Vitamins and Supplements – Liquid Not Pills | SBR Nutrition

Vitamins and Supplements - Liquid Not Pills | SBR Nutrition

hi I'm Rebecca brand and I take a lot of supplements in my life and a lot of vitamins I found out about a liquid nutrition and vitamins supplement company called SPR nutrition which thrilled me because I've always had problems swallowing pills with the advice of doctors and what I knew about nutrition I would have to take a whole handful of vitamins and supplements to get what I needed every day some of those vitamins were like horse pills it was really hard for me to swallow them and I would fill them for about 20 minutes on my throat right here and it felt so uncomfortable and it actually hurt and gave me pain so then I switched to the gummy vitamins and supplements they tasted very sugary and each one of those has about 15 calories each in it this is what I would take every day just for some of the vitamins I needed not even all of the supplements and vitamins I wanted to take I wasn't always in the mood for sugar and I never wanted all those calories that's for sure I would have preferred how about a pie or three so I researched on the internet and I contacted sbr nutrition and one of the products that really stood out was a hydration product although I drink a lot of water every day their hydration drops helps my body absorb these more it gives my body more electrolytes and hydration just makes me feel better and it also helps on hangovers I like my wine time with my girlfriends and I also get a lot of leg cramps at night and the hydration product really helps diminish those and extra hydration I really need for all my fitness workouts I take it with a full glass of water eight ounces and then I add two drops in it I shake the bottle and then I add two drops into that water and then I drink the full glass it doesn't add any flavor to the water the water just tastes like water and I'll also add my other nutrition drops to it to my vitamins and my supplements SBR nutrition has a full line of vitamins and supplements one of the great advantage of a liquid supplement is 99% of it is absorbed through your system that's not the same for pills capsules or those gummy viticulture intestines and they can get filtered out from your body and you won't have them absorbed these supplements in liquid form is what gets it and I've never liked exterior of a capsule of a supplement that's made of a filler that's not something my body needs and the bottles are a little in light so they're great for transport because I like to travel and you may not have heard about ashwagandha or too much cumin yet I found out about these recently and I'm so happy to see them in liquid form one of the reasons I like the ashwagandha is it helps prevent hair loss for guys and girls as I get older my hair is even more important to me and ashwagandha is also great for mental functions like memory loss and being sharp on your toes I think I need everything this has for me so I take it and the two-minute Kerman is also great for all kinds of memory issues and the joint paint from my hands because I do a lot of computer work and I use my hands all the time all kinds of other health benefits like I believe it lowers my risk for cancer and it keeps my heart healthier and it's just a great supplement to take on a daily basis and putting it in water makes it so easy to take their whole line has just made my life easier with what I have to ingest for the supplements and vitamins I want in the past few years I've been much more interested in my nutrition and the state of my health I've had a few health scares that I've gotten through and I want to make sure I do everything preventative to make me feel good look good and have longevity in life I don't get everything I need from the foods I eat and it always make the healthy choices after all I did start my channel on cooking recipes so having great nutrition for me in my family has been incredibly important and by the way for a whole entire family these are great because everybody can have their water with a nutrition they need every night at dinner I always made my kids drink water or milk at dinnertime and all of these nutrition products can go in their water or their milk and they won't taste it you can even do it in the kitchen when they're not looking because good parents know the tricks to get those things done click the link below to get SBR nutrition and comment and tell me what your thoughts on great nutrition are and what you're finding out there in the world and share it with me I'm Rebekah bran subscribe to my channel and ring my bell to get notified on next video and let's keep making great recipes in life like a really simple recipe for nutrition in a glass of water Cheers see you next time and if you like this video check out these others they're about health and well-being

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16 thoughts on “Vitamins and Supplements – Liquid Not Pills | SBR Nutrition

  1. Thanks Rebecca for the product review, also lemons and limes good source of nutrition mix with water to your taste. Take care

  2. Hi, Rebecca. Another great video as always, darling. Be honest, what makes celery, peanut butter, and raisins a perfect combo? I love you so much, cutie pie. Take care of yourself, sweetie. <3

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