Using an ECLP as a Wellness Planner! | Erin Condren Wellness Planner Setup and Walkthrough!

Using an ECLP as a Wellness Planner! | Erin Condren Wellness Planner Setup and Walkthrough!

hey everyone welcome back to my channel it's Sara with hello muffin today I thought I would go through my my new Erin Condren that I have the Kaleidoscope version I've turned this into a wellness planner for both my like mental health and my physical health I have some goals for the next year that I really want to lose some weight and just become a healthier person and when I saw this planner on the Erin Condren website I actually saw this quote here and a bunch of the other quotes on the tabs and it just kind of got me thinking like what I wanted to accomplish and you know the goals that I wanted for myself for the next year or so and it really inspired me to make this planner my wellness planner for the next year this planner goes from July of this year to June of next year so I figured next launch date I'll just order another planner to replace this one rather than getting an 18 month to get me through this year and next year because I knew I wanted to stuff this planner full of like trackers and stuff so yeah I'm just gonna do a quick little flip through so this is the cover that I got with a different planner this is just an extra planner or an extra cover I'm sorry that I purchased I really like it it's really cute so when you open the planner the first thing that you see is the wellness log dashboard I've decided to go back to following there's a plan called the 21 day fix and I believe it's by Beachbody I'm sure you've heard of it they have a bunch of different variations I used to follow the 21 day fix and I have some really good results with it I know some people are Miria Beachbody because it it is I guess technically in MLM but I do really like their workouts so I already purchased it I have the DVDs I already have the you know the documents and the paperwork and stuff so the plan worked for me so I'm gonna follow it but anyway so this is where I'm gonna write down my day-to-day the food that I'm gonna be eating I'm gonna write down what I actually eat and I'm thinking that probably at the end of every week that I might take a picture of this and log it somewhere just to keep it for posterity and as you can see at the bottom here I forget what this said originally but I wrote the word snack because I like to eat six small meals in a day when I'm trying to lose weight and then I added this tab here this is a happy planner tab it is not that sticky it does come up it's just like a you know adhesive not like a permanent adhesive so this might have to get replaced eventually but for now it's fine the back of this is useless so that's why I have it up front is so when I am at work I can just flip it open to this first page and log my food as I eat it so this is my yearly view um I actually did this this morning I just bombed holidays and birthdays and then the two red dots this is my anniversary with my boyfriend obviously this is Valentine's Day so all the blue dots are just birthdays there's actually quite a few missing these are just the ones that I know that I'm gonna go out to eat for or that will otherwise effects my life actually I should add my office birthdays as well in here there's so many but um and then I added the silver ones for holidays that I'm off of work typically I would be getting together with my family on a long weekend or going to a barbecue and I just wanted to kind of see you know what days I had to prepare ahead if there's any other days then I'd like to add I'll do that eventually but my suggestion for you if you're doing wellness planner for the year in review is to or the year view is to not focus so much on you know events but focus on days or events or whatever that will affect your eating you know I have a regular planner I don't need to write down things that aren't gonna affect my eating so that's just exhalation that so then this is my year at a glance pages or layout and what I decided to do was um I actually made these stickers I match them to the colors in the little dots I think they're so cute but I'm going to track my measurements on this sheet I'm gonna do arms right and left size calves right and lunch for both of those bust neck hips waist my weight loss total and the weight that I lost that month so this will be kind of like a snapshot in time of what my shape is currently and I'm gonna write those in I just hadn't yet because I wanted to take pictures of this spread in case I decided to sell the the month stickers on Etsy in my shop I'm not sure yet but I mean I did go through all the ever of meaning it would be nice to maybe I'll do it as a free download or something who knows if you have an opinion if you want these as a free printable or if you want me to offer them in my shop you know just leave a comment below and let me know I can definitely do that so then on this page I created a weight loss tracker now these gem stickers are from various Erin Condren sheets that I had been hoarding and I decided enough was enough I have to use these freaking stickers so I just pulled them out and I decorated but this is a full-page label and then down here I have the months and these month colors actually match these colors so they are the same they don't match the tabs just want to point that out these don't match the tabs they're totally different I don't know why Erin Condren decided to do that but whatever so I'm gonna put a little dot of wherever I'm starting that particular month and then it's gonna be like a line graph which will hopefully be going in this general direction I mean one can only call the fingers crossed but this was a mined notes page so let me get into a monthly view for the monthly view obviously month name then I just I covered this over with a sticker than I made weekly check-ins and then July has four weeks so actually doesn't have four weeks oh I hope it has four weeks um I think I was looking at June when I made this so yeah because this is only 30 days so well hopefully it only has three before weeks ought to check that later but the idea is that I'm gonna put the amount of weight that I lose each week and then the total amount of weight lost for the month at the end and then I'll list for monthly goals here and then this is just gonna be expanding on that year at a glance view with the circles I'm gonna put what events are upcoming in July like obviously I'll put July 4th if you're in the US that's Independence Day there's usually like cookouts and barbecues and things like that but I would have to plan for in my meal prepping and meal planning so then down here this is just a little top great thing that Erin Condren gives you but I made this sticker on a clear sheet um and I get