Vaginal Health 101 | HOW TO KEEP IT FRESH

Vaginal Health 101 | HOW TO KEEP IT FRESH

thank you I want you to put a baby in me no we already do that I'm with some hood girls looking back at it and a good girl in my tax break and a blank card and let sex have babies Chanel bags the bad head hi you guys welcome back to my channel so in today's video I'm gonna be telling you guys how to keep your punani your vagina your woohoo your lady friend nice and fresh I've been one of these videos a couple of years ago I think it wasn't like 2017 but I don't really have to say method anymore so that's why I'm gonna do an updated one for you guys today of course before anything before we get into this video subscribe if you haven't already get this video a thumbs up and follow me on Instagram because it's lit over there also a disclaimer three of my nails are off you guys know I need my own netbook okay it's a couple of my nails off they are here I had them but I don't feel like prepping them right now to put them back on I really do not I think I'm about to make me a whole new set even though I'm loving this red said I'm gonna hand it off for like it hasn't even been two weeks yet but I think I wanna make me said even though I'm really really loving this right now but that's just a little bit of a disclaimer I'll meet y'all let me know to blow your nose broke I know who I know that my nails are off my fingers they are so let's just get into this hygiene routine okay so I tried a new product if you know me and if you watch my last video you know that the only soap that I was using before is the summer's eve a lot of people like even a couple of doctors actually say that summer's eve and so period you're not supposed to use it I'm a firm believer in to each his own every one is different I don't listen to every single thing that doctors say because I know what works best for my body and I don't trust all of their tests and their treatments and all the other things that the doctors be talking about so for me summer's eve works really really well I don't like to use like any type of strong perfume so like that can body works I put any of that on my vaginal area because I do think that it can mess up your pH balance and it is just way too strong in my opinion to go down in that area so for years I've been swearing by the arm the summer's eve so about a month ago on this company called impressed body they sent me their sensitive wash as well as a hydrating miss that I spray on my or my I will show you guys some of the things that I've seen on the website I'm actually this was just the first two products that I'm trying I'm actually about to try some more products with them because they had a lot of things that I've never heard of like a wand I've never heard of that before check out the website guys they have a lot of really really nice stuff and I'm actually thinking about many more same thing about it I'm going to get into vaginal steaming because I know the benefits are just amazing and I love pepper in myself anyways I'm gonna add that to my routine but for now I'm going to tell you guys about these two products that I've been using for the past month let me just give you a little bit background on the company before I tell you guys my experience with the soap and the mist for starters the company is all-natural so if you are one of those people who don't like to use anything on your body that has a whole bunch of chemicals in it you will really really like their products only use all-natural products if I had a choice between something that's all natural versus something I had chemicals in it it really depends on for one what is it for and for two it's the one that's all natural really worth it because a lot of all natural things in my opinion they don't really work or do the things they shouldn't be doing so I kind of just go back and forth between sometimes only use it on natural products and other times that I don't but I do like the fact that all of their products are all natural products I mean so yeah my favorite thing about the company besides my experience with the soap they are black owned dirt if you know me you know I'm down with the brown I love my people so I'm super pressed and they are black owned they are based in the UK but they ship globally so that should be a problem you know if you have to or anything and I thought not really quick I think I've got my like two days after I put in my order which is really really quick so I didn't get expedited shipping or anything like that so yeah for them to be uk-based and I got mine as quick as I did that's pretty freakin good also be one of those ladies who have problems with infertility painful periods PCOS they specialize in this and their most popular for it so if you have any concerns with your vaginal areas a lot of other things too but if you have problems with your vegetable Aereo's anything like that just reach out to them on Instagram I'll have all of their information linked down below so you can reach out to them and let them know what your concerns are with your vaginal area so they can assist you and help you pick up the best products for you okay so starting with this old my favourite thing I know this is like so childish is the fact that this is a foam soap look you guys at the in this phone which I know y'all probably am I the only person that likes foamy products like I love stuff that like suds up like this you all see this I like stuff like that compared to I feel like my summer's eve but I really like products that suds up like this and the smell okay so you know you go to the doctors and you have to pee in a cup and they give you that white before