We Tried The 7-Day Vegan Challenge

We Tried The 7-Day Vegan Challenge

how’s that pie for breakfast Wyatt hmm we’re gonna be vegan too so eat that pie while you can hey I’m Hannah and I’m the world’s okay his mom and I’m here today to talk to you about the seven day vegan challenge now you guys have seen this all over the internet because you’ve been asking me non-stop to try it and this is a series where you ask and we deliver so we’re gonna give it a shot it’s gonna be seven days family for one painfully picky eater and I’ll let you guess who that is which is slap guys so what is the seven eight vegan challenge well it’s exactly how it sounds in seven days of eating vegan no animal products simply not our family’s eating habits don’t really rely much on animal products to begin with each person has very different tastes in food I’m kind of like a plant lover on a salad how so la so that likes to eat a lot of food he likes to feel full but it’s not like he over eats he has the fast food table with him and so he just likes to be full Jackson is my dream eater he just came out of me hungry and has never stopped eating since he’s like a garbage disposal then there’s Wyatt he’s pretty good on the white diet where white foods are good if there’s a speck of grain in his food he will find it and he will remove it you excited to be vegan I don’t know if you really are but okay is my vegan grocery haul I know that fruit is always safe to get and then fresh veggies so I got a lot of that I don’t think this is enough food for the week but it ended up costing about fifty dollars more than my average grocery trip and then while I was at the grocery store I had to say goodbye to one of the most important things in my life because I cheese I will miss you so day one I was feeling pretty prepared for breakfast and lunch I had prepped overnight oats the night before for the boys and then from that night and made freezer smoothie packs with all this good stuff in them let’s see how this tastes this is really good oh really healthy everything was going smoothly until it was time for me to make my coffee I have a very specific shade of coffee that I need and it’s a very specific ratio of coffee the strength of the coffee and half-and-half that’s going in it so I bought soy creamer and coconut creamer throughout the week I tried various mixtures of them I just don’t like it I have a very open-minded palate and this is a one thing like the water food I can’t budge on supermax lunge I got him what’s called a rainbow wrap it’s exactly how you’d imagine like a tree wrapped up in a tortilla if I started him off with like the most intensely vegan lunch then the rest would be a nice surprise no Fiona healthy manipulation all the time this week shouldn’t be that bad it’s gonna be good so for lunches I did eventually find some vegan bread I decided to make a Sun butter and jelly sandwich despite the fact that that vegan bread straight-up tasted like fresh hay night one the dinner was just you know my dream meal a big old salad I was so excited for this dinner but I was very worried about how the kids would react to it so it’s not true you like white beans Wyatt ate his salad and I was shocked I mean to the court like when he took the bite of broccoli I pinched myself it’s almost like he ate more vegetables in this one meal than he’s eaten in the last six months today too woke up feeling great feeling healthy made a really nice breakfast I bought this vegan cream cheese because I figured the toast needed a little I’m serious this vegan cream cheese rocked my world how is it – miss – it was so good hey Jackson are you enjoying your breakfast you’re wearing it a little bit good breakfast everyone’s happy and then I made my coffee and that was the start of the worst day of the week know that day in particular was a very big day for me at work I had a huge video tissue I was making all of this glorious food and I did not realize that I did not eat a single bite of any of it this is the thing I work for tasty this is what I look forward to in my job I get to snack on just the best food you can imagine I was so devastated that I couldn’t eat it it was a frustrating day so here we are enjoying our tikka masala mm-hmm I actually do like it and I would eat it again I am the first one home tonight so I’m going to make dinner and I’m absolutely starving from my shoes so I’m gonna make a vegan pizza and I think the boys will actually like it I think they’ll be excited for a pizza tonight the first few bites I was like oh my god this is delicious yes bread carbs but then I started going in on my slice to cheese a little gluey it’s sticking on my teeth I honestly would have preferred it as more of a flatbread without the cheese but you know we’re all very hungry so we all ate it let’s glue you like this and then it came time for Wyatt to try it the crust is right there to a minute cut out for you mommy made it from scratch he didn’t eat it he opted to eat salad instead of his pizza which you know means that pizza was not good so he started the morning off trying some coconut yogurt that’s made from coconut milk with some vegan cereal and raspberries you like it why did you like it so far I’m batting a thousand on breakfast like win-win-win-win-win it is going great day three of this copy better I got lunches I feel like I’m packing a lot of chips this week but other than that pretty easy this lunch looks good yeah you did you like your lunch yesterday no that was amazing really no I thought that pizza would be the safe bet for dinner but it just didn’t turn out the way I planned it all so for tonight’s dinner I decided to make pasta I know I make a really good pasta sauce so I was feeling really excited about this lentil pasta that I found that has protein in it so I made that roasted some broccoli and that was our dinner yeah it’s good okay that’s all that matters why it gets into these weird moods sometimes at dinner time where he won’t feed himself because he’s just a diva he’ll sit there I’m like you can offer me a bite if you’d like and I might eat it but he went straight for the broccoli on his plate was very confusing but very awesome he eventually did eat the pasta but not without letting us all know that we’re very lucky to have him eating the pasta at our table do you like it good Thank You Wyatt your presence is appreciated you know we’re not worthy very rushed breakfast this morning because I have to get ready and be on set today what do you think way thumbs down but he’s eating it all what I was shooting at work was a food competition show and it was me versus my coworker Matthew we had to make this crazy dish and so some things happened I completely forgot about this vegan challenge and my food was ice cream and cake and it had eggs dairy all that stuff so I ended up having to taste it try my meatball don’t tell them oh they’re okay oh I just ruined everything today I got to go like double vegan tonight to make up for it I’m gonna eat some grass here’s the thing like I can’t put food in front of someone for a cooking competition without tasting it my family doesn’t even know that this happened so I’m sorry I failed you I didn’t mean to and I was a little bit deceitful tonight’s dinner is gonna be like a burrito bowl you know with these new foods that we’re trying I don’t know how spicy something is going to be might be a little spicy it ended up being very spicy and a little too spicy for the kids and they were not happy so my shapes flow spicy I hate wasting food so I ended up eating three or four times more chorizo than I know would and I forced Matt to do the same the flavors good reason I think you’re gonna get the poof’s day 5 Matt and I decided you a date night we decided to put our vegan selves out into the world which was something I was really dreading because I didn’t want to be that person who’s ordering at a restaurant and asking a million questions about the ingredients we went to this little wine bar by our house but we ended up being able to order at the wine bar was a plate of olives a little veggie salad from there we were still so hungry so we decided to stop at this little British pub someone was looking down on us we opened the menu and they have a vegan burger this burger was so delicious it has vegan mayo lettuce tomato on a vegan bun that didn’t taste like the wheat had just been pulled from the earth it was so good and then we curly fries with it it was so good so one day six I decided to take it to the next level and I went to talk about and could I also get no sour cream or nacho cheese on those it was a lengthy order it was kind of annoying but I I was so excited to try it the thing that I love the most about corn crops is the nacho cheese sauce so I miss it I should have added some guacamole to this if you like guacamole would be really good the dinner Asian food is something that we had been lacking this week because I could not quite grasp how to cook at me and I was struggling with that though we decided to look for a vegan Asian restaurant well I went crazy on this menu and I over ordered I was like ready to shovel all of it into my face are you just going for it so end of day six I’m feeling great I have it cooked in a whole day I was really optimistic and then it all fell apart well they’re not vegan babe so way to make something else it’s okay croissants are extremely difficult to make vegan croissants I don’t even know I gave you your choice of peanut butter and jelly right here okay Wyatt do you want them can you like that alright look at yourself are you hangry after the meltdown at breakfast I decided that for dinner I would make something that I knew they would like we were going to my parents house for dinner so I knew I had to bring food for us to make and I decided on vegan mac and cheese not as easy as it looks well I was making my vegan dinner my mom was making delicious teriyaki salmon I’ve never thought I would be like wow that salmon is so tempting but on that day on the final day of our vegan challenge that salmon was looking really good so we made it through all seven days I didn’t think we’d make it through that easily and I didn’t think the kids would be so receptive to the challenge so the next day after it was over I decided to surprise them with a little something special chocolate croissants they’re gonna be so happy it’s very hot be careful good breakfast Jackson my kids got their chocolate croissants okay guys they got the chocolate croissants so what did I learn on this seven day vegan challenge well I learned first that it’s actually not that difficult to be vegan if you’re cooking a lot of your own meals it’s not that much more expensive it’s not that difficult to get your protein either next I learned how to get Wyatt to eat vegetables I don’t think you guys realize how huge this is for me and how much of a struggle it’s been for all of us I mean ever since he could eat solids this is like the peak of motherhood for me right now and last I learned that I really want to continue doing as much vegan challenge as we possibly can going forward but that said I know that I will never be a full vegan because I cannot deal with vegan creamer in my coffee I’m sorry I have to have my half in half I can’t do it since I got four today I’m Hannah and if you’ve tried the seven day vegan challenge let me know in the comments tell me how it went or if you have any ideas for future food challenges for us to try leave that in the comments – or you can always text me this is a real number and I don’t always answer every single text because I get a lot but I do read every single one now if you’ll please excuse me I have some decent copies to make because it’s been so long since I’ve had it til next time [Music] anything with curry or masala I’m just like in cloud on cloud nine so this is really good I’m stoked

