Wellness Works Employee Stretching Video

Wellness Works Employee Stretching Video

hello I'm coach Mike Ginetta today we're gonna focus on stretching the help of her injuries on the job especially out in the field this is an easy full body stretching and one routine that it's less than 10 minutes we'll be stretching the upper body there doing some mild calisthenics before the transition is stretching the lower bodies I've got to city employees with me today you probably may already know what this is Eddie ran and this is Linda Stokes and they have worked at landscape management you guys ready to get started all right let's get to it we're gonna start the upper body then reach your arms out open your chest this is important because I chest gets over tight so everything we do in life is in front of the solar chest as overworked and hold this for about a 10 count I'm gonna turn over we're going to push back pulling into our shoulders and hold that for a 10 count as witness reach out we're gonna arch your backs it's very important to get that good arch so make sure you have nice curvature in your spine reach back and just and then we're gonna pull back elbows back bringing your shoulder blades together you can hold this for about 10 seconds we're gonna transition we're gonna reach out and we're gonna pull back for a 10 count so let's get this and pull three four five six seven eight nine and ten let's reach up interlace your fingers lengthen your spine every time you stand up you should I bet spine nice and lengthen and we're gonna pull up arms back open your chest elbows to elbows back you want to have a nice pull shoulder blades together and dynamically let's reach up let's Circle up and circle down elbows are staying in the same exact place you're rotating your shoulder blades this is gonna work a muscle in the middle of your back and it's really gonna help believe if you have any pain in your upper traps that's gonna help relieve that by strengthening the muscles of your middle traps now we're going to take we're going to transition we're going to bring your arms out just do little circles forwards one two three four five six seven eight nine ten circle back one two three four five six seven eight nine ten a big service back I said yourself right now hey I'm kind of burning but the burner means it's working TM forwards one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten now let's over-and-under swing now we're going to transition we're going to do some neat raise we're gonna transition gonna bring her knees up get those legs nice and loose stop how you guys doing good next one we're gonna bring her legs we're gonna start we're gonna kick back and watch your exercise you're gonna breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth now next exercise we're going to squats now if your knees are like good and healthy I'm gonna do I have let's do a half squat now you're gonna push off your heels knees never go over your toes and if you're feeling froggy you can go into a full squat all right now let's take it let's lengthen our spine put your hands on your knees and you want to take your length and you'll reach through your head link them all the way out through your body you really want to get that nice that nice reaching at my space in between your discs in your spine next we're gonna arch up make it good curvature in your spine again you gonna come down and go to shoulder blades back stomach down this is called cat and cow in yoga posture now we're gonna rotate between you two gonna arch up and come down make sure you're going through and getting good curvature when you come up and good curvature when you come down and just rotate through as your own breath at your own leisure for about good about a good 10 seconds and then you're gonna drop down bring your feet together to a forward bend leg straight fold it your waist grab your toes now we're gonna transition and roll up I'm gonna reach up touch your hips touch your toes up when you come up that's all come up on your toes toes hips it might be perfect at these things but you know the big point is just really getting warmed up getting those muscles nice to your day and that we don't have to have any aches and pains alright let's step out wide fold in the middle get a good stretch put your right leg breathe in left leg you really want to sink into these stretches don't force the stretch but you want to pull just a little bit just give it a little nudge to really strengthen stretch it lengthen that muscle thanks Center we're gonna tell you I'll turn to our left you're gonna bend your left knee you're gonna drop on the inside of that leg drop your shoulders and not your head so just drop your shoulders now it's come back let's turn our right foot and we're gonna drop and beam it right knee we're gonna jump on the inside of that right knee a good Saint good stretch breathe it's back to centre scroll up we're gonna bring our right on over lumpy you know sometimes you don't know your right from your left but as long as you get both sides you're doing okay doesn't matter which side you do first switch sides alright let's come back check them out we're gonna work on our head movement let's start out down it up simple basic a lot of people have neck issues and hit issues these days so it's always good to make sure everything is working in lubricating nice proper facial never going side to side and this makes you dizzy please discontinue nobody needs to fall over because I got as they get dizzy and fall out never run to a bottom circle just do the bottom circle I might hear some crunching and crackling Early's I do I hit alright let's reach your hands out let's take a right hand I'm gonna pull that hand down turn it pinky up they're gonna bring that hand up now let's bring that left hand down let's turn that pinky up now let's turn it palm back alright now let's take my 13 fingers out now if you want this to burn it's doing about a hundred times it will shock and amaze you how teeth this will make your form this is just to get your hands warmed up lubricated in good working fashion alright let's shake them out good warm up that does it for this installment of wellness works special thanks to a dear and and Linda Stokes and how wasn't you guys have a good time if you'd like more information about health awareness go to the CNET and click wellness and be sure to stay tuned for more fitness videos to help you stay strong and healthy if you'd like to participate in one of our videos or have suggestions female Wellness is Charlotte NC gov and thanks for watching and joining this is coach Mike reminding you to be the best you that you can be and that wellness works

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