you pee in a cup that's what this smells like like it doesn't smell like alcohol it just smells like it's really like fresh and clean it smells just like those just like those wipes that the doctor yeah exactly like it like that's the best way to describe it it smells just like the white said the doctors give you before you have to pee in a cup to cleanse your vaginal area which I guess that's uh that's probably a good sign but I like the I like this said that it has it smells when I smelled it the first time I'm like okay it smells clean doesn't have this extremely small fragrance so I like the fact that it is phone and I like the the scent of it as far as how it feels ingredients okay so the ingredients in this are castle so chamomile oil sandalwood oil rose water apple cider vinegar coconut oil aloe lavender oil witch hazel and extra vegetable glycerin the things in here I'll tell you the things in here that stood up to me castile soap it's the first one I use castor soap on my face and I know it's like I swear by it I really love casting soap for my face and I know that castle soap is supposed to have like 28 different the one that I use it's supposed to have like maybe more than 28 just a whole bunch of different uses for it chamomile um oil I know chamomile is very good for calming I'm cinnamon oil don't know what that is rose water I love rose water I also use rose water on my face to tone and I have a rose water spray that I use sometimes just as a way of like refreshing myself after I do my um nightly skin routine apple cider vinegar another amazing product if you you a natural queen y'all should actually be done with the episode of in a car I used to use it in my hair I don't do that anymore just because I didn't really notice much of a difference in that was when I went years without you and I only like to use that cider vinegar but I do still use apple cider vinegar on my face when I mix it with my own acetic healing clay so every cider vinegar is it's born coconut or you if you know you know you know coconut oil is just mom alone I had okay so the only time that I use aloe on my vaginal area is when I used to use Nair I'm gonna get into how I deal with my vaginal hair now but I get used to use on the a loan there but I do still use aloe on my face it's amazing for clearing up scars amazing for clearing up acne period I love aloe I don't put it in my hair but this nice lettuce in here lavender oil you're not really that familiar with that witch hazel I had a lot of good things about witch hazel I personally have never tried it but I didn't have any problems with this so that's that and vegetable glycerin not really familiar with that either so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna try to compare it to a summer's eve because I know that it's a more popular product and you guys can understand in comparison because I know a lot of ladies use summer Eve like myself so I'll try to compare to that because that's probably the best way that I can explain to you guys how I fully fully feel about this product if you use summer's eve from me my experience with summer eats after you don't wash it it doesn't leave this weird like sick you know when you use like a bar soap or really just bar soap you know how when you use like excuse me you know how will you use like bar so they after you're done washing your vagina kind of smells like the soap mixed with odor that was what made me start using summer's eve because after I got out the shower I want to smell fresh so as far as freshness goes the same exact thing you know after I'm done washing I smell really really fresh I stay fresh all day and that's I'm going to get into other things because just to soap you guys so it's just one of the things you have to do to keep your vaginal area together but the soap alone you guys as far as likes it and when I get off the shower and stuff like that it keeps my thing smelling nice and fresh so I cannot tell you guys my experience as far as using the soap and having sex afterwards if you are underage I'm sorry you shouldn't be having sex but if you are older I have to talk about this because you know that if you are sexually active the things that you have to do to keep yourself fresh it's a lot more high maintenance once you become sexually active so I am NOT sexually active you guys however I have not had sex in two months oh my god I feel I feel ridiculous I really have not had sex in two months you guys my man won't be here until this week so you know we've been in a little bit of a drought so and I've only been using this for a month so I cannot tell you guys you know it has been too long that's the head I cannot tell you guys you know as far as like using this and then having sex after because of course if you have sex soon at you get off the shower the amount of time you have to take another shower again be like before you start to stink it's sooner then if you just shower go about your business and then the next time you have to shower again if you have sex a lot or sex if you take a shower you're gonna have to take another shower pretty soon so I can't tell you guys as far as freshness how this lasts as far as we have a sex this is why candy though my maybe on this week and you can uh you can ask me on Instagram and I'll tell you guys what my experiences after the end of this week is over if hotter hotter hotter it go if you know what I'm saying so just send me a PM on Instagram I respond to everybody and I'll let you know my experience as far as sex goes was there outside of that my biggest thing when it comes to a soap is really just the freshness I don't have too much to say besides the fact