What About Coconuts, Coconut Milk, and Coconut Oil MCTs?

What About Coconuts, Coconut Milk, and Coconut Oil MCTs?

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100 thoughts on “What About Coconuts, Coconut Milk, and Coconut Oil MCTs?

  1. I love Dr. Greger. It is amazing the depth and complexity of his work, he seems to dig deeper and make more connections than most doctors I have ever followed. I truly appreciate you Dr. Greger for your contribution to humanity. Thank you.

  2. Another video pointing a finger at the firefighter instead of the fire. Waste of energy and likely paid off propaganda.

  3. Being an avid past user of coconut oil, thinking that it was healthy, reading that it was healthy, I suffered a heart condition with high LDL levels. Since that incident I quit all oils and adopted a whole plant based diet the LDL levels dropped from 4.7 to 1.2. The coconut oil industry like the meat and diary industry promote false facts that can kill us.

  4. Major problem. Higher LDL levels arent bad. Not at all. It is the ratio of LDLs to LDL particulates. So high LDL levels arent a problem unless your particulate numbers are also high. So if you have very few particulates and high LDL then you shouls be safe
    But if you have high LDL and and high particulate count, (each LDL particle is small) then you have high risk

  5. so the only study on coconut milk presented was the one where eggs and anchovies were present and the one where we don't know why eating it few times a week raised the risk? it's logical all oil isn't good but i'm still not so sure coconut milk is that bad. and i'd like to know for sure cause i put it in A LOT of dinners i eat.

  6. So how are people doing wonderfully in the ketogenic diet like Dr berg? It is like each channel has their own agenda against different types of foods.

  7. Dr. What about external using the coconut oil? I use it on skin and hair. Is that harmful or Recommended ?

  8. Fat in the blood goes up after eating fat,… Duh.

    Glucose goes up after eating carbs,…. Same thing.

    Both glucose and fat levels drop back to normal after 4 to 6 hours. Just because glucose goes up, doesn't mean you will become a diabetic. In the same way, just because triglyceride levels go up after eating, doesn't mean you will get heart disease. It takes a lot of effort to become a diabetic just like it takes a lot of effort to develop heart disease. Post prandial levels don't mean much. It's the total dietl, eating frequency, deficiencies, healthy carbs vs procrssed carbs, healthy fats vs processed fats, etc. etc. etc.

  9. I could not figure why my cholesterol was so high , I tried everything to get it to drop. My doctor threatened me saying I needed to go on meds for it, my age is 65. I do not eat red meat, pork, no fried food, limited chicken, limited cheeses , ( once or twice a week) . I eat a lot of whole grains, like oat meal , and avoid sugar. It was not until I ran across Nutrition Facts, so I gave up eggs which were range fed organic, I was using coconut milk in my protein shakes, coconut coffee creamer to avoid dairy. Just giving up those two products, in a short period of just 3 months my cholesterol dropped like a rock and my doctor could not believe it . I could not either as I believed I was eating healthy and was using eggs as meat replacement in my diet.

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  11. One of those examples was unfairly represented. He compared pure mct oil to coconut oil for mct content. Pure mct oil would have 50 percent of both types because it's pure mct oil. Watch the graphs and actally look into the studies for the fine details!

  12. What about this study on coconut milk?


    "Conclusions. We conclude that coconut fat in the form of CM does not cause a detrimental effect on the lipid profile in the general population and in fact is beneficial due to the decrease in LDL and rise in HDL."
    (CM = Coconut Milk)

  13. If you look at the last article cited in the video, where it lists coconut oil, it states that there are no prospective studies or randomized controlled trials for cardiovascular disease outcomes. Even the article he mentions about coconut milk and vascular disease is a cross-sectional study based on questionnaires and self-reports. So we don't have good evidence for disease outcomes regarding consumption of coconut products. And disease outcomes are what ultimately matters. Having a high lipid profile in the setting of inflammation (from animal product consumption) may not result in the same outcomes as having a high lipid profile in the absence of inflammation (from coconut product consumption).

