WATER FASTING: The Complete Guide (Fastest Fat Loss Method)

WATER FASTING: The Complete Guide (Fastest Fat Loss Method)

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100 thoughts on “WATER FASTING: The Complete Guide (Fastest Fat Loss Method)

  1. So after spending all my weekends on this (minus the weekend I went to EDC 😂) it's finally done! I know 40 minutes can seem intense but I wanted to give you EVERYTHING I could think of. I put timecodes in the description to help! Thanks for being so supportive while I grinded this out, I hope the wait was worth it 🙂

  2. Hi, can i workout during the water fast? and what should i eat to break my fast? i dont wanna get fucked.
    i was doing 18:6 for 3 weeks, i lost about 3kgs in the first week, after that i dont think i lose any weight, so i'm going to try this. 🙁

  3. Instead of giving the amount of weight loss per day in lbs, why wouldn't you give it as a percentage of body weight? It sure looks like a correlation.
    And who do we think the "prominent youtuber" is that he mentioned at 30:07?

  4. Dorian, incredible info man. Can I ask, when you no longer have body fat to lose how do you maintain your fasting schedule to gain muscle? Do you continue to fast 72 hours and just eat more on your feed days?

  5. Thank you. That was by far, the most informative explanation of the physiology of fasting I have ever seen. I have had many unanswered questions… until now. Thanks again!

  6. On my 2nd day water fasting out of 7-10 days depending on how i feel i'll go longer..just wondering..if you're a big guy 260 pounds, 6ft tall would that mean i'll shed pounds faster than average or? 🤔

  7. I am doin water fastsin tmr!
    1 like for MOTIVATION!

    1st day – i ate a few grapes by mistake but other than that everytging is goin great!

  8. Thank you so much! So extremely helpful! Dispelled all my fears about using this approach! I desperately wanted to understand the science and specifics of everything you explained! Most sources I had been able to find or understand, did not give these kinds of very much needed details & scientific siting! Thank you so much! I can't say it enough times. So very very helpful! Exactly the information I needed! And explained so well & with so much helpful visual context, that I was able to understand and absorb each concept! Again, thank you so, so much for making & posting this!!!

  9. The best plan is to have a balanced diet consisting of only the most nutritious whole foods eliminating all the junk that the average person normally consumes and blend these superfoods into a daily calorie deficit diet. This means no empty calories are consumed at all whether by themselves or as an additive. The superfoods being foods which have the highest nutritional density.

  10. I love water fasting, it totally changed my life! I posted my 21-day results on this cool waterfastingforum.com !!! It's an awesome community for water fasting!

  11. Hey! Big fan of your videos here. Recently i watched movie on Netflix called Game changer movie https://gamechangersmovie.com/. I just wonder what you think about this movie, is all they shoving scientificly proved? It means eating meat and animal products are doing harm for our blood vessels and inner microflora?

  12. Water Fasting : everything you should to know . . . REALLY !!! some booger-eater omitted "need", sounds like someone needs a cheeseburger !!! Lol !

  13. Hi, can youdo video on benefits of garlic. Especially in combination with Vitamic C for boost in NO levels in body. Is it true? What are your experiences with it? Thanks for response.

  14. Also check out the snake diet. A fasting focused lifestyle. You use snake juice(basically salt water) to keep your electrolytes up and not feel like crap. It's better than doing a water fast. You'll have energy. The recipe is on his channel.

  15. @DorianWilson Also check out the snake diet. A fasting focused lifestyle. You use snake juice(basically salt water) to keep your electrolytes up and not feel like crap. It's better than doing a water fast. You'll have energy. The recipe is on his channel.

  16. Also check out the snake diet. A fasting focused lifestyle. You use snake juice(basically salt water) to keep your electrolytes up and not feel like crap. It's better than doing a water fast. You'll have energy. The recipe is on his channel.

  17. Also check out the snake diet. A fasting focused lifestyle. You use snake juice(basically salt water) to keep your electrolytes up and not feel like crap. It's better than doing a water fast. You'll have energy. The recipe is on his channel.

