what i did to get into my nutrition program // DAY IN THE LIFE as a vegan DIETITIAN

what i did to get into my nutrition program // DAY IN THE LIFE as a vegan DIETITIAN

I know this is probably not the best look to start a vlog right now but I normally start my blogs in the car hello good hello hi so I am currently dry and I thought you know what this time let's just try to be a little bit more safe even though I always drive safely anyway hello welcome back to another video another day in my life as a dietitian and also just like as a human being it's so nice to just do whatever I want in terms of exercise and movement so along with doing yoga I love functional movements like with this kettlebell today's vlog is going to consist of probably me going to where it's a half-day for me today I'm gonna go to my friends pinning ceremony because he is becoming an RD soon when he takes his exam but he's graduating with his master's this year just like nurses and pharmacists dietitians also have pinning ceremonies so a new Dietetic student asks a registered dietician to pin him like an honor I guess just passing down the baton but not really because all both of us now are gonna be working but he asked me to be his Pinner also going to see if any of my classmates are there and see if they're willing to offer some words of wisdom to you guys anyway I'm going to fix up my hair dry off get ready drink some water because I've been drinking more water ever since I made the last vlog which if you haven't watched you should watch it I'm drinking more water I'm pretty proud of myself so um you know we're gonna do that also if you're new here I forgot to do my little introduction for new people if you're new here hi hello my name is Amanda I'm a registered dietitian and I also love health wellness fitness veganism and yoga especially so if you like that kind of stuff make sure you subscribe but press that like button and that notification bell so you never miss a video and if you are a returning subscriber hi it's nice to see you guys here I love seeing you guys in the comments it's like oh just gonna go hang out with my friends now in the comments new life okay I'll talk to you guys later all right just finished my half-day and finally getting to my car every time I do one of these vlogs I'm always super ambitious I'm like you know what I'm gonna talk about this this is this and then I forget what I'm gonna talk about had a really nice conversation with one of the other dieticians who just asked me about transitioning to a plant-based diet and what I tell people or how I did it she's not vegan nor she vegetarian but she says that she's been eating a lot more plant-based and she's been feeling really really good on it we talked about the impossible burger beyond burger and how when she tried the impossible burger she didn't even know it was the impossible burger she was like a just a regular burger whatever and then her daughter was like that's a plant-based burger and she was shocked and she was like yeah so now I don't even eat red meat like if I ever crave it then I'll just get the impossible burger but five meals a week five dinners a week it'll be all plant base and just hearing that from another dietitian especially like an older one it is very nice to hear a plant-based diet isn't just something that only hippies do and I thought just carrots and lettuce it's something that is scientifically backed to be one of the most therapeutic most effective ways to deal with things like heart disease diabetes hypertension those are really nice conversation I can talk about plant-based diets all day but it just I love it so much one more thing that I love about being a dietician and working in an office full of dietitians is that thing we always bring oh we just love food so much we always bring an array of a different snacks and things to try and share with each other so today one of my co-workers brought dark chocolate-covered edamame beans and they were so good and there's also dried fruit in the office there's just always nice snacks in there so anyway just make sure it's all beat up I remember just some of the most notable things is trying to execute lunch for 150 people just chef looking at you and saying yeah you got good taking our first steps to the Medical Center and meeting patients for the first time there are a lot of people in our classes besides the ones that I just mentioned but these are the ones that are getting pinned today being pinned by Amanda Sevilla we got isaac knew almost grad one thing I've learned that's probably the most important thing to understand as you're looking to become a dietitian is that the core into how dietitians functions would primarily primarily be based on critical thinking so my biggest advice is that whenever you're in class you learn something keep asking the why question like why is this the answer to this disease state why does this disease State happen why is this the medication I never asked that question the why I just memorize facts and that was good and that really hindered my potential to think outside the box so if I were to go back in time and tell myself one thing it would be exactly the best way to expand your critical thinking skills is to keep your mind open and always always keep asking yourself why is this the answer or why does this happen I wish I knew that I know we were just trying to learn medications and like yeah not right it's like oh yeah what are the things for oh it's been a couple days since the pinning ceremony as well as my friend's graduations and I have no case study for you guys since this kind of graduation themed I thought I would give more information for those of you who want to become a Dietetic students today I'm going to share with you exactly what I did in terms of extracurricular is in order to come to a Dietetic program first of all which Dietetic program did I choose why did I choose it so I went to Loma Linda University it's one of the Blue Zones of the world and I chose this one because one there was a bachelor's and master's combined program that I thought I was gonna go through with but I only went through the bachelors part since I do plan on going to med school later and I was like in I don't want to spend more money in