that I love the fact that it is foam and it keeps me fresh that's what the hell I washed up for that's why I take a shower so the most important thing is that it keeps me fresh though it does that job it doesn't leave a weird scent afterwards or order in the future I will continue to use this and summers because I like to switch up my soaps I have a collection of soap you guys I like to have a variety when I take a shower I don't want to just have to pick one soap every day but I always have to use summer's eve on my vagina because that's the only soap that I trusted prior to trying in there so I like the fact that now I have two options one day I can do summer's eve the next day I can do this and I won't have any problems I will say that this comes in different forms you can get sensitive that's the one that I had normal and pregnant so I think that is amazing that they included a soap for pregnant women because you know you're extremely hormonal when you're pregnant and you know you gonna have to switch up with like a lot of products that you saw like they have one for women that are pregnant that is dabangg calm this wash is supposed to prevent BV bacterial infections yeast infections doctors will tell you not to use this even though I'm pretty sure this was clear about a Germans hug I mean not a dermatologist a guard ecologist and I'm pretty sure that summer's eve was because it says it on a bottle but when you go see your ob/gyn they will tell you not to use stuff like that but don't listen to them do what works best for you they don't tell you to juice use water and I'm just not I'm not comfortable with that like I'm not about to put a whole bunch of perfume on my whoa I will tell you that do not put perfume on your vagina but these products work for me they keep me fresh and let me just say this for all the people who don't know this does not go inside of your vagina no soap goes inside of your vagina it is for the outside me personally I do not use a washcloth a sponge or loofah nothing down there but my hand i take it i sweared it leather leather it up and i used my hands to wash my vagina I've been doing that for years I use a sponge on my body and the sponge has a lot of perfume in it because I switched my soaps for my body but when it comes to my vagina I don't use anything but my hands I get in the creases in the crevices I can do what I need to do and I don't have to worry about my washcloth or whatever I'm using heaven perfume or anything and stayin in it that's just the best way that I think it's healthy is for my vagina everyone is different to each its own but that's just what I do and I've been doing that for here so that's the whole wash whole routine okay so the neck thing that I had is the hydration this let me okay so what really isn't it's the exact same scent it smells the exact same it's just muscle damn fresh I like spraying this on my vagina I will say that I do not like to use this as a deodorant me I sweat a lot so I've always do this I said this in my lesson to you guys but I use spray deodorant and I sprayed that only on like the creases let me I'm just gonna show you show you why do I spray deodorant just rights here I don't put it in the middle where my whole situation is going on just on the creases where like my thigh and my vagina begin to me that's where I sprayed the other and that I had to show you guys I had to give you a visual because I don't want any of y'all to think that I spray deodorant in the middle and then y'all have all these problems y'all did it cuz KCK said it no I spray it on the side and the creases because that's where I sweat it and that keeps me fresh I learned that little technique in high school because just a little just I'm just be honest with you guys I'm just telling you the truth I was working and I was coming home from up for my job or whatever and I'm gonna be like he she spent underarms like I was smelling I'm selling like my like my no I'm smell like deodorant like and I did not know where was coming from and then one day I had a miss long skirt and I was home and like I was just sitting on the floor in my house and I smelled myself and I'm like oh it's I know so I learned a long time ago that I sweat in all of my creases you know and my vagina you know gets hot down there I've got thick bags I save a love so you know I sweat down there just like I sweat under my arms so I learned to start putting deodorant in the creases and that's what I've been doing since then I haven't had any problems I smell fresh so if you had that problem where it doesn't smell like vagina like you don't smell like that you know order like this but it smells like kind of how you got on the arms would if you don't wear deodorant then maybe you should start putting deodorant in the creases of your vagina that's just for people who have to do that some people don't have to do that but that's just a little tip for you guys so um but I did like I like because it's cold um and when I got out the shower it just feels good to spray in I'm ready when you three leave one to try this and then have sex after and see what my experience is with it nope impressed body is watching this you see in this video please send me that wand I need to try to warn you guys I have to try to get them already like raving about it and haven't even tried yet but the reviews are crazy they have this one and again I'll show you guys what it looks like in the video somewhere but they have this wand and you like put it in your vagina and it's supposed to like it had a lot of things but I know one of the things they said that it like increases like your sexual pleasure and I think it like tightens you