Afterwards the ricepaper crisps up Never had Banh Trang like this before Right now we’re on a street called Nguyen Hue Street and it’s a Pedestrian Promenade Where there’s no cars or scooters Only people It’s for people to walk and at night apparently this place just gets packed with teenagers maybe we’ll come back at night and show you how it is More and more street vendors come out as it gets darker What are they selling? So we’re gonna get a snack on the side of this walking street It’s called Banh Trang Nuong Literally translates to Grilled Ricepaper Sounds interesting Shallots Fried onion Mince Pork Quail egg Afterwards the ricepaper crisps up Alright guys, what we’re having here is Banh Trang Nuong Which is ricepaper it’s got a quail egg in there some mince pork butter there’s some chilli sauce and a whole heap of green onions it looks really crunchy never had banh trang like this before It’s interesting Tastes kinda like Mexican (J) So it’s like a Quesidilla? (M) Yeh, kinda like a quesidilla (J) It’s a Vietnamese Quesidilla Oh wow, so colorful Yeh that looks good This is 20,000 Dong which is about $1.20 AUD Ok, that banh trang nuong was really good Getting another one We’re getting another one We notice that these street vendors don’t stay in one spot for too long they move like every 5 minutes or so (M) 2nd one (M) So colourful That there is awesome Alright we’re gonna try something else now It’s called Banh Trang Tron Literally – rice paper salad We haven’t had this before either We’ve only seen it on Youtube I’ve got my ricepaper salad here in a bag Let’s try it There’s rice paper here You can see some Green mangoes some Vietnamese mint can see some chilli Fried onions there’s also baby shrimp I’m guessing there soy and some kind of nuoc mam in there as well Alright I’m excited for this. Let’s try it I’m gonna have a big bite of this This is so good. It’s delicious! Let me go for a quail egg. Love quail eggs All the sauce softens up the rice paper but the sauce is really spicy tastes really healthy Alright guys, we’re just in a coffee shop It’s called Trung Nguyen Legend Apparently it’s number 1 coffee in Ho Chi Minh City So the coffee drips all the way to the bottom Stir it up with the condensed milk Pour it over your ice Ohhhhhhh mate! It’s pretty good You look scary Why you wearing a mask? cos I think it’s the pollution and the hot humidity that’s causing my breakouts So many scooters and cars on the road I should be wearing one too so I dont breathe in all that Smoke We grabbed dinner at a place called Banh Xeo 46A in District 1, Ho Chi Mich City It’s a well known restaurant in Saigon to try Banh Xeo which is a Crispy Vietnamese Pancake normally filled with prawns pork, and beansprouts Here’s the Banh Xeo Golden, super crispy, heaps of filling but a bit on the oily side We normally eat it with greens wrapped in ricepaper then dipped in sauce such as nuoc mam I love it how the ricepaper is thin enough to eat without having to first soak in water like we do back in Australia We also got some BBQ Lemongrass Pork which was pretty tasty and some fresh summer rolls The banh xeo here weren’t the best we’ve had in Vietnam but it’s definitely a place we’d recommend to try whilst in Ho Chi Minh City Alright guys, that’s it from us Hope you enjoyed the video If you did, please give it a thumbs up Leave a comment We love reading them and try our best to respond Share it with your friends and finally Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel if you aren’t already and come along on our travel and food adventures As always, thanks for watching and we’ll catch you on the next video

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  1. the celebrations for tet where also on this new public place with a lightshow on the townhall and big flower exebitons. some lights i assume are permanent you should visit at night!

  2. Hey guys, heading to Vietnam soon. I just wanted to know if it's safe to eat the greens and herbs that are provided at restaurants etc. The lettuce you're eating looks quite damp and I'm wondering if it's been washed in tap water or filtered water?

  3. How long were you in Ho Chi Minh City for?? We’re only going for 6 days and there’s so much to eat!!! Haha

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