another year on another degree if I'm gonna go to med school so that's my story the first reason why I chose this school is because I thought it was close enough to live and visit my family and far enough so that I can study and concentrate on school I love that the University itself is seventh-day Adventist and that is a branch of Christianity that is vegetarian some seventh-day adventists also eat meat but for the most part it is vegetarian City so they would be way more tolerant and open to vegetarian nutrition vegan nutrition I thought that was really nice to have in my school environment so a lot of Dietetic programs don't really care about what you did in high school for the most part they just care what your GPA was for your prerequisite so that's gonna be like your English your math your science courses humanities and stuff like that so they care what your GPA was for that and then the things that you did outside of high school if you base a graduate student off of what they did in high school it's not really fair and it's not really reflective of who they are because I was a totally different person in high school I felt like I was still a baby when I was in high school I really only started to mature when I was going out of high school and living on my own and like doing my own thing having my own autonomy when it came to studying going out my extracurriculars they really just cared about the GPA that I had I'm just going to share the things that I did well when I went to college I've been volunteering with a group of physicians pas and peon assistance pharmacist it's just this whole group that goes down to Mexico and does free health clinics every first Saturday of the month and I've been doing that since I was a kid since my dad has been involved in it volunteering and doing mission type of work outside of what you're required to do and honestly I did it for the most part because I enjoyed it the school that I went to in particular is actually based on physicians who wanted to do mission work and I felt like this extracurricular really really fit into their mission statement so of course I added that in another extracurricular that I mentioned that I was doing was just being part of a community so for the church that I grew up in we did canned food drives and I think that this is important to mention the school that I was applying to is very faith-based they don't require you to be their religion that they prescribed to they just hope that you would respect it but I know that it fits within their core values to have somebody who has good morale someone who has some kind of faith I kind of highlighted the parts of myself that were parallel with their core values for work experience during college I did work at a restaurant as a barista and also a server at this vegan cafe so I put that down and then I also put down that I had volunteered like painting houses with like a community over there because I did that a couple times and I think every little thing counts and then I also worked as a food attendant attendant in a catering service a lot of nutrition school a lot of Dietetic school focuses on food service just because that's somewhere that our DS might end up going a lot of classes do focus on again food service food service management food service business finances and while it might seem like am I going in for degree in business or nutrition and dietetics it seems like it won't really count but it definitely does they'll show them that you have experience in these things that you will end up going into learning anyway so when I was applying for Nutrition and Dietetics I was still new with this channel I still didn't have very much going on with it I was active with it but I kind of funk embarrassed to put that oh like I'm also a blogger because I was scared that they would go onto my page and see with what I'm posting looking back I think it would have been okay just because the things that I were posting were already geared toward health and wellness and they would see that I'm passionate about it but I actually didn't want to share it because again I was embarrassed about it or what if something was there that I didn't know that they would pick up on and not want me there if you are a blogger you do have a social media page where you do talk about health and wellness and you've helped a lot of people and it's something that you could actually show for I think it would be a great thing to add like for my job resume as a clinical dietitian I actually put down apples and Amanda's like my youtube videos as well as my Instagram page just because I do talk about health and wellness and I think it is really pertinent and now I'm sure that the stuff that I put on is pretty appropriate and it wouldn't put a bad mark on an institute should someone else find it and be like what she's representative of this university or this company so those are the things that I added to my extracurriculars if you take anything from this the biggest thing would be volunteering for something that has to do with health and something that has a bigger more like purpose and a louder meaning and then another thing is just making sure that your prerequisite GPA especially for science is pretty high I would say at least a 3.5 but then again people have been accepted with lower GPAs just because their extracurriculars were so high or they just showed a really really huge passion for this area of work I hope this was informational and helpful for you please let me know if it is and if any of you guys are already Dietetic students or you've graduated from a Dietetic program please leave in the comments the things that you've done that I've not only helped spruce up your CV or your resume but I've also helped you become a more well-rounded Dietetic student if you have any of those any of those suggestions please leave them in the comments below for other people to read I hope you're having a wonderful morning noon day or night wherever you are and I'll see you next time bye hello guys I hope you enjoy that video if you like what you saw going smash that like button come and subscribe go ahead and hit notifications to be the first to be notified when the next video is coming up and we'll see you in the next one peace