  14. I'd like to see a rebuttal done by a researcher or two who know more about coconut oil other than Dr. Greger. It's very easy to twist the information all around and present it in such a way as to be misleading. You can present only the info that you select so as to make the particular point that you want people to believe and delete the evidence that contradict the point you want to make.

  15. The first study you cited on the Polynesian tribe that consumes 60% of its diet from coconut concludes that "there is no evidence of high saturated fat intake having a harmful effect". The inhabits had 0 risk of heart disease.

    Coconut oil is mainly medium chain, nearly 65-70%. You made the assumption that Lauric acid is long chain when it is medium chain. While it has an overall rising effect on cholesterol, it decreases the ratio of TC:HDL which is a good thing. Moreover, stating LDL is bad isn't quite accurate.

    There are two types of LDL (small and large) and the studies that show coconut raising LDL do not indicate it raising the harmful type. Edit: I'd also like to add that you're just regurgitating information spread by the AHA, the same organization that used to promote margarine.

  16. From the Caribbean here. My grandparents and parents cooked and consumed coconut products because the island is rich in it. They also consume animal products from mouth to tail and all the organs in between. My grandparents are well in their late 80’s, zero Alzheimer’s etc. Have all their teeth , cook and do everything for themselves. So I am not buying what your selling. I have my own life long research through my grandparents. The one thing they did not consumed was packaged foods. If they wanted orange juice, they had to Squeeze the fruit. Based on their example if my food comes in a can, in a box. I am not buying


  18. I love some of Dr Greger’s videos but he dwells FAR too much on post meal cholestrol levels and not the real source of heart disease. You can have sky high cholesterol and never get heart disease or you can have insanely low cholesterol and die of a heart attack the issues is when cholesterol starts to penetrate the inner lining of your arteries, a fact that Dr Greger likes to ignore, and that factor is linked to inflammation not total cholesterol levels. The reason he ignores this simple fact is it does not fit the agenda but his approach will not stand up to the rigors of logical debate.

  19. Dr Greger…what is your take on consumption of fresh coconut milk vs cooked coconut milk ? Is cooked coconut milk more harmful? Thank you.

  20. Saying coconut oil is unhealthy and whole coconut is, it would be same like saying olive oil is unhealthy and only whole olives are healthy. LDL is only one of many markers of total health. LDL is not the cause, the inflammation is.

  21. i love dr greger and 99.9% of his videos but being a doctor he is still ofen times on the side of the american heart association. heard it recently and then this again. ldl=heart attack. thats a premise from the american heart association. The AHA is shit though.
    also i want to say its amazing to see a doctor from medicine be so much on the nutrition side of things. I love it and its one of the best things ever. BUT again, the american heart association knows jack shit about most of what they claim.

  22. There is no science in what I'll say, what I have is experience, emperical experience. I'm Filipino and live in one of the coconut producing province of the country. Our diet consists of a high proportion of coconuts from its milk to cook vegetables, its oil to fry (excelent for frying), its young nuts for its excelent coconut water and meat, its dessicated coconut meat for baked products, sweets, macaroons, even coconut meat flour, and VCO for energy and health. We likewise use coconut oil for skin and hair care. In other words we consume alot of coconuts. We had virtually very low incidence of metabolic diseases (diseases of the organs) then. My grand parents died in their 90s yet they really love coconuts. Coconuts were their food and livelihood making and selling copra.

    However, today, our society is being plague with metabooic diseases with the advent of western diets in our food chain. McDonalds, KFC, Wendy's, Shakeys, Pizza Hut, Kenny Rogers and a lot more. Moreover western processed foods have flooded our local markets to the detriment of the health of our population. Western lifestyle, advertisemnets and commercials are what we see everyday and has tremendous influence in the food intake. And has introduced and raised western types of diseases in my country. Its not coconuts and its byproducts that are a health risk. Its the introduction and consumption of western foods that has made my country sick. The west is so great in commercial propaganda.

