Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video, I’m going to be showing you what I eat in your average day, because I haven’t
done a video like this in ages and you guys always seem to really like them.
I’m also trying to be super healthy at the moment. I’m trying to lose a few pounds, and
I’ve also started running. I’ve been running now for seven weeks. I have made a whole video
about how I got started. So if you’re interested in that, I will link that down below as well.
But I’m just trying to be careful. I’ve always been quite healthy, but in my 20s, I could
eat or drink anything I wanted and stay the same. But now that I’m in my 30s, I really
do feel that the weight just sticks to me and wants to hang on, which is really annoying.
But I’ve had to change a few things. I am counting calories, which, I know some people
get really angry when I say that. But for me, I just feel like it’s something I have
to do. I just use an app to log what I’m eating, and then I can also add in what I’m doing
exercise-wise, and then I can just work out if I’m eating the right amount of calories
to maintain or to lose weight. So yeah, so this is going to be a healthy
one, and I hope you really enjoy it. If you do, give it a thumbs up, and I’ll know to
make more videos like this. And if you’re new, I would love for you to subscribe. And
let’s go, start out with breakfast. Right, so for breakfast this morning, I am
poaching two eggs. I just put some boiling water in a pan, put the two eggs, and then
I put a lid on. And I literally have it on, on quite a low heat, for not long. Now, they
look ready, but they’re still soft. So that’s what I want. And then I’m going to have one
piece of toast. Then I’m going to add on some salt and pepper, and that is going to be my
breakfast, along with a giant coffee. This is the one that we have. It is the Nescafe
Azera. It’s just instant, but we really like it. So yeah, so this is my breakfast. And
eggs should be perfect. For lunch today, I’m trying to be healthy,
so I’m having a cooked chicken breast with some rocket, which has balsamic, also some
salt and pepper. These are baby plum tomatoes, and I’ve also got some cold beet root as well.
I love beet root. And when I was little, I used to rub it all over my lips, and so I
looked like I had lipstick on. So yeah, like them.
And then, with my water intake, I have some water here with a lemon enhancer in it. This
is one of those bottles that tells you how much you need to be drinking by when. So it’s
about 1:30 now, and I am really slacking. I needed to drink all of this by about 12:00.
So I need to drink this. And I actually have a bit of a headache, and I think it’s because
I’ve not really been drinking enough today. So I’m going to try and down that, and then
fill it up again, because I do need to have a whole nother one today as well. So yes,
this is my lunch. See? It’s like a nice red tint. That’s what
I used to do when I was little. Matt is like, “What are you doing?” No? People want to see this? [inaudible 00:03:07]. It’s also a beauty hack. Please don’t subscribe. Right, so it’s snack time now, so I’m going
to have a caramel Snack Jack. I love these rice cakes. And they’re just 51 calories per
cake, but I’m going to bump that up with some almond butter. I love this little snack. It
tastes like such a treat. And I also had a cup of tea, but I’ve literally just finished
it. So, yeah. It’s dinner time now, and tonight we’re having
a stir fry because it’s so quick to make and also really healthy. So the kids are actually
having leftovers, so they’re not going to have this. Frasier would eat a stir fry. He
loves soy sauce, and he would really like this. But the two little ones probably wouldn’t
eat this very well. So Matt and I are going to have this. All that I’m putting into it
is stir fry veggies and a meat-free pieces. And we’re going to have it with noodles as
well. I have actually shared this recipe before in a video. So I’ll link that down below or
I’ll write how to make it. Super quick. It takes like 15 minutes to make in total.
So I’ll just show you. I’m just frying up the stir fry veggies and also the little meat-free
pieces. I really like them because you can cook them from frozen. They just take 12 minutes
to cook. They’re super healthy. And I really like the texture. And they also soak up whatever
sauce you put in it. And I just think they’re really yummy. So I’m going to do that.
And then we’re also having some Singapore style noodles. And you can fry these as well.
So once this is all done, I’m going to fry these with them, and then all I’m going to
do for the sauce is some soy sauce. And for my drink with dinner, I am still trying to
get through my second one of these. Right, so for pudding, I’m having some fat-free
Greek style honey yogurt. I’m having about 100 grams, which is about 90 calories, but
it’s so delicious. It’s like ice cream. And then I’m having some blueberries and strawberries
on top. Right, so that was it for this video. I hope
you enjoyed seeing what I ate today. And I hope it gives you a few ideas or a little
bit of inspiration on other things that you could try as well. If you liked this video,
give it a thumbs up and then I’ll know to make more foodie videos like this. But thank
you so much for watching, and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye, guys.

