Wellbeing Economies Film: Welcome Video

Wellbeing Economies Film: Welcome Video

we all know that we as humans are currently doing two very bad things one we're using up all the planet's resources while we're polluting it bringing it to the point where we're destroying it scientists have predicted that within a few decades planet Earth will reach a climatic tipping point and will become largely uninhabitable for humans and too we've designed an economic system that makes the wealthy even wealthier the poor even poorer to the point where now the richest 1% own over 50% of the world's wealth and yet many economists still think that an economy that exploits both people and planet is still the right way to go well being economists however say no there's no law of nature that says that the rich must get richer while the planet must die hi I'm Martin and I'm Nick alongside our producer Kim Minster we're making a documentary film about these well-being economies or rather how we get there politically our film is about a year and the lives of people who try to make this change happen through political action there are a growing number of people who are writing books giving speechless and raising awareness about the need for change and that's incredibly important because that's where it all begins but ultimately nothing is going to change until there's action and politics yes eating less meat putting solar panels on your roof and donating to charity are all great things to take part in but they're not going to be enough not by a long shot this needs to become political Katherine Trebek is a form of Oxfam researcher who's building the well-being economy government's initiative the renzo fira Monti is an economist who recently became politician in the Italian government they've put this cause first in their lives because they want to make the change that's needed for the survival of this planet join us for new vision in politics we'll follow our blog and our social accounts be there while we are collecting the story

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