Walmart uses Vechain (VET) to drastically improve food safety

Walmart uses Vechain (VET) to drastically improve food safety

so my phone exploded this morning with messages that made my skin literally crawl when I read it so Walmart released a new blocking traceability platform and it's built on vici that's a huge for enterprise adoption and the doors like so many people asking me look it is this real is this really legit what's happening here what are the implications and even though it's the last day of my holiday here I gotta make a video on this so so let's get this out of the way first is this real absolutely so Walmart announced this at the China product safety publicity week traceability system construction seminar holy crap that's a long word but anyways at this conference it was announced it's also being announced on the V chain medium so you can check out the English publication and it's also been reciprocated by Walmart China so it's done deal now not only is this announced but also the products are actually out as well so you can actually see pictures of this in action with the QR code that you can scan and when you scan it on the foods you're immediately linked to where it comes from how it's delivered and also the transaction ID on the V chain blushing as well so all this is done it's not it so it's a real product now like I think this is the key part the best part about 2019 we get real products so beyond real products what is this form why do we need to have blockchain to track where food comes from and if you live in Western countries I mean like Italy right now it's not a very big concern because there's no risk of food contamination really that supply chain doesn't get attacked very much on the local supermarket market friend but in China does a totally different story so if you just google up some of the scares in the past before say for beef there was a case where manufacturers start soaking their beef in Bleach and that contaminated a meat there was also this risk of African swine flu in pigmeat so these are real concerns that there is bad tainted meat in the Chinese food supply chain and people are at risk of either getting disease or eating really tainted materials and this is why the Chinese are starting to pay a huge amount of attention to where their food is coming from and this blocking solution is exactly that so you can actually start scanning those cure coats and actually see where it comes from where the iron comes from how and when is delivered like at every single checkpoint and also the blocking transaction ID this is the proof the proof at this item actually moved from A to B and this is where blocking is really powerful because at every single point say if it's a warehouse or a delivery company that's moving these items around they can be different companies but they can all use the same system and communicate to each other of trust and on the grand scale of things this is also sending a very big message to private blockchains we've heard about IBM Piper ledger being really hyped up for enterprise adoption and some people think that oh you don't need a public blockchain you don't need to have your own quaint ecosystem but what Walmart is doing this and select by selecting the chain and so I think a public blockchain is send me a message where they're saying you know what having just two companies creating their own – ledger Network it's just not good enough it's it's kind of a joke you want to include the public along as well because they want to also verify what's going on and to have to really give the system trust and I think this is a big kind of step in that direction and before we continue with this video I do have to say that I Owen V change so take it as you want but the reason why I own it is because I'm looking for that enterprise adoption and their technology that they have they the stuff that they're doing for the past four five years designing systems implementing them that was what retract me to them in the first place and I and what I see for this is this this is just the first step for them because now they need to convince more partners to come on board to come use me chain to track and trace and this is where their partnerships with the big auditing firms comes in we've heard DNV GL we've heard PwC we heard the Lloyd all having partnerships and moving items on to the VA in blushing and this is why right now all that main that transaction is just going up because of that migration and it's about damn time too because after the main that lodged I think we were entering this kind of rocky phase where all these big enterprises were still kind of trapping and transactions there weren't that many transactions on the v-j main net and people are starting to get worried you know like are these partnerships real and everything got called into place I think now finally we get to see those deliverables being deployed now you see those transactions picking up and what I'm looking for is more use cases being basically able to walk into a Walmart and see the chain track items that's gonna be huge for me so that's what I'm really excited for and I'm excited for more partners coming through basically by Walmart taking the step it shows other companies guess what you guys got a modernized right now to solve your issues and I want to keep this video short my last day I'm on vacation it's been a crazy few days Facebook Libre this whole V chain Walmart ah even new regulations coming through with financial movements and governments being worried about crypto I think this is a hell of a time to be in this whole space really thankful for that and if you have any questions about this whole V chain thing or any discussion topics you want to discuss about shoot them down in the comment section below I'll be back in two days and I'll try to make some live videos and let's get some discussion going so guys have a nice day see you next time

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    Walmart China Announcement:
    Vechain Transactions:
    Vechain Toolchain:

  2. Hyperledger is nothing more than a testbed. Vechain is the real deal. IBM’s McDermott remarking on aspects of the technology said: “IBM’s Food Safety solution is built on our IBM Blockchain Platform, which already leverages the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger standard. This is a key standard in the blockchain community and one that the Alliance supports.”

