nose massage should breathe or these endorphins or something me and Nielson I'm not a big fan of me and Nielsen also above the eyes yeah I'm very good at touching the eyes would have helped her if you walked her through the narrow part at the beginning Bonnie I'm not sure which narrow part we're talking about oh I see Lee led her through there mm I it would be dangerous and I'll explain why Bonnie it's a great question let's watch me Lee well okay I'll make it different which will appear different to her and feel dangerous and I'll show you why leading a horse through a dangerous area is usually a bad idea so let's go get her hello so you're we leaving yet cuz it's all loud motorcycles and stuff going on on the road you guys probably can't hear it because of why am i reaching up side there we go thank you she's like she could read my mind I'm reaching upwards like this and I'm thinking you should have your head lower and she put her head lower just as I thought it may be you're that smart are you that smart this is a maybe okay so let's make this let's make this different which will make it dangerous the reason it gets dangerous because horses are ridiculous when it comes to when they approach things and they they don't look the same as they used to now I'm there come with me I've switched hands I'm hoping she'll be aware of that she is still my one side okay get around me good okay so let's make this squeezy let's let's really make a dangerous what the heck okay you guys probably can't see I don't expect I've turned the camera yet proper or maybe I have yeah okay so this is for you Bonnie or anybody else that cares about this stuff um so the this is a squeezy spot for a horse she's already resistant I can already feel that it's no good now if I go to lead her through here just like when I was leading her through the gate I don't have anywhere to escape to other than forward the faster I go forward the faster she'll go forward pretty soon you have a train wreck so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna I'm gonna do this in a way that I'm going to be safe but still place myself in a position of what some of see she's not too interested in coming in here but see as I go through it already feels like she's going to rush through here because she won't come through here nicely you see I can't even lead her through when I want to now she's making me pretty nervous cuz I feel like she's going to jet through so that's why I would never lead her through something like that now I'm going to take two barrels away and I'm gonna open it up a bit and now I'm gonna lead her through hey back up back up good come here but she still rushes so no I wouldn't I wouldn't lead a horse through something due to that it's like something like that something that squeezy somewhere where I'm an escape if I need to lead her over a tarp I might do it but I'd probably do it sort of over there but I wouldn't want to be in a situation where a horse is right behind me so let's solve this put my three barrels back she's got a travel farther it's rule here come on big girl well I guess we should do your good side first come on yep keep traveling keep traveling keep traveling so she's pretty worried I'm just gonna drive she says oh god there's three of them what the heck come on see you can't do this any different than you try to get them to do anything else and I let her go through whatever speech she felt like going through it first let's try the same side she made it she says Zoe lived what a relief that for sure I was going to die today today is a death day no I'm just swinging the Rope a little so she knows to go even though my hand says go my left hand says go right hand says definitely go left and says go ahead it's cool all right switch directions oh you're fine you're fine go on then no not towards me you know better off you go I'm gonna ask her away from me say no don't take steps towards me you can make it good a stopper better send her on a little more bigger come on and stop her good very good yes you made it you're alive still can you believe it so that's sort of my crash course on barrels and safety hopefully that's made sense and you you've watched me sort of take her through you know nothing just a barrel and a big space you've seen me take her through just a small space with a barrel and then three barrels and now in theory nope nope come around let's line you up a little bit better come on wrong so I still can't lead her through we'd have to work on that maybe come over this way come and I might take my time leading through lopsy dangerous maybe I'll get her through this way a little and I might be out of the way before she can jet through come on but see she won't lead so well driving is easier and stay safer let's try again ah stay there till I'm out of the way so I'll show you guys how I might do this a little safer wait I'll let you know wait so I'm still going to end up driving her through or nope now see it's not even safe this isn't a safe activity this is a good way to get run over wait wait there wait wait wait no wait wait now I'm gonna step out of the way and ask her through that is the safest way I could have let her through and I was still driving her so I hope that demonstrates very well how leading can be very dangerous if you don't have an escape route like you would in a squeezie situation like this and even still there's a lot of cases where horses will try to be where you are they'll figure wherever you're at is the safest place to be now she was really good about it she didn't run me over she didn't kick and do anything luckily I've got a relationship with her that seems to have her feel like that might be I'm not a good idea I appreciate that poor thing hey leave your life in fear we have barrels barrels are scary things so some new thing about you want to go free but hey living on the wild side today are we doing crazy things for people on the internet dangerous yeah you know I can't remember last time I was run over thank goodness but it happens it I think maybe the last time I was proper run over I was training a horse out on a trail somewhere and simply trying to get this poor thing over top of water just water just a some water and the horse decided that where I was standing was the best and safest place to be and proceeded to jump right where I was so that sucked and knocked me over so it happens sometimes you just can't be fast enough or a bigger a bigger deterrent so ok I'm back at the phone let me see if there's any questions and we're kind of going on about an hour so I probably ended pretty close to here mmm so Bonnie there you go hopefully you saw that maybe you could do a stream of trailer loading with Gracie I remember the video getting on sure there's quite challenging uh you know I could do trailer loading thing but to be honest if I remember correctly she loads on the trailer just phone now so I could try and see if it hasn't stuck if it's not quite there then I will give it a go and make it better I might find some gaps but I think that she's pretty good so I wouldn't be to her but yeah it's a good idea I should be able to get her and sure that we do have to go out on some field trips I need to know if she'll go into streams and creeks and puddles and all kinds of things like that so I'm definitely going to be working on that and hopefully horses a just got to find out what's inside of the barrel what's in there nothing there's nothing in there oh it's empty we've just got to find out Roni is calling out again says bring back my orange horse of course is her kind of colorblind that's why she's orange okay I'm going to let's see you guys have any questions I think I'm gonna end up there because that's my demonstration that was the lesson the lesson was used barrels or obstacles or something to get ground work better to get a place of safety to ensure your safety circle doesn't get infiltrated by these crazy animals and you can continue to work on on something that you know the horse has trouble with and horses hates queasy spaces they really do they wish that they did not have to be in squeezie spaces ever nice big wide open spaces would be just fine so soon oh we haven't opened the box yet I was gonna do it on videos but I'm working on it trying to figure out what to do about that the oh there she goes just chucking sand on the pipe and let's make a noise look she says a god soon can she make it over no she cannot no she's off to the other side just gotta find a good spot for the other side and the same spot wasn't good enough right there Gracie is the same side wasn't it did she just do the same side yeah okay I'm gonna leave it at that you guys seem to be pretty good I mean there's not a lot to ask him assume it's a pretty straightforward technique I think and it'll keep you safer there's nothing more than to really sort of say about it Oh Gracie she just can't head down to the other end I wish she would go down that way by herself and not wouldn't need me to be down there with her but there are no horses down that way right so no draw back to the umbrella oh well okay we're gonna leave it at that what a fuzzy camera all right sue I'll get that that box opened up I appreciate you sending it over sue sent a box it says open it up please so anyways um oh hey Carla so we're gonna leave it at that we're all done just finished up Carla thanks for coming in everybody and you know if anything comes up and kind of think about it you say well well what what about this or this or is this a good idea feel free to chuck it in the comments below I'll get to the comments I'm a little behind on on some of them but I try my best to keep up so anyways thank you everybody again for for popping in I just clap my hands and she got all worried well I guess I should clap my hands around here before Oh Carla's been here the whole time again Thank You Theresa and all of us you guys are the best look at her she's coming over now I'll clap my hands and she thinks I should go on the tarp and play with a pool noodle and the umbrella see that's what you get for having a playful curious young horse they get playful curious in thanks Carla it was a good session actually I think this was very beneficial for her I'm clapping she doesn't seem to she's just looking at me I don't have her ears though because of the echo I know sorry you guys can't see that see watch watch her ears because the echo goes around and she can see me clapping now our years always go back see I don't think if I clap quieter see it's not that the clap is too loud now she doesn't care she's like okay I'm all good with clapping now how about an umbrella again interesting stuff horsey observations stuff okay that's it for now have a good night everybody well whatever extra time it is is nighttime here it's eight nine times eight nine like it's nine oh I don't know my phone is right here what am i doing 9:14 Eminence is going by or a fire truck or something so uh yeah good night good morning afternoon evening day sleep I'll see you guys again tomorrow 11:15 here a few hours I had a couple hours a day okay everybody

