Weekly meal planning in Tamil | Weekly menu planning | Time Management Tips | Pre-Preparation tips

Weekly meal planning in Tamil | Weekly menu planning | Time Management Tips | Pre-Preparation tips

In today’s video, I’m going to share you on how I do weekly meal planning and pre-preparations First based upon the veggies available in the home, prepare a meal plan on the weekend I have spring onions, carrot, beans, cauliflower, brinjal, capsicum and mango in my fridge So I have prepared a meal plan based upon these veggies We generally eat tiffin items for breakfast and dinner So mostly it will be idly or dosa For lunch we eat rice Since we are not a big fan of Kichadi, upma or pongal, I have not included them in my meal plan. So based upon your family preference, you can create a meal plan This is the weekly meal plan. Mostly I use the chutney or curry which I prepare for dinner for the next day breakfast And Onion and tomatoes, I cut them fresh and use them for cooking On Sunday evening, I prepare dosa and Idly batter. I prepare Idly batter using Idly rava Then I grind ginger garlic paste two weeks once I also roast the groundnuts on weekends and store them, so that I can do chutney during weekdays easily I’ll also soak tamarind and extract tamarind juice and store it in a container in fridge For Monday lunch, I have planned to do methi pappu. So, I have cleaned methi leaves and kept in ziplock cover on sunday evening. On monday morning, in one burner I’m doing potato fry In second burner, I have kept rice in pressure cooker And in another burner, I’m doing methi pappu And in fourth burner, I have kept idly Since I have a four burner stove, I do parallel cooking We can quickly prepare breakfast and lunch if we do parallel cooking So this is monday breakfast and lunch For breakfast, it is Idly and tomato thokku. I already had homemade tomato thokku, so I used it as a side dish for idly Monday night, I have roasted masala for brinjal curry for tuesday lunch For monday dinner, I am grinding groundnut chutney for dosa Since we already have roasted groundnut in hand, we can prepare chutney very easily So this is monday dinner, dosa and groundnut chutney This is tuesday menu For lunch, I’m doing brinjal curry in one burner In other two burners, I have kept rice and idly So this is tuesday lunch, Rice and brinjal curry For tuesday dinner, I’m doing egg cheese sandwich. Slightly saute onions, shredded carrot, and capsicum in oil and mix it with egg Apply the mixture on bread slices and toast it on a tawa Before removing from the tawa, add shredded cheese and close the sandwich with lid. Once the cheese is slightly melted, remove from the tawa and serve I have boiled eggs and cut veggies and stored them in fridge on tuesday night This is wednesday menu I prepared noodles for breakfast on wednesday For lunch, I’m preparing veg biryani in cooker Apart from the cut veggies we already have I cut onion,cauliflower and potato in the morning and added these along with frozen peas and cooked it So this is wednesday lunch, veg biryani and egg fry I also made fish fry since my husband wanted it For wednesday night, I prepared podi onion uthapam and coconut chutney This is thursday menu I’ll use the coconut chutney we prepared the previous day night for breakfast For lunch, I’m doing spring onion egg curry I cut the spring onions in the morning I kept idly in other burner So for breakfast, its idly and coconut chutney Lunch is rice,spring onion egg curry and curd For thursday dinner, I’m doing capsicum chutney. Heat oil in a kadai, add urad dal,chana dal, onion, garlic, capsicum, green chilli and tomato and fry them. Once it is cool, grind them. Capsicum chutney is ready. U can also substitute capsicum with carrot and prepare chutney. So thursday dinner is dosa and capsicum chutney This is friday menu I used the capsicum chutney which I prepared on the previous day night for Idly. For lunch, I prepared mango pappu, rice and egg poriyal So this is friday lunch. Rice, mango pappu and egg poriyal For friday dinner, I prepared chapathi and paneer curry On Saturday, I prepare curry with leftover vegetables available in the fridge And on sunday, I prepare non veg So this is how my meal planning goes I hope you like this video, if you like this video, please click on the like button, share this video and please do subscribe

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