    What I see is the continuing demonization of coconuts its oil and other byproducts by the likes of the American Soybean Association (ASA), American Heart Association (AHA), American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the likes and the promotion of their products (soy, corn, rapeseed/canola etc oils) and drugs of big pharmas to medicate the diseases caused by these oil through inflamation of arteries and organs.

    I myself had been a victim of western foods. I am 5 feet 5 inches in height and grew to weigh 105 kgs. Had highblood pressure, had a heart condition, high bloodsugar, arthritis, fatty liver, and a host of other condition. Was spending a lot of hard earned money for medication all from western big pharmas. Was feeling so down and bad. Became desprate and decided to change my life. I stopped consuming western foods and went local foods and more coconut products as my grandparents did. Guess what, I lost 33kgs! And did away with all medications. No more statins, losartans, metformins, anti artrithic meds and anti palpitation meds. I'm virtually medication free. I take 2tbsp VCO morning and evening before meals. I've reduced my food intake to half what it used to be but I maintain eating local foodstuff (rice, rootcrops, coconuts, veggies, native chicken and pig) no foods from McDo, KFC, Wendys even doughnuts and breads.

    I'm 66 yrs old and never felt better. I'm enjoying my grandson and awaiting a granddaughter by January 2019. My sons are likewise changing their lifestyle following suit. My wife who's been a victim too is on her way to getting better. Life is turning for the good and better and coconuts are an ever part of our life. God bless you all.

  23. It's really fascinating how the non-keto vegan crowd seems to conveniently ALWAYS refuse to acknowledge that the heart disease discussion is now beyond just "total bad cholesterol" (LDL-C) and has gotten much more specific and varied into Triglyceride count and cholesterol subclasses (sdLDL, apoB). This is the critical piece that it seems the vegan crowd is ALWAYS conveniently ignoring.

  24. Are you mindless
    Lot of using in south Indian (Andhrapradesh, karnaka, kerala thamilnadu)
    We allwage used to oil, powder and milk for every day not for bad.
    Coconut oil is a dicrise the fats also wight loss I think, no knowledge you have about coconut is a best for health don't avoid please

  25. So you're saying that coconut oil being without the fiber of coconuts is the reason for high cardio vascular events in this country? This is not very credible to me, but you are the one making the videos not me.

  26. So adding 5/10 grams of shredded coconut on top of my Oats in the morning will give me Heart disease🤔 I feel like these videos are very informative but will create a lot of anxiety around food & stress people out

  27. Some vegans like myself consume zero cholesterol and very little fat. It was wrong of you not to include a study about coconut milk and plant based diets. The one you included had eggs in it. And you make light of the egg as if all that fat and cholesterol in the egg doesn’t completely alter the results… I agree comparing whole coconut consumption makes little sense so why did you include it? It’s as if you included a study on eating corn when talking about corn syrups. Smh. There was probably plenty more studies from Thailand and other countries that consume coconut milk. Also there are different fat level in coconut milk just like dairy milk. And there is also coconut milk ice cream which has both oil and milk..

  28. Not that you would, but if you had to choose an appropriate oil to go along with a ketogenic diet, what would you choose as the least damaging? Is Extra Virgin Olive better? How about avocado oil? Would that be your best choice?

  29. I was looking for information on BHB Salt supplements and could not find any video's on your channel on the topic. What's your thoughts about Exogenous Ketones/BHB Salt supplements?

  30. For those who are worried about using coconut milk in coffee don’t be! I switched to using coconut milk 4yrs ago and my LDL triglycerides HDL and total cholesterol all NORMAL!

  31. That study didn't test coconut milk, it tested coconut milk eggs and fish. That's not justification for the claim that coconut milk is as bad as a mcmuffin

  32. Coconut oil only not associated with cardiac problems. Infact you are loading with sugar . that's the real problem with you.

  33. @4:50: "… coconut oil is mainly lauric and myristic, which have potent LDL – bad cholesterol – raising effects. Coconut oil should therefore not be advised for people who should or want to reduce their risk of the number one killer of U.S. men and women, heart disease."