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  1. nice healthy ideas! I agree calorie counting is the way to go, its an easy way to portion control without realizing it!

  2. Is the toy story giveaway going to be announced as I thought it was meant to be on 7th June loved the video ,great channel

  3. I needed some healthy eating inspiration. I'm breastfeeding my 3rd baby who is a little chubby girlie, and no wonder! Been munching on sweets and pizza since I had her! Just can't end those cravings! I do eat fruits, veggies, nuts but boi oh boi…If there's pizza, pasta or burgers, chocolates, cakes sweets…COUNT ME IN! Yeah…my back yard (if ya know what I mean) is not looking good 😂😂 ❤️

  4. I love these videos from you! It is great inspiration👍it looks delicious 😍 Also…what app do you use to count calories? 🤔

  5. Thanks for the inspiration Emily. I’ve started running again after seeing you and Katie Ellison doing so well. And I’m trying to eat better too. I love those rice cakes too! 🏃‍♀️👏🤗 x

  6. This was great! I would love to see more videos like this! I would also like to see more videos of what Jackson eats in a day, as I also have a toddler at home and I tend to just give her the same meals all the time so it is interesting to see what other people give their toddlers!

  7. I always forget to buy rice cakes!!! (I’m going to add them to my basket now for my online delivery) thanks for the reminder! 🤗

  8. Which almond butter do you have? I bought one from Lidl and it was disgusting really awful if I imagine what engine oil tastes like….it would be the Lidl one.

  9. I also love greek yoghurt with honey and fresh fruit! 😋😋😋 ah, and I love eggs when they are soft inside! 😉👍😁 Love your videos! 😍 And congrats for the healthy lifestyle! 👏👏👏

  10. I started calorie counting but i slowly became obsessed and would always try to have less calories then the day before it led to an eating disorder but im all good now and i know most people dont become obsessed so i hope you dont, love you loads <3 xxx

  11. For your poached egg you need to do it in a bigger (deeper) pan with more water. Just thought I’d let you know. Good on you for staying healthy!! Love your videos and family!

  12. Do you use my fitness pal? I love when you add your workout in and you can be like sweet extra (whatever food) for me! Usually its desert for me 👀

  13. stir fry looks delicious, its interesting to see you count calories.. I instinctively like to add up calories but I know lots of people advise against it. How many calories per day do you aim for? 🍎💋

  14. Love your videos! Been working on me lately. Love seeing other moms trying to take care of themselves as well.

  15. Love poached eggs 😍
    Those bottles are great aren’t they!? It’s surprising how much I think I’ve drank then I look at my bottle and realise I actually haven’t had nearly enough as I thought haha!
    Don’t know if you like salmon but I love two poached eggs, a salmon fillet and asparagus! So yummy 😋 one of my fav dinners.
    Thank you for sharing xxxx

  16. What other mom thought their toddler was talking to them when little Jackson's voice came on during the yogurt part!! I actually checked the baby monitor to make sure my toddler wasn't up and talking!! 😂😂😂

  17. Hi ! I really love your channel ❤️😘 I am a mom to 2 boys and i enjoy watching your videos specially cleaning routines. Thank you very much you helped so much to organize my time ✨love you 😘😘

  18. Thank you, would love to see what you eat in a week. I am also trying to loose weight after my third child. Not easy 😢😊

  19. I love your videos. But as an influencer I really don’t think posting “what I eat in a day’ are helpful. You have an audience that will potentially copy what you do, ask you about your calorie intake and you are not qualified as a nutritionist or dietician.