a little bit if I'm not mistaken I'll let you know what I actually try it but I really really want to try that move the mess I think that that is one of the benefits of the mess let me let you know okay so the myth can be applied on your full body facial spray natural deodorant before intimacy it doesn't say anything about if it increases sexual pleasure I think maybe that was just the one but I will be trying this this week as well when my man comes home and I'll let you know on IG when you message me because I'm not gonna make a post but uh if you message me you thinking about buying these products I'll tell you what my experience is using this spray butt spray smells exactly like the National watch I like it it feels good and even if it doesn't do anything for me sexually I'll continue to use it because it smells fresh and it's cold and it feels the spraying it on myself when I get out of the shower so now that we're done with the cleansing process I can tell you guys how I deal with my natural hair so about over a year ago now I started getting Brazilian waxes if you watched my last video you know I used to swear my mare do not shave if you are a woman of color and you have coarse or kinky hair if you have fine hair you honestly probably wouldn't have any problem shape and my college roommate you guys she used to shave every single day and when I say that her vagina was as smooth as a baby's bottom but she was Puerto Rican and her head was just silky and smooth so she didn't she never had hair bumps but that's not me I have really curly kinky hair so when I shave you know if you know your hair grows back into it and you'll you'll get hair about sentence like the ugliest worst thing ever so please my women of color my kinky girls my kinky sisters coarse hair babies do not shave your vagina know I told you guys that I was using their and I was doing that years and last year I decided that I turned 21 I'm like you know I'm about to start getting Brazilian waxes but when you go to your first Brazilian you have to have a certain amount of hair so I was like okay I'm gonna Nair myself one last time and then once it grows back I will be ready to go get my Brazilian that one last time was the worst time you guys I don't know what happened because that bottle wasn't even a new bottle it was the Ala one that I had been using I don't know if it expired I don't know I left it on for them on the time that I usually leave it on and you guys it burned me so freakin bad like and what's crazy is it didn't even burn in the top like the top part of my vagina it burned bright like right near the hole yah it was bad like it lets them for like two or three weeks I had new scars I could not have sex every time I P the P would touch the scars and it will burn like hell it was so bad guys after two weeks I started to think that I had something and then I thought that it was just Nair he doesn't like there's no reason that this is still here so I made my mom take me to the doctor so I'm like something that's wrong and it looks like no you don't have anything you just burnt yourself really bad they told me to just continue to let it heal so that's what I had to do so that was going to be my last time using their anyway but it really was my last time using their so babies ladies please do not use Nair I know Brazilians are a pain I understand that but for one um they last five weeks mind you they last five weeks never for me only less than one week I use been there every Thursday because it's just burning off the hair on the surface it's not actually pulling anything out of your pores so I love Brazilians I used to get them done professionally but if you know if you follow me on Instagram you know that I pretty much do everything for myself now I do my own nails I do my own pedicures and I do my own waxes I wax my underarms my vagina I'm actually doing it today you know who you ready for my week I'm getting ready for my week about to wax my underarms like the wax my whoo-ha wax my booty hole get it all together if you follow me on the crab you know because I always tell you guys these are the beads that I used to wax myself originally I used the beads that came with my waxing kit if you see my waxing video you know I'll have a link down below but then I ran out and I have ordered a pound of these on Amazon but they got damaged and delivery so I never got them so I needed a Brazilian ASAP so I ran to Sally's and I just wrecked the first thing that I saw and these ones that says is ideal for sensitive skin I really like to smell it them it smells like it just smells good like I can type in it I can't explain it it smells like wets but I really I really like the way that these wets me smell these are the best wet beats I've ever used um I was thinking about trying another type but why would I do that if I really really enjoyed these so if you're thinking about throwing your own Brazilian I highly recommend it I know you're thinking like since like how do you deal with the pain I just deal with it any way I would if somebody else waxes me but I do it myself so I could so I'm usually on FaceTime I prop my phone up with my man I play some music while watch some TV and I just I wax myself I just I deal with the pain same way you would if you got it done professionally um that's me to each its own if you don't want to do it yourself you want to go to somebody that's perfectly fine I understand but I just go myself now and like I said these are the beats that I use they're called its Ronnie Bram TG heart wax these ideal for sensitive skin and these are the blue ones because the other ones are not person tip skin and they come in different