    Is this true?
    "Medium chain fatty acids, and especially lauric acid, do a really good job of raising the good HDL cholesterol and lowering the ratio of LDL to HDL, changes which should boost heart health. … The increase in HDL cholesterol induced by lauric acid is higher than the increase in LDL and thus the total cholesterol:HDL ratio was decreased when lauric acid was used to replace carbohydrates"

  34. This is all based on the assumption that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease or mortality of any kind. I don't eat coconut oil, but I'd rather have the whole food high fat traditional local meal than the frosted flakes meal. Sometimes we need to just take a step back and view things from 10,000ft.

  35. I’ll be avoiding it all. After learning oils like Olive oils are basically no nutritional value, it’s best to avoid them all.

  36. But what are we talking about here it's not clear if its hydrogenated coconut oil, or organic unrefined virgin coconut oil, this is very important

  37. I've written off oil, but I enjoy a sprinkle of coconut flakes in a batch of cookies or coconut milk in an infrequent curry. I still have some old oil I used to bake with, and now I put some in my hair before a shower and the results are amaaaaaazing. Cheap af stuff for such a wonderful outcome.

  38. coconut is a plant stop talking about coconut oil and talk about coconut milk a coconut a whole coconut is a good food to consume i dont think its bad for you

  39. Hi everyone I just want to say this this video doesn't make any sense coconuts are a plant it's a type of plant a fruit and as such does have vitamins and minerals you can't just look at the cholesterol in coconut and assume that it's very unhealthy or it's going to cause a negative reaction to your body what I think about coconut milk is that it's very all natural and has many benefits to say that coconut is bad is very stupid so we are all supposed to stop drinking coconut water which is found in coconut and we're supposed to stop and stop making coconut milk which is where you take the flesh of coconut and blend it up with water to make coconut milk what is wrong with having a coconut drinking coconut water or drinking coconut milk it exists in nature I say coconut is natural it grows out of the ground Anything Grows out of the ground and is a fruit then I say it is natural you can have it you can you can consume coconut once in awhile you don't have to make it the center of your diet but coconut is fine in occasional moments.

  40. Thank you for sharing this awesome teaching information on coconut 🥥 oil👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  41. The first diet that he was showing on the island Kitava with the absence of stroke and heart disease was still quite high in coconut. If you look at the table the median intake was 90 – 130 g per 10 Mj (2,388 Kcal). That's about 390 calories of raw coconut meat. On the other table on the island Pukapuka the diet was super imbalanced. First of many of the non coconut calories came from meat and sugar with a complete absence of vegetables and legumes. On the table shown at 3:12 the fast saturated fat meal only had 14 g saturated fat while the local one had 40 g of saturated fat. Not to mention it had an egg and fish and enough of that to supply the same amount of cholesterol as the fast food meal. If both those meals had the same effect (witch they basically did. Actually the fast food meal was even worse) it would imply that the saturated fat in the local meal did not dilate blood flow as much as the first one. I'm not trying to lobby for coconut's. Just saying I would like some further research.

  42. Yeah ? This is the same stuff you said about fat 20 years ago while all the rave was about eating more poison (aka carbohydrates). Most "research" is total BULL FUCKING SHIT that a bunch of "researchers" pull out of their asses. I hardly believe anything these so-called researchers say. The way the guy talks in this video sounds like an ad (an anti coconut oil ad).

    Oh, and the way the guy talks is so fucking annoying. If you want to tell people something that's good for their health, tell them to stop eating pork – that disgusting sewage-like smelling mostly fat poison you call "meat" that is sure to destroy your hear and arteries and make you look like a pig too. But you leave that and pick at coconut oil !!!!

