WELFARE AGENDA | Section 8, Universal Basic Income & N.W.O Strategies

WELFARE AGENDA | Section 8, Universal Basic Income & N.W.O Strategies

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41 thoughts on “WELFARE AGENDA | Section 8, Universal Basic Income & N.W.O Strategies

  1. they chould provide them work they can handle, not benefits. the unfairness system just got more unfair. the working class will get poorer when the poor get richer and the rich get even richer.

  2. There’s a presidential candidate named Andrew Yang who presents universal basic income as a better replacement for the welfare system that encourages poverty. He’s gaining a lot of traction and right now has qualified for the primary democratic debates. I’m very surprised no Christian channels are talking about him.

  3. Trust in God & Christ, but you must be "Born Again"! You must know that Our Father is Sovereign LORD! You can do all things in Christ Jesus, TRUST!

  4. It breaks my heart to see everyone running around going to Sunday "Church" APOSTATE BUILDINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apostate Buildings! and getting jobs… Did Jesus not tell you to come out? Did you not understand Jesus?

  5. Planned parenthood doesn't care, but satan does, he needs his sacrifice to keep the slaves enslaved… Oh and satan does not care either, only Jesus of Nazareth cares about you, so show Him you care about Him too and repent and obey His commandments!

  6. Wow you were doing so well with this message but ruined it talking about Puerto Ricans in that way. Sad to hear that from you. You should be ashamed of that way of speaking. People who live in glass houses should never throw stones.


    When WOMEN FALL and they become WHORES , pain pain pain come ON THE WHOLE SOCIETY !!!


    THIS IS CAPITALISM , women in capitalism and all of us are WHORES who work for FAKE PAPER MONEY in an artificial construct !!!

    SOCIAL INsecurity NUMBER is is the 666 Baal Capital God and your name is a slave NAME in CAPITAL LETTERS !

    You live in BABILON and 666 SSN social security Number IS HOW YOU SUPORT LGBT WHORES ABORTION !!!

    Wanna know CHRISTIANITY you “Jesus name protestants “ GO TO AN EASTER ORTHODOX CHURCH

  8. Entry level" !? The night I graduated as an R.N. I calculated my new salary verses the "benefits" I was receiving. At that moment I realized I would only gain 200.00 monthly and was facing 60,000 in student loan debt. It was a frightening reality. Needless to say a college degree did not get me much further from the dirt or the state of welfare I had been in. I had to hustle hard for many many years! Seek the father. Come out of her! YAH bless

  9. Its true, "better is a little in righteousness than a lot without right." I own a company and work 7 days a week with an average of 13-4 hrs a day and its been blessed with being in grace with our customers but its not fully there yet where I can take a salary just yet. But I rather work hard, being able bodied to, than to jump on the state/welfare system and take without working. hid comes through and He never fails to provide, and one thing that IVE ACTUALLY SEEN DAILY through the hardships, is His glorious faithfulness and blessings in the midst of it all. Id rather live closely to the Lord depending on Him than far from Him and bot see His hand of provision and allow my desire to seek Him more dwindle with each passing day. I too am puerto rican and agree with what you said brother.
    God bless you all my brothers and sisters!

  10. I so agree with U Nephtali..I made a post on Facebook saying the same thing telling people that they need get off Welfare, not the ones that are in need, I'm talking about these Queens and some Kings that has been milking the system 10, 15, 20 years I said to them that this is Sin.. but oh boy!! Why did I have to go say that!! I got attacked left and right. But U know it's ok I said it in the Name of Jesus and I wasn't trying to be mean I was making a statement and telling the truth I might add.. Thanks for sharing the video!

  11. Give to local churches food drives. They get the food to the people much more efficiently than any state run program.

  12. Thank you brother I needed to here this @5:30am in the morning. It's hard and real. However, remaining in the Truth is where I am to be. That's Family! Blessings

  13. Basic income is a tool to get fools to buy into absolute elite control. when that control is achieved we will live in a hereditary system. when the off spring take over all resources income included will be stripped.

  14. The elderly and disabled/sick should be taken care of first. There is not enough income based housing for the elderly. They should not have to be on a 10 year waiting list.

  15. I think the universal income crap started in Switzerland, home of the Templars and banking gnomes.

  16. I feel like everyone whom applies for welfare should immediately receive a health screening to test for health, an skills assessment an IQ test, and a drug test. Those whom are able bodied should receive job training. Those whom are disabled should receive a plan to get them into the work force based on their abilities. Then those whom are truly unable to work can be provided for above poverty living circumstances

  17. My brother you are on point! Praise Yahweh! Tell the truth… We already chipped with our 🏧 debit cards! Stay blessed! 👊🏿💪🏿🙏🏿

  18. I get where you going with this but!!!!!!! I'm not listening to no white man's Bible period that book was made to throw you off track

  19. Young man you are on point. Called of Jesus Christ. God bless you! Check out Gary C Price of Omega Ministries in atlanta Georgia. Check out the youtube "Prayer to bind the strongman." I believe you are apart of the end time Army the Remnant.

  20. Welfare was created to be a hand up, not a handout. To get families back on their feet. Then they get stronger and put money back into the system to help the economy to help another. Thank you, my brother, good teaching!

  21. 1st thought: OMG Robots from the future are here🔥🔥🔥
    2nd Thought: That looks really cool ☕️

  22. The billionaires started this Bs and their income is not included! Them crooks want others to part with their money but they exclude themselves! Fuck them! I am keeping my damn money!!!!!!

  23. I used social programs too: Stamps, WIC, Section 8 (My uncle was some kind of high position in the Custodial Dept and helped me out, I always felt bad).
    We were really young, like 25 or so. I finally matured and felt bad for possibly taking from people who REALLY needed it. It was one of the hardest things for us to get off of that stuff. My wife actually presented the idea to me of pretending to be separated in order to get help, cuz they make you wanna take their "help". So tempting, especially young and poor. I thank God for the resolve to continue to work to live my faith out. It was so hard. We finally made it out by the grace of God, but we were broke for so long. Our boys weren't able to have or do anything. Bad choices early on. Thank you Lord that we were able to see our boys grow strong, healthy and close to God. But this is not a good. Charity is good, but that comes from the hearts of individuals. I do believe it's there for those in need, but we gotta look out for one another.

  24. i work on cases with welfare, and we know the liars vs truth tellers but we have keep our mouth shut and accept the lies, all the company cares about is speed not quality

  25. Tell people wait be married. The satan is ruling the world. Governments put spells on areas for poverty, death and drugs. sorcery is the in thing. sin is the problem. Deuteronomy 18:9-14. The Church is cold hearted as Ice.The immigrants are united , if people have unity or encouragement one can do it . A lone ranger has it hard. No problem to receive but no one care you are a burden on the Church. Most Churches are uncaring as the Artic cold. they say a community funny. The envy if you encourage a chaste lifestyle is a dark as pitch. Love and forgive anyhow. Torah is a must.

  26. Like you said once you work they take everything. And Mexican know how to bind together from what I've seen in the States

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