  18. Also check out the snake diet. A fasting focused lifestyle. You use snake juice(basically salt water) to keep your electrolytes up and not feel like crap. It's better than doing a water fast. You'll have energy. The recipe is on his channel.

  19. I am very interested in trying this. Of couse I would consult my doctor first. Two potential issues. 1 – I'm epileptic. I would assume that fasting would cause my meds to burn faster. 2 – I have several herniated discs in my back. This restricts my abilities for some forms of excercise. Aside form maybe swimming, what would the best potential ways to get positive results with minimal strain?


  20. I truly hope you have some idea what an invaluable service this video provides, esp to ppl who have been programmed to eat, eAT, EAT!!!! When I tell my friends about Autophagy, they are skeptical. Now I have this useful video to illustrate the truth.

  21. Thank you so much for such great video! Very informative and with proven scientific background! I've been doing keto for 4 months (lost 10kg) and for me IF is normal…some days I do not feel the need to eat for up 20hrs. This week I completed my first extended fast, total of 41hrs and felt very energetic…my performance at the gym was not compromised (I do weight lifting).
    I must confess I a bit tired of the restriction from keto (not even some veggies I like I can't eat).
    So I think I will do more frequent fasts, such as 36 to 40h and during a feeding window (maybe 8hrs) I will eat normally…still low carb but not as strict as keto, so good quality complex carbs will be allowed. I will follow this experiment for a month and see if I can maximize my results. Still have 10kg to lose.

  22. My 5 days water fasting is behind me and I have to say…read it all here http://michelnilles.com/water-fasting-how-healthy-is-it-really/

  23. i take the pill and antidepressants but i really want to fast for 20 days for religious reasons. is it safe? should i do something else?

  24. Timecodes:
    (0:50) What is Fat?
    (1:40) History of Dieting
    (3:30) Water Fasting Speed Advantage
    (5:40) Participant Retention Advantage
    (6:30) Choosing Duration
    (8:45) Hydration and Fibre
    (9:30)Phase 1 Digestion & Absorption (0HR-4HR)
    -Fat Digestion
    -Carbohydrate Digestion
    -Insulin Explained
    -Protein and Free Amino Acid Pool
    (17:55) Phase 2 Post Absorptive Period (4HR- 16HR)
    -Glycogen Breakdown
    -Hunger Levels and Ghrelin
    (19:00)Phase 3 Switching Phase (16-28HR)
    -Fat Burning Increases
    (20:20)Ketosis &Insulin Levels
    (23:40)Weight Loss Speed
    (24:10)Supplementing Electrolytes
    (26:00)Fat Weight VS Water Weight
    (26:40)Mental Benefits of Water Fasting
    (29:30)What CAN you eat/drink?
    (31:45)Muscle Loss
    (32:40)Breaking a Water Fast
    (33:00)-Intro to Autophagy
    (36:30)Anti Aging and Stem Cells
    (37:00)Metabolism Slowdown Warnings

  25. Dorian you have to do something about the way you talk it is very annoying, how ever the video was good.
    I would bump uP^ the magnesium to 400mg instead of 350 for a male of course.

  26. Wow, our body is wonderful, God is a master craftsman…..I love life, I will live healthy with these knowledges. Thank you

  27. Studies have show that in the initial stages of ketosis, the body burns fat very inefficiently. As it spends more time burning fat it becomes more efficient. This is why metabolic rates go up in the start.
    One the body becomes "fat adapted" the metabolism can burn the correct amount of calories to maintain activity.

  28. I felt dizzy before sleeping… Then in the middle of my sleep i kind of sleep walked and ate bread in the fridge. Like it was my 3rd day of fasting. I only realized I ate food when I finished it all. Idk if its kinda reflex or something all I know is I dont remember going into the fridge… Wtf.