  43. You poor stupid sheeple. You're so dumb and naive that you believe any garbage fed to you by so-called "researchers" ! You really believe all this garbage by this liar ? So, how many of you have stopped eating pork ? I bet none, despite the fact that pig meat is the single most dangerous animal product you can ever consume. How many of you have stopped drinking the poison you call alcohol ? Probably none, too. You idiots can't think on your own and you let others do the thinking for you. If you really care about your health and really want to be healthy, first of all stop eating that shit meat (pork) and stop drinking that poison (alchohol) and then stop eating loads and loads of carbs and sugars every day then worry about coconut oil. You idiots have your priorities all messed up. And better yet, stop eating 3 meals a day and start eating LESS. Eating LESS is the key to a better health and a healthier body. Most of you will eat a whole large pizza with a cup of whatever oil they use on it, a pound of cheese and a pound of meat (usually pork or bacon) and then drink half a 2-ltr bottle of soda and you're worried about a spoon of coconut oil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha. Sheeple are so fucking stupid it never seizes to amaze me.

  44. I, daily, have a can of coconut milk with a smoothie. Should I stop this and just throw in an avocado?

  45. After only 6 days of coconut my dad's dementia improved, he went back to brushing his teeth alone, something he hadn't been able to do for 6 months, he also participated in conversations, he managed to walk and move better, even though his posture is not yet completely correct, it's much better. And can talk properly, while in the last week he had started to talk with nonsens sentences, and he started smiling again, whilie in the last 6 months he was alwasy depressed

  46. Coconut oil does not contain cholesterol. It is very easy to digest and metabolize therefore our liver would not produce cholesterol because of it
    Cococnut oil turns liquid at 76.5 degrees Fahrenheit.
    So there is no reason for it to raise LDL
    I think i beleive the many studies that say it's healthy

  47. Yeeah I've been suspicious of people saying palm oil is deadly (and involves trashing environments) while coconut is any better? Smh

  48. I tried coconut oil a few times under the delusion that it was healthy; every time it gave me a weird headache accompanied by nausea.

  49. There are new studies out there, comparing virgin coconut oil with MCT on humans. The results for cholesterol levels were the same. So VCO is comparable with MCT!

  50. So fibre-bound fat in whole coconuts is ok? But removing the fibre in the production of coconut milk and oil creates something that’s not ok for you?

  51. Costco was sued for claiming that their coconut oil was "healthful", and had to pay damages to consumers on a class action settlement.

  52. We dont do the oil, but we do coconut milk,water, and shreds. Curry, oatmeal, and I LOVE coconut shreds with chocolate. ❤❤

  53. I wonder: suppose there indeed is no connection between high LDL and heart disease. Will all these cholesterol-fighters apologize?
    Suppose LDL is like an ambulance: he's there at every accident, but not the cause of it. You don't blame the ambulance for all the accidents, or do you?

  54. This goes against everything you teach. If a whole food plant based diet is the most healthful, then how can coconuts or its oil be harmful? I will continue to eat and enjoy it and use my intuition, logic and common sense. The cultures that consume the most coconut and coconut oil are far healthier than North Americans who have consumed manmade, artificial junk food for years. Natural fats from coconut, avocado, nuts, seeds and olives do not harm, they heal and are also an essential part of our diet.

  55. Maybe tell Markus Rothkranz…. He and his current partner is peddling their "raw" cookbook filled to the brim with coconut oil recipes.

  56. Darn I drink turmeric milk every night with turmeric, almond milk, pepper, and a 1/2 tsp of organic coconut oil to absorb the turmeric. It helps me sleep, and good for my inflammation…

  57. And how come no one can explain to me why I never get hungry on a low-carb high-fat diet and I’ve lost weight like never before but I try a plant-based vegan diet and I’m always starving nearly as bad and how come no one can explain to me why I never get hungry on a low-carb high-fat diet and I’ve lost weight like never before but I try a plant-based vegan diet and I’m always starving nearly as fast?

  58. Go to Puka-puka and tell the people that coconuts are bad for you and they'll laugh at you. Alzheimer's in an epidemic and the garbage MD treatments of taking anti-amyloid drugs is a horror that accomplishes nothing in outcomes. Do you want your liver to crank out ketones and SAVE YOUR BRAIN or not? The Pukans should laugh. They're dead right to. This unschooled nonsense about "LDL is bad cholesterol" needs to be put to bed already.

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