Wellbeing FAQ – Where is the group training?

Wellbeing FAQ - Where is the group training?

hi is Patrick here a question that we often get asked is about the training where is it well the first training is in chomps hood on the 25th 26th October it's a Friday Saturday people tend to book him to travel lodges or premier inns to stay of an aisle or try and find a relative nearby jeonse is actually only 35 minutes from that little puss tree and there will be one in London sometime next year and also talking to Exeter and Cardiff but actually a lot of churches are sick you know what we quite like to host the training and and so what we said is if your church can get six different churches involved each putting forward about four people that would give us a really good number to come into your area and train in your area and we're really committed to serving the local church and we are trying to keep the training cost as low as possible and the moment we're working to it being about twenty five pound a person and normally these all courses are hundreds of pounds to come on but we really want to try and keep it low because we know we're asking the choices it's a partner with us so yeah the training is brilliant there's panels as Interactive's you get to experience what it is to be a member of the group there's lots of relationship building lots of inspiration or time to pray as time to worship together get to know each other so um it's going to be an amazing time so looking for one of the trainers that was already existing or I'm get in touch with Diana they can see your hope office if you'd like to host some training with some churches in your area Cheers

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