Wellbeing – Asta Speaks

Wellbeing - Asta Speaks

everyone welcome to another vlog from aster speaks and today is about well-being and I'm not talking about physical well-being I'm talking about mental well-being which quite consistently is a hot topic and that's because so many people are going through something whether it be depression anxiety stress it's all floating around in the universe but it's how do we control it well for me personally when I first started when I first starts to have these experiences of anxiety and depression I visit a visit to my doctor which is the first thing you would think to do and he was like he asked me a couple of questions and then he said well here's some tablets and it was a part of me that just thought wow really like I could have gone into a store and bought sweets is easy and it's really sad because that person is longing for help I was longing for health at that period of my life but I started to take these tablets and didn't really do anything for me I helped myself and the doctors I need I wanted to come often because I don't I didn't want to rely on them and the doctor said well it's not really a good idea to come off them you can either come off them gradually or if you brave he could just go off them so I just came off then but I think the thing we've got to keep in our minds is that certainly I did is that we can do it we are beautiful inside we're we're capable of doing anything our heart is capable of making us feel good and I know a lot of people out there suffering and he's really sad that they're not getting the help you know the help that they need he see people committing suicide and it's sad and I'd love to help those people because I was able to overcome you have my dip sometimes but who doesn't you know we all have our dips but it's knowing how to pick yourself back up from that dip because at the end of the day unless you are dead then anything is achievable anything is rescue able and happiness is achievable I love you all see you soon

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