  3. i understand that Vechain's Blockchain is doing great things as a blockchain as food safety is very important. However I am curious what this will do for the coin VET, as the coin itself has nothing really to do with tracking an item. Please inform me of where I am missing the point. I own Vechain and believe there company is great, but unless WalMart starts excepting VET as a means of payment we are not going to really see the true impact of them coming on board. Please correct me as i love Vechain.

  4. Walmart usually has a pharmacie, Vision prescriptions , jewelry (Gold), and McDonald's inside of them don't forget…

  5. Vechain is on the scanner now. Other companies will monitor the success and the door will open for more partnerships from huge companies. Huge times ahead. I will hodl for 2-5 years.

  6. Unfortunately, there aren't any exchanges where a US person can buy this crypto. Binance is no longer allowed for US traders.

  7. I bought VET when I heard that they volunteered to trace vaccines in China. Kudos, Vechain!
    Thanks for another great vid Michael. And good volume too.

  8. Michael institutional focus is on BTC. I keep hearing most Alt’s will disappear given BTC’s dominance of the entire market. Do you believe Vechain will survive? I think so given huge companies are working with them but I wanted your opinion. Other companies are working with large companies also but they seem shaky at best.

  9. Your skin didn't LITERALLY crawl. Why do Americans and the English not understand what LITERALLY mean 🤦‍♂️

  10. But could anyone can explain me how vet token is used?? I mean for what Walmart needs vet token, or he doesn't need it. I know it using vet blockchain but do they need vet tokens?? Sorry but I can understand that, as customer I have application which read qr code on product I show full history of supply chain, so do I need token for that?? Sorry but still can't figure out for what vet token is needed??

  11. Wow ! Just a week ago I wanted to trade my VET for BTC but I really believe in the project and it's HUGE real life use case. I didn't do it. I have hold and will HODL to have more VET as this will be huge and if more partners like Walmart will get onboard, it will become one of the top 10 coins. This is just the beginning.

  12. Food safety is utmost importance when consumers are savvy enough to question the source and the integrity of the product. $Vechain is the perfect solution to do that.

  13. Agreed, projects like Vechain will rise in the rankings and will most likely crack top 10 or better in the years to come

  14. So, try looking beyond the current price, resistance, support, moving averages and other TA indicators, and focus on the fundamentals.

  15. Was nice watching my portfolio blast off late last night. Walmart partners with Vechain . Really no debate about whether or not this is a good investment.

  16. Adding more Vechain to my 💼. Walmart is a mega deal, but one in a long list of big partnerships and deals. The price hasn’t caught up to all the news, but when it does, faces will melt. 🚀

  17. Vechain has the hardest working team in crypto and the results are partnerships like this. This is only the beginning👍

  18. This BTC bull run has behaved differently from some in the past in that is seems as though some well financed entity/s is determined to accumulate BTC. The BTC price has been ratcheting up with with little material slippage/retracement. I don't see a fall back to 3k and certainly not to 1k or 2k. There's too much demand at those price points for those prices to occur now….. My advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of Mr Cedric Dahl’s program, a pro trader/TA who’s helping investors/newbies accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.5btc to 11btc in just 3weeks. You can reach him on cryptocedricdahl @gmail or telegram @cryptocedric1 or whatsapp; +1 317 763-8594.

  19. Hmm, usually when your skin crawls, that is a bad thing…it means you are creeped out. Maybe you use that phrase differently than we do in the US…

  20. Shitcoin! don't buy this crap, Boxmining is a youtube shill, don't waste opportunity to get rich during a crypto bull run buying a dead shitcoin. Buy Bitcoin, Chainlink and Beam and you're ready to go and not some X Men Wolverine bagholding nodes.

  21. Good video ++ This will help people expect honesty in transactions, and accept nothing less.
    A good world view for us all to adopt.

  22. Dumb publicity stunt.
    1. Walmart already had all of this info on their existing supply chain system. They could have made it public via a QR code for over a decade if they wanted to.
    2. If you don’t trust Walmart’s existing supply chain system to give you real info, there are a million and one ways to cheat this vechain system too.

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