Welfare Card recipient Patricia Anning

Welfare Card recipient Patricia Anning

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23 thoughts on “Welfare Card recipient Patricia Anning

  1. Australian consider oneself very blessed, India has NO welfare benefits at all, no carers and free housing. Please be extremely grateful for what you get.

  2. You volunteered for it you crazy numbskull, so don't say that you feel like you are not trusted, this whole segment just proved that the welfare card works, not to sound mean because I'm overweight too, but I can tell you definitely have enough food in the house, and if your kids miss out on some things like school excursions, take them out to places yourself, with the welfare card, you're out of debt and have the food and rent covered. It comes down to this, you can't be trusted with the money because it's not your money, it's tax payer money, you may not use drugs, gamble it drink alcohol, but it's not your money therefore you don't get to have 100% control of it.

  3. Drug dealers in the USA will give an addict 25 cents on the dollar for their food card allowance and their children go hungry !

  4. I have a debt called HECS which I am slowly paying off so I can get an education to gain employment to support the life style of people like Patricia. Half of my weekly wage goes into paying income tax and HECS. I have worked 2 jobs to support myself through university, I didn’t have money to go to the movies or eat out either, and most days when I come home from work I’m too tired to do anything else.

  5. Is she on welfare because she is fat. It's like people with disability parking permits because they are fat

  6. Welfare is not a long term lifestyle choice. It's designed for people to survive between jobs. Are we all forgetting this 😑

  7. Take away all of our manufacturing industries so we do not make steel, build ships, trains, nor cars. And then send most of our call centres off shore. And then command people to go out and get a job and if they can’t then it’s all their fault.

    People need to wake up and realize that we need all of our industries back so we can employ people to get them off welfare.

  8. good…. the government is getting smart lol….no drugs, no alcohol, and no gambling lol….. no more ice for you bastards…..

  9. Can’t you all see, that our government is only dividing our nation so they hold control on us.
    Wake up wake up WAKE UP!!!! We the people have the power and once we realise this there will be no stopping the change 🕉A CHANGE FOR ALL OR NOT AT ALL

  10. It was tax payers money
    But in Australia we're all tax payers
    GST let's remember this fact people
    It's their money not tax payer
    Get it correct.

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