a lot of migraines and one of my goals for I guess the second half of 2019 r2 is to really track my migraines where they're coming from why I'm getting them I have trigger location duration intensity I'm gonna use a scale like 1 to 10 whether I'm gonna draw a little doodle here like I said sunny is it cloudy rainy whatever temperature humidity which is a huge trigger for me hours of sleep sensitivity nausea brain fog and aura so the last four symptoms that I get when I get my migraines and I'm just gonna check off if my migraine had those symptoms but humidity is really my big trigger I live in New Jersey and I don't know if you guys know this but the state of New Jersey used to be a swamp like it was built on top of swampland and it is humid as heck here all the time I think it was like 95% humidity a couple of days ago like it's too much pretty much I'm have a constant migraine the entire summer I can't handle it I pretty much have to live in my bedroom with air conditioning on so it's not it's horrible but I put that there because I know that's a big trigger and if it happens to be a trends I don't know maybe I'll move I really don't know what else I can do but anyway this is a mood tracker printable that I got off of Etsy I paid $3 and it came in three different sizes this size she had two on a page so I actually took the second one and I cut it out and then I put it in my pocket in here so I have it for another month maybe I'll use it like next year like June or something but I didn't realize that this was only 30 I thought I was doing June so I'll have to add a 31st day and go color and wear the PAC's or something but I'll make a little key here with my colors and my moods and then color this in as the month goes and I'm gonna use this to track my general moods obviously but really what am i focusing on is on is my anxiety I have pretty bad anxiety and I really wanted to have something where I could really see what days are really bad and if my CBD oil intake affects my anxiety I mean I know it affects it but I really wanted to you know have something quantifiable for that so that's why I decided to do the mood tracker I will link the shop where I purchased this down in the description box and then I left this face blank here because I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it but I'm thinking apart like a fun quote or maybe like my monthly focus like a word or something maybe I'll leave it blank if I'm too bored too busy you're for b'seder I don't know but um so that's my monthly page my spread and then this is my my monthly calendar view I haven't done anything with this yeah obviously it's June not July but my plan here is to annotate again the days I need to be careful of like well we'll call them danger days or something I'm going to annotate the days that I need to meal plan meal prep and then my exercise video days with my exercise regimen so whatever days that happen to be alright my actual exercise in on those days so then on the next page we have my weekly view and I have this is the colorful hourly obviously in case you couldn't tell already and I mean a sidebar over here I match the colors to the kaleidoscope I'm not really a fan of them because they kind of clash with everything else all the other colors so I'll probably recolor this but this is the sidebar I created it has a weekly focus so I'm thinking maybe again like some sort of like goal or like word or like inspirational thing here and then I have three habits pre-fills and then I left one blank so I can change out my habit tracker each week for various things like if I wanted to focus on cutting out my sugar or if I wanted to focus on I don't know maybe one of the monthly goals from over here you know just I just figured it would make sense to leave one blank for me to change my mind or add something later and I can always like white out one of these but I think these are pretty good for now and then this is just transferring the same information later this is just transferring the same information about my weigh-in for the week and then my goal so that information is on the tab here so that we will match those two and then I made this sticker down here as well this is a 21 day fix sticker they have these on Etsy I will still probably list these in the shop um these are perfectly fit in this box down here which is part of the reason why I got the colorful I knew ahead of time that this is where I was going to put my 21 day fix stickers when I ordered this or alternatively um if I switch to doing something else maybe tracking my macros or whatever I'm gonna make the same size sticker that fits down here for that but so these are all the containers and then it tracks my water which I can check off here when these are all done and I put ten waters but that's really too many but anyway so then um not stuck down on here I have these little stickers that I made for myself for my routine so one of the other big things that I really want to focus on is getting up early and having a set routine so every day at 6:30 I'm gonna wake up at 7 a.m. I'm gonna start my am skincare well 6:30 I wake up take a shower 7:30 Head Start my am skincare or some sorry 7 o'clock I'd start my am skincare 730 I 3 for work 8 o'clock I would make breakfast walls at work what eat breakfast watch check my emails and stuff and then just so on and so forth down the way and then this was just a piece of plastic from a cutting mat that I had like a protective thing and I just use it to make like a template for my daily routine so this just takes me through all those things I want to get sown in the day so eventually that will cover this whole spread and that's kind of the reason why I said I don't really like these colors because it clashes with these and these these kind of like are okay together so I already printed four of these so in August coming up I'll change these to match these which these are my shop brand colors so and so were these it works out but yeah so that's what I did so eventually this will be stuck down but my routine is kind of a work in progress so that's why I did it on a plastic sheet so then I don't have anything else stuck down through the rest of July that was just my like little trial and error while I was making all those stickers and then I'll flip ahead to the back so July has just that I cut off the tab that says notes down here I didn't like it um so I replaced it with one of those happy planar tabs so that's I don't know why I didn't I don't know what I did that but I also um slice off the contacts tab which will shape see in a second so I haven't used any of these yet if you guys have any ideas of how I could utilize these in a wellness tracking kind of way mental or physical you know just let me know I would love to see some ideas for this I haven't