Wellness Check Turned Shootout

Wellness Check Turned Shootout

what's up guys Mike the cop in today's video we're going to take a look at detailed body cam footage from from multiple body cams out of San Diego in a shooting situation that happened last year this was a wellness check that turned into multiple officers being involved in the shooting two injured who have since recovered from those injuries thankfully and all of the details directly from the the San Diego District Attorney's Office are in the description below it's literally a copy and paste of their press release on this issue the reason I'm showing this video the reason I'm putting it out there is for two I think important lessons number one is that in police work normal is never really normal there's always like a minefield that you have to be aware of that as you go through the course of your career the course of you break that down into each individual day it's a whore it's always that that chance that you have to be aware of so you kind of have to be like you know courteous and professional but always ready so I think it's important this is a great example of that when you're going to check on someone's well well-being and it turns into an absolute harrowing experience and number two that experience in this case had to do with mental health which is it's a serious issue that needs to be addressed and very often police officers are dealing with situations of people who have come to the end of the rope when it comes to their mental health and what what brought them to that situation whether they're suicidal homicidal in altered states and all that stuff and people look at police officers and and think that we should be able to discern and deal with all of this array of psychological disorders and problems or or emotional problems and a lot of ways yes there there can be some training that's beneficial but at the end of the day I think we have a cultural issue and we're seeing that as it manifests in all sorts of criminal activities that the issue isn't the tools that are involved in the criminal activity but it is what is going on before that that may be culturally we can address or understand better I don't claim to be the the authority on that or offer all of the solutions to that it's just something that I think at least acknowledging is a good start so this is all the body cam footage no other comments from me you guys take it we'll discuss it in the comments if you have follow-up questions or anything else but guys if if this gets to those officers in San Diego beers are on me when I get out there because man you guys handled yourselves well and you looked out for each other there good job all right check out the rest of the footage you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'm trying to break the window out swinging it up [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] code 12 code 12 history we need a unit with a ladder for an extraction stay down but he's in a room suit two doors down on the left 21 they can set up in 2011 ECB and Rolando see if fire can get a rate but you need to get that fucking bar out so we can get him out he can't do these now he's two doors down on the left on the hall he's two down on the left it's two doors [Applause]

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22 thoughts on “Wellness Check Turned Shootout

  1. Thanks guys, the premier was fun to hang out with you for a bit. I didn't monetize this one because of the graphic nature but you can help support my work by trying out Black Rifle Coffee for 20% off with code "mikethecop": http://www.blackriflecoffee.com They are huge supporters of law enforcement and recently donated $5,000 to our non-profit Humanizing the Badge. Good coffee supporting good causes.

  2. I'm confused Mike? Was this an illegal attempt at seizure of one's gun's? Or of the new law that anyone can say anything about you to get you unarmed? And I'm not being a jerk here, I'm asking an honest question because I fear that this is going to be the norm some day soon. I love my police! Don't get me mistaken! But I guess I need to know more of the back story. And by no means do I support this shooter! I'm just asking questions because I don't know all the new laws that have been bantered about? What is lawful these days when it comes to gun seizur? If in fact this is what that was for? I have a hard time believing that it was any other than of good will, but one never knows anymore? Is there a link to the story? I know that I'm late to the party but I do worry about just any dope having the ability to say one word and having crap like this go down needlessly…….. Thanks Mike! That media is a fickle animal these days bud!

  3. These police couldn't get a judge to sign a warrant to get in this man's home .They simply made up an exigency by saying they smelt smoke .They went in illegally and this man was simply standing his ground .Anytime I see a "Wellness check" video , I see cops going in and flat out attacking people with dogs and tasers when they weren't doing anything illegal .Police can simply pull something out of thin air to have their way with people . Innocent people are to often falling victim to terrorism from police .It's gotta stop !People are sick of watching innocent people being framed ,assaulted and murdered in cold blood and police not being held accountable .This wellness check crap is smoke and mirrors for them to enter illegally .

  4. That's how you do a wellness check? Lmao seems like everything is going well….. other than he's a bad aim

  5. The last thing someone who is having a tough time and is having thoughts of suicide needs is fucken pigs busting their doors down. These hotlines with so called counseling are dead right cunts for calling police on people. They are not always bad people with a gun. Cops deserve all they get for violating a persons rights and home. I have no sympathy for cops who think they can go and place someone in handcuffs for confiding in a helpline. Here that lifeline ya Fucken rats 🐀

  6. Just from some of the comments I've read, some of you are missing the point. These officers performed to the highest of there abilities to resolve a dangerous situation, hats off to yea

  7. Well now that was full auto comming from the apartment. Sounded like a fairly high cyclic rate also. Very lucky the subject didint decide to engage the LEOs out side the apartment.

  8. I wish the video started a few minutes earlier, so we could see the cops knocking on the door and asking the guy if he was alright, and telling him someone wanted them to come by and do a wellness check. With the video starting where it does, it looks like they are just breaking into his place, which is a hostile thing by them, which would reasonably be met by resistance by a person inside that doesn't know exactly what is going on. And especially if they may already be feeling unstable. That guy probably feels like he is fighting for his life, and he sort of is at this point. Maybe cops doing a wellness check should have tranq guns for when they need to incapacitate someone they are checking on.

  9. "Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters." – Daniel Webster (Wellness check my ass!!! It's just a way for govt to give themselves permission to break the LAW and violate the Rights of The People. Screw "wellness checks". All cops do is Greatly increase the chance that someone will get harmed or killed.)

  10. I feel it should be law that Fire department should be allowed to carry a side arm. With proper training an procedures of course. This world is way to F***ed up nowadays to be caught with the proverbial pants down. So sad that people who risk their lives to save others have to face such outrageously otrousiouse people. Give a big thanks an a God bless to the men an women who are our first responders…..

  11. Hmmm strange how Like Chicago, California has strict gun laws but some how I believe I hear automatic gun fire maybe binary or bump stock but it didn’t stop anything lol also strange that gun just decided to kill its owner huh

  12. Would like to see BEFORE they started breaking the door down.  If I were sleeping and just suddenly woken by the sounds of someone breaking my door…well…..

  13. ok so no idea if there was or was not a warrant to enter the residance…??? secondly people break someones door down for a wellness check??? realy? so you can see hes well enough to defend himself ..and if no warrant to enter he should have been in his rights to defend himself and his home… but unfortunately no idea if there was a warrant for a wellness check..lol… if not doesnt or didnt he have the right to protect himself? how many times has the police went even to the wrong address search waramt bit not for the correct address ..leading to situations like this…if some gang of theves broke into a policemans hoese with no warrant lol the policeman would have defended himself the same way that man did…so in other words if you dont open the door you just plow it down or pry it open with no warrant to do so? tell the whole story not just what you want everyone to believe…

  14. So why did he bust the door in? Always start it after the fact. I bet these cops had no warent I see a man protecting his person and effects in his home

  15. What's scary is wellness checks are a pretty routine part of police work.
    And in a split second it went from mundane routine to full automatic gunfire; code 3; officer down.
    And people wonder why cops are the way they are.

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