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  1. for the record…. i prefer people pronounce it "se-vee-ya" and not "suh vill uh." gotta feel fancy and sophisticated every chance i get ok? ok love u

  2. I heard that the difference they tried in the impossible burger, is to recreate 'blood' (hemoglobine or something?) that's why it tastes so real. Cool right?

  3. hey amanda,

    i‘m anna and i gratuade next year from school and after that i really want to study nutritional sciences in germany. i am now vegan for almost a year and the question i ask my self what to do with people who eat meat and totaly don’t want to change that..
    germans eat a lot of meat in a year.

    what are you doing with them?

    love your channel so much 🥰
    xo anna

  4. Hello! I will be graduating soon from a Dietetics program but feel like im not confident with the knowledge that I have. What advise could you give me?

  5. Is your goal eventually to be an MD? I’m going to get my bachelors in Dietetics, but I think I want to master in something else, and get my doctorate and PHD in something else. I don’t think I want the pressure of being a doctor though. Such a hard decision to make. I still have a couple years to decide but..man I’m stressing out already.

  6. Hi Amanda, I just discovered your channel and am a new subscriber. I'm currently in school working towards getting a degree in Nutrition. Would you be able to help me differentiate between a RDN and RD? Thank you so much!

  7. What’s your advice for someone who already has there B.A. in Business Administration ? I’m in the corporate world but have always been super interested in nutrition. I’m considering going back to school for it but I’m unsure what route to take considering my undergrad. Any input is welcome ❤️

  8. So happy you uploaded!!!
    Has anyone else ever told you you sound a little like Doja Cat?
    Also, ISAAC 😋 like that hair …
    + hate when people don’t pronounce your last name right

  9. U read the book by the former first "lady" at 2.30. Don't be fooled by "her" or by anyone in government, Hollywood, music. Truthful spirit blue heron, quantum of conscience, mag bitter truth channels. Anyway, I appreciate your vids.

  10. I’m a new subscriber and i loooove your videos! I’m studying nutrition to get into dietetics myself so the info you share is so helpful. Thank you giiiiirl 💛

  11. I'm currently a dietetics student! I'm going to graduate with my undergrad in December and then I have to start working on dietetic internship applications because I'm not in a combined program. But I have two big tips for future or current dietetics students:

    1. Food service jobs are awesome and still look amazing to dietetic internships, but I would say that even while you're working at a food service job (or any other job), look for anything that might be a little more related to dietetics specifically. I recently got a job as a dietary assistant at an eating disorder clinic, and everyone that I work with (RD's included) has told me that this job is going to get me into an internship for sure. I previously thought that any dietetics job would require being a diet tech or something, but the only things this job required was ServSafe and CPR certification. To sum it up, don't count anything out!
    2. Form relationships with your professors! Odds are that all of your dietetics professors are going to be RD's as well, and they will be great references for you down the line. The best way to form relationships is to participate in class. This shows them that you care, that you're passionate, and it could initiate deeper conversations with them later. 🙂

    GOOD LUCK to any current or future dietetics students out there! I love coming to Amanda's channel and seeing this whole community of people who want similar things out of life as me, and I wish all of you the absolute best. 🥰

  12. Could you do anymore “superfood” highlights or anything new you’re trying/ testing/ learning about? Like perhaps, spirulina? Also recipes? Of course when you get a chance. Love you and your channel😊thank you for spreading the messages you do.

  13. Please do a tattoo tour! Each video I notice a new one and they’re all so cool. Hope you’re having a wonderful day, thank you for being you, you’re a great human

  14. I came because of Miles’ video and I can’t believe I didn’t subscribe sooner omg you’re awesome and like really beautiful btw

  15. I'm a new subscriber and I absolutely love your channel! I am in school now to become an RD so this is truly inspiring….. Especially on the days I want to say NO MORE HOMEWORK Lol

  16. Hey Amanda, so I graduated college back in 2017 with a B.A. in Criminology and had the intentions to go to law school…long story short, I bailed out on that path after working at a law firm and realizing being an attorney wasn't my cup of tea. Now, I'm trying to change my career to become an RD and I'm currently taking prereqs for a coordinated master of nutrition program while working full-time as a paralegal for an immigration law firm. Do you think it is necessary for me to also include volunteer work with nutrition related organizations or even switch my job to working at a hospital as a dietary aide to have a better chance of getting into a dietetics program? I appreciate any insight or advice from you. Thank you!

  17. I appreciate you making these videos so much!! I’ve always wanted insight into vegan dieticians, and simply dieticians alone!! Please keep it coming ❤️❤️

  18. Your last vlog made me think about how much water I was drinking. It’s something I’m always pretty good about but you know we go through phases!!

  19. ‘I know this probably isn’t the best look to start my vlo-‘
    um, you are wrong best intro look to date

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