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11 thoughts on “Using A Barrel For Safety For Groundwork (With Baby Gracie) – Livestream

  1. I was sleeping (night here😴) I love this very instructive video. Gracie is so sweet with something in her eyes, so innocent and trustful. Difficult to explain. She really matures in muscles to become a beautiful mare. Funny how she comes back to sniff the objects that frightened her, horses are very curious at exploring new things. The white stick seemed harder than the green poor noodle, though. The barrel exercize is a perfect demonstration of how dangerous things can turn, and brings back scarrying memories when outside, on a trail. Thank you so much for all your videos and time investment🐎🌷🌻🌸

  2. Hi Graeme I missed the live stream as it were on early, Gracie is looking great isn't she and looks to have got taller to me, you say that no body can answer you on the audio but given this world of technology it won't be long before the live streamers can interact, won't that be cool, hugs to all and thank you for this video x

  3. Thank you so much for this training session. I recently discovered an issue with my mare and this video is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  4. I used to watch her videos all the time…the lady from youtube channel About horses. Are you sure she has past? How sad😢!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness. I'm laughing so much as Babie Gracie looking at the umbrella. She must be thinking 'what is my Dad doing messing with umbrellas. Had the world gone crazy!!'

  6. I love these videos. I know ill need them one day when i want to take on the challenge. Of a younger horse.

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