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100 thoughts on “We Tried The 7-Day Vegan Challenge

  1. Homeboy Matt throwing Hannah under the bus with the pizza to Wyatt “you like it? Mommy made it…. from scratch” 😂😂

  2. In what alternate reality were those chocolate croissants? Those are pain au chocolat. As someone who works in Tasty you should be ashamed of yourself! 😂😂

  3. coffee was the most challenging when i went vegan to. After trying all sorts of plant based milks, the one for me was plain soymilk. Add a teaspoon of chicory to get back that full coffee taste that you miss 😉

  4. In what kind of a world are we living in which seven days of not eating animal products (in rich countries) is considered a challenge? Humans truly domesticated themselves more than they domesticated animals.

  5. "Vegan bread"? Most bread is free of animal products!! Also, most Asian food is vegan (I'm half Chinese and was practically raised on tofu) and "chocolate croissants" are pain au chocolats!

  6. slowly walks towards Wyatt with my thumb gently pressed against the sheath of my Katana

    Glances down at him as I walk past him, smirking slyly

    Goodbye Wyatt…. you should have eaten the pizza…..

    spins around and unsheathes my katana smashing it down onto Wyatt's spine severing him in half with a brutal, messy, painful chop

    spins my katana the other way and hacks him in half sending bits of him into Hannah's face

    You're welcome Hannah………

    turns into smoke and disperses

  7. I’m absolutely in love with Jackson 😍 I just love how appreciative he is with all the food Hannah makes. Love this series so much

  8. If I was her I would whoop Wyatt’s ass with mah wooden spoon
    (I’m not a child abuser but I feel like she isn’t harsh enough with Wyatt to be giving him a heathy boundary’s)

  9. I hate kids but I feel like Jackson is one of the only kids I’d like because he was so chill and seemed like he was okay with anything also he loves food so like we’d probably be best friends

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