Welfare Song – Tom Musgrove – acoustic LIVE at Dewey's Cafe

Welfare Song - Tom Musgrove - acoustic LIVE at Dewey's Cafe

this is a song that kind of about backwards we're living in some of it's true that some of its embellished so you guys can decide which is which it is on Spotify so okay it doesn't make a big difference but this is a first time ever performed it in front of anyone so bear with me and see if we get through and I don't know my highway it was singin I did my way something about my way was I was born on disability working in her made no sense to me even put my daddy done before speaking Greek I turned the level raising him in my mother stealing smokes from the dollar store gotta jump I work the system my Wilfred chang-sun never miss Tony who says the press in life faith free I'm safe made me see all ahead I got for free I will sit I did my legs but he wasn't broken down on the last how did a punk I meant dawn of my favorite liquor store sit there with the captain'll and EBT fine nothing silly Mouse beating Rodney my mansion on wheels and the best catch a man can drink with horn read the stop and frisk me took my Pontiac and bottom of the screen and went past ob4 cutoff jeans velcro shoes body odor and lots of booths reminds me my dear Oh 328 on the trailer payments it really is a shame but baby needs legs new tension should you know Nana sure the kids let my trailer been repossessed wait I saw it all the Negro took my couch one of my tree good fatigues but let the fleas smell one of the tires I was in their yard gingka system clearance way with me and how they didn't take something I ride be sold Oh max hi

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