Vegan Diet Can’t Meet Nutritional Needs? Dr T Colin Campbell

Vegan Diet Can’t Meet Nutritional Needs? Dr T Colin Campbell

Have you heard the claim that a plant based
diet cannot meet all our nutritional requirements? Well many people who are on a 100% plant based
diet tend to be bombarded with the message that you can’t get all your nutrients on
this diet. Where do you get your protein, iron, calcium,
vitamin b12, vitamin d if you don’t eat animal products? Now while I agree there’s not a one size
fits all when it comes to diet as we all have different enzyme systems, genetics etc, for
example some people may need more protein than others whilst some may need more fat
but we should always come back to what types of foods the human species is designed to
eat and for that I highly recommended watching this video- entitled ‘Are Humans Designed
to Eat Meat?’ by Dr Milton Mills. On page 230 of the china study written by
Dr T Colin Campbell he pretty much addresses this issue directly stating “there are virtually
no nutrients in animal based foods that are not better provided by plants. Dr Campbell has created a fantastic chart
where he took 500 calories of a variety of plant foods which were spinach, tomatoes lima
beans, peas and potatoes and he compared that equal mixture to an equal mixture of 500 calories
worth of beef, milk, chicken and pork and put these in a nutrient processor calculator
and have a look at what it came out with. What’s fascinating is you get almost identical
amounts of protein. Twice the amount of iron plus it’s in a
form which is a much safer as it’s not oxidative like the heme iron found in animal products. Also the plant mixture had twice the amount
of calcium. You can also see that plant foods have dramatically
more antioxidants fiber and minerals than animal foods, in fact animal foods are almost
completely devoid of several of these nutrients. He also points out that there are 4 nutrients
that animal based foods have that plants do not and they are vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin
A and cholesterol. He states ‘our bodies can make all the cholesterol
we require. Vitamin A can be readily made by our bodies
from Beta Carotene and Vitamin D can be made by our bodies by simply exposing our skin
to about 15 minutes of sunshine ever couple of days”. Now of course plant foods do not produce vitamin
B12 but neither do animals as vitamin B12 is made my micro organisms in the soil I went
into this is more depth in the video ‘If Humans Are Designed To Be Vegan Why Do They
Have To Take Vitamin B12?’ Links in description. There are some wonderful resources on the
internet created by plant based physicians that help you check you’re meeting all your
nutritional requirements. I love this chart created by the plant based
dietitian Julianna Hever which is a notable nutrient source chart. To get a copy of the original the link is
in the description.This is also a handy chart devised by the dietitian Brenda Davis. And this is Dr Michael Greger’s daily dozen
recommendation which can be found in his amazing book How Not To Die but is also available
on an iphone and android app. And then finally there is Cronometer which
is an outstanding free nutrition tracker. Mic the vegan has made an excellent video
about it, linked below

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30 thoughts on “Vegan Diet Can’t Meet Nutritional Needs? Dr T Colin Campbell

  1. I am reading The China Study now. It is a great book full of scientific fact, not just someone’s opinion of the next greatest diet. I wish all humans would read this book!

  2. I guess this doctor knows more than God knows.
    Our bodies are designed to be vegetarians.

    That's all Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden . They ate no meat.

    Meat is so toxic it takes about a month for it to get out of your system it rots turns into toxins contaminating the entire system.

    Meat is the number one cause of cancer and heart disease.

    I'm 60 and have been a vegetarian for 10 years.

    I haven't even been to a doctor and all that time.
    I feel like I'm 25.

  3. Hi! what do you think about spreading out the B12 throughout the day, as one would have in nature drinking spring water? As an endurance athlete I find I use up quite a bit of vitamins and I can tell when I'm low on certain things after training. I'm now taking partial doses of B12 when I drink water by itself and without food (which seems to be key). I'm hoping that by isolating these micro-dose B12 intakes more will be absorbed. I seem to have less low-B12 issues now, mainly much less or even zero numbness in my fingers after large training weeks. I think it's a subject that should be looked into and hopefully there's something out there already. Again, this is coming from a high training-stress point of view and the general population might not need such a regimen.
    As always, love the channel and all the great info you provide.

  4. A regular balanced plant based vegan diet can meet all nutritional needs, but a fully raw 80 10 10 or fruitarian diet is nutritionally deficient.

  5. We need to find out why chimps eat a small amount of termites. 100 years from now we'll find out why primates eat/need a small amount of meat. Maybe 10% maybe5%?

  6. Amazing how much Beta-Carotene and Folate you get and so many other nutrients you get so much more of in that study.

    It always come back to just Vitamin B12, but a simple supplement takes care of this.

    Great, simple video that does a very good job of making the case and shows that Veganism is safe and great for humans.

  7. If you want to make sure or learn more about getting enough nutriemts on avegan diet Cronometer and a food scale is your best friend!

  8. All of your short videos are packed with information. I find them very helpful and reinforcing. I am so glad that I became vegan for both health and ethical reasons. I am 78 years young and my blood profile is so good that the doctor called in a group of her medical students to show them.

  9. hi…heres a question for someone in the know…i feel like i must be the only one killing myself to make sure i get 100% in every nutrient listed on cronometer 😑..

    theres a part of me that recognises this is ridiculous…ie when i was a meat eater goodness knows how my nutrient levels were……but now since using cronometer i seem to have become obsessive….chasing nutrients instead of relaxing and just eating what i want.. healthy of course

    does anyone know….is it really that bad to only get 75% zinc..or 50% selenium???…..i know thats not ideal but….this approach is not fun….im following a no added at WFPB diet so i know if i wasnt low in fat it probably wouldnt be an issue but when i mention cronometer to the drs i follow they say forget using it….just relax..enjoy a variety of healthy meals…ie the PNG natives never ran around measuring zinc and selenium and believe me….im eating about 600-800 cooked greens a day..chia and flaxseed meal….just a bit shirt on zinc and selenium sometimes bit its driving me crazy eating for eating sake to get that evening zinc when im already full and already well over a reasonable 2000 kjs for my size…slim 5'6" female

    any suggestions would be really appreciated xx

  10. 500 cal. of spinach is 71 cups. Nobody is going to eat that much. It's ludicrous to compare meat vs vegetable based on calorie density.

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