Vinegar Mechanisms and Side Effects

Vinegar Mechanisms and Side Effects

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  1. im confused so how am I meant to take my morning vinegar? Not by "shotting" it or drinking it straight?

  2. Dr. Greger, this is unrelated to this video but I was wondering if you could comment on the GAPs diet. I have Ulcerative Colitis and someone suggested I follow that diet. I'm a vegan, though. Seems like a lot of the foods on the GAPs diet are low-sulphur. Perhaps it's all in my head but your recommendations seem to align with the GAPs diet, minus all of the animal products they've mentioned. I've read the chapter in your book but I was hoping for some more information. I've also watched the video on your website. I'm at my wits end with these UC flares >.<

  3. Good, I don't like vinegar anyway. I prefer to use it on the outside on skin. I put it on cuts, my feet, stuff like that. I use a mix of vinegar and borax in the bath to prevent mold and calcium deposits. Works great.

  4. I just want to ask, that what about when I am apllying it to my face, it is apple cider vinegar (bio), and I do it with half mineral water and half vinegar, and my face looks better then it used to. Freelee mentioned that vinegar is kinda poison, so what is your advice for me? โ˜บ Thank you for your answer ๐Ÿ‘

  5. I found with my metabolism & my type 2 diabetes, 100% lemon juice works a little like thus but not much'! Would you know anything of this also'!,,, thank you Dr. …

  6. Please I need help in understanding this video. I comprehended (from this video and the 'vinegar and artery function' video) that vinegar is good for artery function. However, it should not be consumed directly because of the damage it can cause to oesophagus. But then how should it be consumed? If vinegar is used in cooking for instance spaghetti, would it still be absorbed the same way? If not, then should it be added to your cooked meals as a dressing?

    Also, he talks about vinegar enhancing sugar disposal. Then from 3:00 to 3:30 he talks about potatoes and beans. I just don't seem to understand this part (high fibre meals with vinegar having no affect on sugar disposal).

  7. If vinegar can be that caustic, what about it contributing to osteoporosis; The body having neutralize that acid?

  8. Apple cider vinegar and other vinegars are acetic acid–poison to your liver, esophagus and other tissues in the body.

  9. Jesus H. God, this guy's William F. Buckley douchevoice makes me want to pick up a fucking garden rake and just start hacking at pretty much everything.

  10. Where in the world does the 2000 cups final statement come from? The text says 250 ml, which is nowhere near 2000 cups. What is he talking about?

  11. Eat more mustard: it contains mustard seeds(antioxidant), turmeric(antioxidant), vinegar(see videos), salt(not good for us but it tastes good).

  12. This is exactly what i found as a type 1 diabetic , i took a table spoon of vinegar last night , and had to drop my insulin doses today by 30% !

  13. dr greger what are your views on honey as an immunity booster and antioxidant rich food .im confused about its properties,is it good or bad.

  14. Bragg now sells a 7 types of ACV drinks in 16 oz bottles! Bragg recommends 1-2 tsp ACV in 8 oz purified water with 1-2 tsp organic honey, maple syrup, blackstrap molasses or stevia. I like a mix of earl grey & rooibos tea with acv and honey.

  15. He made the potato statement for diabetics just like he says to raise fats for people who have lost their period due to low calories, not in general is he for fats or against potatoes. People take everything to extremes.


    Trying to lose weight ?



  17. Great video! I usually take one table spoon per warm glass of water. I do two glasses on an empty stomach every morning. Not sure if the "on the empty stomach" is a good idea though:)

  18. well taking vinegar and AVC causes a over acidification in the blood, and since the blood must be at a PH 7.365 +- 0.1 it will take calcium from fluid, muscles, skin and bones to produce sodium to neutralize the acid in the blood, and the slightly overproduction will benefit the rest of the body functions……But in the over all you lose bone density and skin cells and muscle cells, that why older people suffer from bone and muscle loss and so on….

  19. your protein & carbs cause insulin to spike, a great antidote is vinegar mixed with water! Brags makes Apple cider vinegar that can be purchased at most stores! this has helped me get my weight loss in order along with a smaller eating window, one great resource is Dr Jason Fung! Hope this is helpful!

  20. So simple and always available in the kitchen that has a positive impact on the body's health. I'm glad I am using it daily on our meals both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar.

  21. he use to be one of my favorite doctor to go to on nutritional info of late i find my self havin to decipher what he says he doesn't give an exact answer to anything anymore it seems like I wonder if other people find it the same way I have to listen to his message 3 or 4 times just to figure out what the hell he's saying don't like him no more. if you agree give a thumbs up!

  22. We have malt vinegar on fish and chips in the UK. My mother also gave me malt when I was a child, she thought it would increase my weight, due to being underweight for my age. I thought it tasted like toffee. I like Italian Balsamic vinegar the best, its great with French bread dipped into it, with olives and Greek Feta cheese.

  23. here we go again.What is it today?
    Scientists have discovered that countries that have red in the flag,live 12.3% longer than countries that have black in the flag.

  24. Question. Does vinegar raise the acidity level of your blood? I seem to recall that one of the concerns with dairy is that itย raises the acidity level of the blood, which causes calcium to be leached out of your bones, which can contribute to osteoporosis. I never really thought of milk as being acidic, so this always confused me. However, I do think of vinegar as acidic. So, it makes me wonder. Does vinegar raise the acidity level of your blood? Can this cause calcium to be lost from your bones? Can this result in an increased risk for osteoporosis? What does the science say?

  25. What if you have low stomach acid and want to increase that with 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar before meals? Can you please make a video about how to correct low stomach acid when a plat based diet and bitter plants aren't helpful. Also mention HCL betaine with pepsin. I have done a lot of research and a low stomach acid is one of the biggest reasons for all diseases.

  26. the science permanently proves that Islam is the true religion since vinegar is mentioned by the prophet Muhammad( pup)

  27. Apple cider vinegar is great for me, but plain vinegar shuts down my appetite which is not great when I want to eat breakfast and get my day going.

  28. 3:06 But potatoes have a TON of fiber! White potatoes have MORE fiber than whole wheat bread:

    White potatoes: 3.48 g / 100 Cal
    Whole wheat bread: 2.39 g / 100 Cal


  29. My bunkmate at camp in Montana in the early 1970s drank vinegar straight by the gallon. His name was Kenny. His Mom sent it to him in care packages. Sometimes I'd wake up in the middle of the night with the reek of vinegar in my nostrils because Kenny, on the lower bunk, had woken up and was taking swigs of vinegar.

    I'm sorry I can't report what ever happened to him, if anything, because after that o six weeks was over, I never saw him again.

  30. I personally used Apple cider vinegar(1/10 ratio) sprayed it on my head, I washed it with a water and coated it in coconut oil. I was once a daily head and shoulders and now itโ€™s completely gone.

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