  29. I am on day 9 of water fast and I’m aiming for 21 days, but my wife isn’t happy with my vegetable like performance in the sheets, this takes a toll on more then just your body, but marriage also, but this is one of the best videos on water fasting I came across, much appreciated

  30. Great video! I tried a 72 hour fast and lost 3kg of weight. Nothing unusual for me to be without food for 24 hours but never 3 days.

  31. So I can replenish my sodium with regular table salt? I keep hearing other youtubers say hymalayan salt. Also how often should I add sodium replacement to my fast?

  32. Heey I have been fasting for 11 days now but now it seems like I'm not losing weight anymore ( I haven't lost any weight in about a week ) and my body seems to retrain water. Does anyone have the same problem? Or knows what's going on ?

  33. This was crazy helpful and motivating to know the biology behind fasting! Makes me wanna love and trust my body and start my fast today!

  34. The most well explained and well researched video. Thanks.

    Quick question, can I have tender coconut water during a water fast for 3 days? I know it has some carbs but will it put us out of fast for a long time? It has some amounts of sodium, potassium and magnesium and also a naturally available drink. Let me know your thoughts.

  35. This evening i tasted some sauce with tomatoes i made for my friends bcs i was cooking for one of them's birthday, i spit out and rinced my mouth after that but i felt guilty as hell, i just wzs worried about the taste as i had to refer to my friend to see if it was good or too salty and making adjustments just by her description, and i couldn't resist to see what my dish really was like as i never done it before, I'm sure i didn't injest any calories from that but i had the taste and that make be guilty, I'm in the beginning of the third day of my 5 days fast and i think i will finish this one and after i will do another one but without cooking for someone else in the middle hopefully

  36. Also I'm on a fb group that says lemon in my water breaks my fast, i don't actually give a shit😂 I've always had this and it has no calories whatsoever on the label so that's something weird,

  37. basically i already knew all the knowledge you showed but dude it is one of the best condensed and informative video on fasting subject i've ever seen i'm very thankful

  38. Does bathing in Epson salt (magnesium) give you enough magnesium during a fast? Also would food grade Epson salt be ok to consume for a magnesium boost?

  39. I did this only almost two days. I drunk Pedialytes for each day & drunk magnesium citrate to get rid of the heartburn and acid reflux on the second day. Almost end of day 2, I almost felt dehydrated, headache, and dang near faint. I end up to eat a meal. My dehydration feelings start to go away. The next morning, i still felt fainty and a bad headache this morning until I ate something and drunkn a Gatorade.

  40. Bulk nutrients make an electrolyte blend that may be fasting friendly?
    This is the ingredient list:
    Magnesium L Aspartate, Potassium Gluconate, Calcium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Silica and Magnesium Stearate.
    What do you think?
    Thanks for the video mate, loved it.

  41. Great video but why include a Fasting Sale Electrolytes link to your website stating that you "haven't found a pre blended formula which contains all the necessary electrolytes"? But you want our email addresses just in case you find one? That makes no sense unless you want our contact info to profit off of…

  42. Here is an electrolyte add-in for consideration and/or feedback. elete electrolyte
    From Mineral Resources International, Inc www.eletewater.com
    No I don't work this company and have no connection to them. It is a product my wife picked up and I thought I'd share, but trust your opinion on the product.

  43. You did a great job explaining such complex metabolic processes in an easy to follow format. I really appreciated all the information being presented so clearly and concisely. Much appreciated!

  44. I'm 22 hours into my first fast and waiting for that ghrelin to get off my back already! BTW, I lost my first 120 lbs not by fasting, but just flipping my diet from terrible to exactly what my doctor said I should be eating. Now I'm trying to get off of an 18 month plateau – I have another 40 lbs to go.

  45. I’m on day 6 and suffering. I have headaches everyday that keep me from doing anything productive. Yesterday I got very nauseous and almost broke my fast but instead I decided to have some water and take a nap. Waiting to start feeling better! Down 17 pounds

  46. I'm looking for one supplement for fasting. I found many but they are lacking 10 fold on magnesium. Why would that be?

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