colors but these are the ones that I use and it's amazing I personally recommend I'm getting a Brazilian over waxing or using there because like I said it lasts for a really long time and the more you get resilience the less your hair grows back and it will grow back thinner and finer so in the beginning I had to get a Brazilian every four weeks now I think this week is my father mark and I honestly do not need a Brazilian really really really right now but I'm trying to be smooth like a baby's bottom for this week that I have coming up I'm trying to be but super super smooth but on I just going to get myself one because I wants to don't try and be a super freshman Cruz so that's that but I recommend getting resilience like I said it used to be for weeks now it's kind of like 5 going on six weeks because the hair because it's like it's like ripping hair out of your head if you keep ripping your hair eventually you're gonna like mess up the final follicles and it's just not gonna grow back to say and so that's kind of what's going on with my vagina and if you start getting Brazilians or if you get Brazilians let my ladies know down below we sweat button Brazilians full reason it's 20 to 30 minutes of pain for over a month of pleasure and once you start going to use tour you guys I promise you it's not the worst thing ever if you're one of those people who just cannot tolerate pain I recommend getting a numbing cream I will have one link down below that I heard is really really good for Brazilians I haven't tried it I keep saying I'm going to but I just haven't yet I don't like pain but I deal with it it's not that damn deep but some people really really cannot tolerate pain and I understand that my mom is like that so I will link a numbing cream down below if you want to go get a Brazilian but you just cannot tolerate pain and you let me know what your experience is you know with using the numbing cream but like I said it doesn't go breakfast quick and now my hair even though I had as you can see I had a really really thick kinky hair now my hair you guys it's soft therefore I'm like it's it's soft and it's still curly but it's kind of like mixed curly like it's Condit and what from having like a 4c vagina so now I got like a 3b vagina if I'm being honest like it rolling straight and then it will start to curl a little bit but not really like it's really silky and like it's just smoother and softer so I swear by being Brazilian waxes for keeping your vaginal area together for one I don't just recommend getting Brazilians if you're sexually active I wear a lot of thong bikinis and yeah ain't nobody race catch me slippin with a whole bunch of hair my booty and on my side so for one I wet because like I said I wear a lot of Tom bikinis and I need to look baby bottom smooth at all times to my man likes it but even if he wasn't around I would still be getting my damn Brazilians or doing my damn Brazilians and older hair carries odor so that's just another bonus and it just gets in the way like who doesn't like to take a shower and wipe yourself or do whatever and everything is just smooth so in my opinion Brazilians are the way to go I swear by them so that's another thing that I do to keep myself fresh down there so the next thing is the type of under wearing that I have this one it's a little more difficult for me because I'm a lace and a thong Queen I love love love love love lace underwear and I love thongs majority of my underwear drawer you guys is thongs I wear more thongs than I wear anything else if I'm being honest the only time that I don't wear thongs is and no even on my period because now I use the cup so yeah I really don't wear like regular underwear unless unless I know I need to give myself a break like listen to your vagina your vagina will tell you if you're you're not treating her right so what I mean by that is cotton is the best thing for your vagina because it allows it to breathe so if I go like 2 weeks straight which I never do if I go like two weeks straight only wearing lace songs and stuff like that it doesn't really give my vagina like a lot of room to breathe but for me I sleep butter bar and make it and when I walk around the house I don't wear clothes if I do I'll put on my men's boxers and they aren't cotton boxers so my my vagina gets the air that it needs at nighttime I don't recommend wearing panties to sleep you guys let's show thing Murray's boo but let your thing breathe so I do not wear panties night and I really don't wear them walking around the house which is why I can wear lace underwear a lot because my vagina is getting the air that it needs and stuff like that you get what I'm saying but if you don't like to do that if you don't have to be naked or you know walk around the house with no clothes on then you need to switch it up some days you need to wear your ugly cotton panties and they don't have to be ugly Victoria's Secret has really nice pretty pink panties so yeah if you don't not want those people who can walk around naked you need to switch it up with some cotton somedays lace other days and that's just that but like I said me personally majority of my panties are laced songs you guys that's just what I meant – I love them so much so does my man so uh that's how that goes but panties are important for making sure that your vagina breathes and it just needs to breathe one way or another even if you don't want to wear cotton underwear all the time it needs to be airing out at nighttime or sometimes during the day and do not always need to be stuffed away with some panties only you need to let that thing breathe okay so the last thing that I would say is extremely