We are Evonik Animal Nutrition | Evonik

We are Evonik Animal Nutrition | Evonik

Proteins… … are the building-blocks of life, … … of every single cell on earth. Animal protein … is a major food source for humankind. Meat, fish, milk, and so much more. The growing world population… requires more and more animal protein. But we need to preserve our planet’s resources … … and reduce the ecological footprint of protein production. We’re convinced that science… … can help solve this pressing global issue. We’re committed to being the essential partner… for healthy animal-based food … and supporting the best productivity, reliability, and sustainability. We place the customer at center stage. And rely on proven science … … to deliver individually tailored solutions. We share a deep commitment … …to global food security and safety. What sets us apart is our self-motivation, … …autonomy, and teamwork. We are Evonik Animal Nutrition.

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2 thoughts on “We are Evonik Animal Nutrition | Evonik

  1. What?? The growing world population does NOT require more animal protein. Protein from plants such as beans, and vegetables, have a much more beneficial impact on our physiology. Sorry, but if we're concerned about the planet's resources and our own health, the best thing we can do is eat no animal products.

  2. you know… bugs are an option. you can raise one pound of meal worms or crickets in a crate and for a lot less than you would a cow…heck, for the same diet amount of resources for one cow, we could feeds hundreds of people on bugs. we won't have to force breed cows, sheep and chickens anymore, they can live out their normal existance the next generation would be fewer cause they wouldn't have been force bred. A bug diet for us would be easy to mass produce. like we bred cows and chickens, we can breed even more types of bugs.

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