  20. I love when you do these. What works for you and what works for others can be different. But these videos always inspires me to try new dishes or combinations for me AND my little girl. As always, thank you!

  21. Well done for eating a meat free dinner. Healthy and delicious. You are definitely one of my fav mummy bloggers

  22. Great video email, I love these style of videos. People prefer to calorie count as it works for them. I too have started eating healthier and my daily food intake looks similar to yours. I think ill gvie the natural Greek yogurt honey a try with some fruits. Do you do any work outs at home you could share a video

  23. I get bored of food so easily so love watching your food videos !!! Can I ask a question about the fat free yoghurt ! I was told stay away as they are low in fat but high in sugar that’s turns to bad fat !? Any clue if it’s better to have good fats from yogurt ? I’m crap at counting calories 😂

  24. Would you ever do the Cambridge diet again? I feel like thats the only way I can lose weight! Going into ketosis. Calorie counting is soo slow for me! You look great, its all definitely working xxx

  25. Hello Emily thank you for this another video. It's such a nice inspiration to me to eat better to loose my baby weight. Hugs

  26. When I saw this I panicked because I thought you were going to say something like “mmmm I really enjoyed my half a sultana and stir fried air” but these meals are all sensible and substantial thank you so much for the inspiration hun you look amazing already beautiful but I understand wanting to feel better health wise x so proud of you hun 🙂

  27. I am doing the keto diet . Starting to . I have also tried to be vegetarian but I keep changing my eating habits. And I use a gallon size glass milk jar or mason jar to keep track of my h2o intake 👍😀 sugar is what puts on the weight not fat. That’s why so many people that are trying to lose weight and be healthy and reverse disease are switching to keto diet. I highly recommend it for everyone. Also intermittent fasting along side that can help boost weight loss. Intermittent meaning eat for 8 hours and fast for 12 hours or eat for 12 hours and fast for 8 hours in a day.

  28. Hi Emily, love these what I ate in a day videos. Would also like an update on how your running is going. You are motivational, inspirational and just a very lovely person. Thanks for sharing your progress with us. Love to all xxx

  29. Great video Emily! U should try salt and vinegar snackajacks with whole earth smooth peanut butter, might seem like a weird combo but it's lovely, also muller light toffee yogurt, banana and crumbled up rich tea biscuits, like a healthy banoffee. Great food inspiration n easy to make food too! Xx

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  31. Hello, Emily! I just wanted to say, thanks for your beautiful smile and useful advices 💐💐💐💐💐

  32. Hello, Emily! I just wanted to say, thanks for your beautiful smile and useful advices 💐💐💐💐💐

  33. Hi Emily… just wondering you said a while ago that you would like to achieve a weight of 8st 7…. has that been possible for you? After having my 4th child 19 months ago I have finally got back to 8st 7 myself by joining slimming world…but now I am straightening and toning through workouts as my sister has just recently qualified as a PT! lol 👍😁

  34. Thanks for sharing this Emily I defo needed the tips right now to help me get back on track 💜

  35. Hi. Thanks for sharing. Just a quick question. Can breastfeeding mum follow this diet?? My baby is 7 weeks old. Thanks ❤❤

  36. Ah, love these videos, although I have to say i've had a bit of a breakthrough with my eating, I just couldn't face calorie counting with being a busy Mum, and tried intermittent fasting and WOW, the results have astounded me. I only eat between 12.30 pm and 8.30 pm, which suits me so well because I run around like a headless chicken in the mornings and only ate because I felt I had to. I also snack on some naughty things when my daughter is in bed and i've lost 4 lbs in two weeks! Obviously one should manage their health sensibly, but for me, if I can eat chocolate and lose weight, i'm a happy momma , you look beautiful as always Emily xx

  37. If you want to lose weight then I think you should go vegan or vegetarian and it is way better for you and the environment

  38. Great video Emily, need more of these. Good beetroot beauty hack! 😂 How do you keep your teeth so white considering you drink both coffee and tea? 😍❤️

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  40. When I want to be more healthy I try to not eat any sweets and eat a ton of yogurt and lean meats and veggies.

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