really thought about it too much if you know of anything awesome just let me know so now we're at that weird hexagon page I had no idea what to do with it had 12 hexagons so first I was thinking well there's 12 months I could put 12 like things for my weight like at the end of every month maybe I could show how like you know my weight and then you see like a progression down but I really liked that it felt like it was a big waste of space so instead what I'm going to do is put goals and I figured out that I would like to lose weight in 15 pound increments according to this like if you calculate the 15 times I think it's 11 that equals how much weight I would like to lose so the start doesn't count I didn't count that in here but every 15 pounds I'm going to put a reward in here and I haven't done that yet because I haven't decided and I didn't write the actual pounds in because I knew I was gonna film this video and I felt kind of weird about doing that you know nothing else in here really shows like my actual weight so I didn't want to you know put that in here and then I don't know I just felt weird about it but anyway so I'm gonna put the thing I'm gonna reward myself with in each hexagon so that'll be awesome and then again these are just from random erin condren sheets I think one is I think they're both from petit planners the sheets like you can buy to match the Wellness planner and the healthy eating I'm not sure um then I have now this was a stroke of genius if I do say so myself um I was like alright there's a list of contacts in here what the heck am I gonna do with this page I don't need a list of contacts for my wellness planner obviously I mean this is my like regular planner so then I saw that it said name and I was like well that could be a goal name and then the two little dots could be the things that I need to meet that goal so I decided that this is gonna focus less on weight which is the number and more on just healthy goals in general it'll be like I don't know being able to work out for 45 minutes straight without Keeling over I don't know whatever things like that like just little wins non if you've ever done Weight Watchers it would be considered a non scale victory um an SP and that's kind of what I have in mind for here and then I just put a few little cute stickers cuz I thought it was adorable and then I think oh no there's somewhere in the back so these are all the stickers these are just my extra stickers of the stuff that I need I put another one of the happy planner tabs on here it actually sticks to this really well I like that it's there so then in the back I have I actually put a tab on this dashboard as well um and as you can see it's like not very they move which is fine whatever these dashboards are this dashboard and then I have the what to eat dashboard and my thinking is that these are gonna be for meal planning I'm figuring that this will probably be my grocery list or my pantry list I haven't quite decided and then this is gonna be the upcoming week and then the meals that I'd be eating are gonna be on this week so I'll probably pre fill this out when I meal plan so I know what to take with me every day and then you know i'ma so change it if I eat something different or if I forget I'll just write it in as I go but I'm thinking that this will be for like future planning but I'm not really sure then a portion have this whole back here maybe this will be for future planning and this will be for the current week so I know what to pack with me everyday and this will just be my giant grocery list but either way this is more than enough space it's on this one on this one and then obviously on these two – uh right everything that I need but then that's it so that's that's my total wellness planner and um I hope that it was pretty informative I hope that you guys you know got some good ideas for this I plan on taking this plan a pack with me um with the plan are to work every single day I just have some random pens in here I have this notepad that actually they they fit on the new ruler so that's why I grabbed it so I could put like little notes and stuff I have a sharpie so I can write on the dashboards I have one of the bull pens that I did a review on if you wanted to go check out that video and then there's some random things in here like this makes me happy so I thought as well and then the Erin Condren gel pens that came in the bundle pack if you got the clients go bundle and then in the back I have some stickers I didn't want to bulk up the planner with so I put them in the planning pack these are the stickers that I made for myself for my appointments and as you can see I made quite a few um they need some adjustments but these are for personal use and they're not gonna be in the shop I will eventually release these in the shop but they fit a perfect half hour they're just so tiny and they're kind of fussy so I don't know but they work for me and I did like different things I can schedule different things in my routine when I feel like it or when I need to you know like I can add time for meal prepping etc and so forth oh yeah so that is it oh I did order a folio to take this with me to work because I'm worried about destroying my planner in my bag and err Kandra did send it to me but they sent me the wrong size I ordered the size that fits literally just this planner and they sent me the large folio which fits a whole laptop of course mine's like just too big but this doesn't know how to all what I ordered and it's like see it is huge it's huge it's just way too big the regular folio order it really just goes up to the edges of the planner and that's it so yeah eventually it'll look I mean just like this when I get anyone hopefully customer service gets back to me soon but that will be my everyday carry for the Wellness planner if you have any questions or comments or if you have any suggestions of things that I can add to those extra notes plays pages please you know drop me a note below I would really appreciate it but yeah so i will be doing some cash envelope stuffing videos this week they might actually go out before this video so way and then I'm also going to be doing I'll run down on my budget planners my everyday carry and my YouTube budget planner and those will be up sometime probably next week but until then I will see you guys later ie

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  1. Nice video. I made my Deluxe Monthly planner into a wellness planner. I used part of the notes pages as a section to keep a master list of 100-150 calorie snacks. This amazing list can be found in the book SHRED by Dr. Ian K. Smith. See if you can make a copy of this list by getting a copy from the library so you can grocery shop off it.

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