important in that you know hair and vaginal hygiene is what you eat and what you drink I don't eat that well you guys if I'm being honest I'm trying to get better and I am getting better but drinking a lot of water really really helps I notice the more water that I drink and stay away from like juices and stuff like that it just smells fresher wait longer and my vagina is always fresh if I'm being honest but if I'm drinking a whole lot of water by the end of the day it smells fresher then if I didn't like you know if I'm drinking a lot of juice and alcohol eating a lot of garlic on the oil of garlic if I'm doing a lot of stuff like that by the end of the day it'll be a Lord's hanky you know but if I'm drinking a lot of water and I'm eating my pineapples my strawberries my bananas my apples and I'm taking better care of myself and eating more vegetables by the end of the day y'all I almost could go to date soon without taking the show.if you know what I'm saying so I mean diet it's important what you put and it's what you get out it'll just make the discharge snow fresher when your man goes down eh you don't you know everything me nice and fresh pretty much all the motherfuckin time even if you haven't taken a shower audience the end of the night some people it depends on your relationship what you do some people don't like to let that man go down then take a shower yet he just owner understand but I'm never stanky let's start there I'm never stanky sometimes it's just a little bitter it's just a little more tangy to Isis ba VI d bi you still doing you guys too so it can't be that damn bad you know what I'm saying so that's that's one more thing one more thing that I forgot to tell you guys I do exfoliate my vagina I've mentioned that in my last video I have it upstairs I don't fly gonna get it but I'll put a picture in here I use the arm exfoliator from tree hunt a lot of different flavors my one my favorite one is the rose one but I recently switched up and God can't think of the name of right now but I just started switching up the flavors that I use I do not exfoliate the next two to three days and I get a Brazilian because your pores are still open and you can't really mess yourself up but exfoliating is important because for one it prevents hair bumps for two it gets rid of dead skin and three it just keeps everything nice and smooth so it's fully eight your whole body your face your body but I do make sure that I exfoliate in my vagina so that's just my last tip that is all that I have for you guys I really hope this video helped you and it was informative enough and you guys know what to do to keep your lady together if you guys have any more tips just coming them down below for anyone else who may want to try some other things or anything that I don't do but you may do that works for you just help our ladies out you know is so we got to be a team before the road groups girls okay we got to be together like I said I will have all of the products that I've talked about in this video link down below the impress body their website please check it out guys soon if you tried to warn come you know let me know I really want to try that watch well I want to start out wide and the stuff that I've got herbs that I use to do my vaginal steaming because when I do this updated video I'm gonna tell y'all what my experience is like with vaginal steaming and if you want to see a video on my experience with the one because I'm going to try it let me know down below and I would do a video strictly on that alone so I love you all so much I'll have everything linked up below give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you haven't already follow me on Instagram and I will see you in my next video

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18 thoughts on “Vaginal Health 101 | HOW TO KEEP IT FRESH

  1. I got burnt one good time with nair and it was hell!!! Can we get a tutorial with the wax beads! Iโ€™ve been thing about doing my own waxes

  2. Forgot to talk about wiping after using the restroom. A lot of girls still donโ€™t know how much it affects their hygiene down there .

  3. I also have to add that ladies, wash your butt thoroughly. Sometimes itโ€™s not your vagina that smells but itโ€™s your butt. Really wash it good and let the water run through your butt after you soap it. It sounds crazy, but it works and you feel fresher. People neglect that area.

  4. Thankfully, I donโ€™t experience any razor bumps anymore. I used Nair for years, and it darkened my skin, my skin in that area is still dark where the pubic hair grows at the top. Sheโ€™s right. Donโ€™t use Nair!

  5. Beautiful KCK hey boo
    I am glad it's a natural product
    Thanks for sharing i will be trying these products๐Ÿ’–

  6. Summer's Eve was a no go pour moi. It will ruin your pH as well for my ladies with a very very very sensitive pummy like myself. You look be-you-tful ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ loving the fro!! I may try this company cause I love supporting good products that are #blackowned

  7. I love you soooo much….u are such a role model for all young girls and women out there and you help them gain so much confidence in there life that some people can never give to them but you do which is a blessing thank god for you and everything that you do on YouTube, Instagram and many more….ps: you help my get through many obstacles in my life by make me a stronger person everyday in life thank you very much for all that you do… and last your hair is so beautiful ๐Ÿ˜ omg!!! I love it so much๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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