Wellbeing FAQ – How Christian are the groups?

Wellbeing FAQ - How Christian are the groups?

it's patchy where you can hear can sue you home another question we can ask about the well-being groups particularly from vicars and pastors is how Christian is it and the 12-week course is designed loosely on the ia Alcoholics Anonymous which is ruse and really Christian and so we pray at the start of the course we have prayer as one of the different seven different learning styles that we have and we produced a journal which people can get on week one and they can write modern-day Psalms and poems and letters and the idea is is that we're not there to go and rescue people we're there to walk alongside them we have found that faith conversations come up really naturally I member signed in our group going you Christians you have to forgive everyone don't you can you explain that to me and so it is a beautiful opportunity to share our faith in a way that is natural which is normal sin around in a coffee shop or in a home or in a pub or in in whatever context it is and talking about live faith spirituality emotional health mental health physical health in a way that it's much more relational so it is right in the middle of faith is the reason we do this and it's one of the ways we long to see people outside the church engage in this in a beautiful way

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