What I Eat In A Day | Meals, Snacks, & Workout Full Day Of Eating

What I Eat In A Day | Meals, Snacks, & Workout Full Day Of Eating

What’s up, guys? I’m Brian Sacawa, you’re
watching He Spoke Style, and today I’m talking about what I eat in a day. So this video has been requested many, many times. And it’s kind of interesting to me
because my channel is pretty much men’s style, watches, and fragrance here and
there. I have done one workout video before. It was actually a running video
where I was doing a six-mile negative split run. But, anyway, I think
it’s a good topic because a lot of what I talk about is geared towards the idea
of “if you look good you feel good.” But there is another part to that because
just dressing well doesn’t mean that you’re going to be healthy or in shape.
And health is something that I think is really key to sort of putting all of
those pieces together. At least in my case, if I’m not eating well,
overindulging, eating out too much, falling into some bad habits, I really
notice it in my body and that definitely affects how I feel about myself. And like
everything you want to go well in your life, exercise and nutrition definitely
take that same level of commitment to really get right. Now, exercising and
eating well have been a part of my life for a long time. If you’ve followed He Spoke
Style for a while, you’ve definitely heard me talk about my years as a
bicycle racer. And that was the time that I really dialed in and kind of
honed my knowledge about eating well, nutrition in general, and basically
fueling the body for what we want to accomplish. I don’t participate in any
sport at the elite level anymore, but I still remain very committed to staying
fit, eating well, and just generally leading a healthy lifestyle. So in the
future, if you want to hear me talk about my workout routine, definitely let me
know in the comments. But, for now, we’re going to get on to what I eat in a day. So,
I’m going to break this video up into sections. Going to start with meals–
breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then, I’ll talk about the snacks that I have
throughout the day. And then, finally, I’ll talk about workout nutrition–what I use
to stay fueled during my workouts, my recovery drink, and supplements that I
take. Now, one caveat of this video and about everything that I tell you in this
video, is that I am NOT a doctor. I’m not a nutritionist. I have no kind of
certification when it comes to this stuff. This is what I do. And this is what
works for me. So starting with breakfast. Actually, before breakfast, the first
thing that I do almost immediately after waking up is to drink a big glass
of water. Probably about 16 ounces. Staying hydrated is one of the most
important things you have to do throughout the day. And I drink tons of
water every single day. I don’t drink sodas. I don’t drink juices or
anything with sugar in it. Just pretty much water all day long. So, back to
breakfast now. I had been eating a bagel with peanut butter and a banana, but
maybe about two months ago I moved away from that. The bagel, peanut butter, and
banana was my breakfast of choice when I was a cyclist. I needed those
carbohydrates for fuel. But now I really don’t need that same level of carbs. And
I was finding that the bagel was making me start off the day kind of feeling a
little bloated. So what I moved to was another breakfast that I used to eat as
a cyclist. And it’s basically oatmeal and egg whites. More specifically I call this
power oatmeal. So, it’s 1/2 a cup of oatmeal, 1/2 a cup of blueberries, 1/4
cup of chopped pecans, and 2 tablespoons of raisins. It’s such a good combination.
The raisins give it just the right amount of sweetness. And it’s very
filling. Now, along with that, I have 1/2 a cup of egg whites. I just cook these
in a pan, fold it over, put some Tabasco sauce on it. And with breakfast I always
have an espresso. Moving on to lunch. Now, lunch is not my
favorite meal of the day and for a long time I actually didn’t eat lunch. But
since I’ve been a lot more regular with exercising, I definitely found myself
needing those extra calories. I don’t eat a lot for lunch and I typically keep it
very simple. And, I mean like, really simple. So we’re talking like a chicken
breast and some broccoli. Maybe some rice. Maybe some potatoes. But typically not.
Every once in a while I will have a sandwich. Turkey sandwich on a sandwich
thin, one piece of cheese, and some spicy brown mustard. That’s it. That is my lunch.
On to dinner. So, we actually subscribe to Blue Apron. This is not sponsored by Blue Apron
in any way. I’ve actually been using Blue Apron since like 2014, maybe. I like it
because I like cooking but I hate going to the grocery store. And I hate making
up recipes too. Blue Apron is great because not only do you get complete
meals with, I would say, pretty decent recipes, but you also get the exact
amount of everything that you need. This, to me, is brilliant. and it’s very
economical because I can’t tell you how many times in the past I found a good
recipe online that I wanted to make, but it has like one or two ingredients that
I don’t have, but that you only need a pinch of. And then you end up buying a
whole bottle of something, or an expensive spice, and then you never use it again
and it’s a complete waste. Never have that problem with Blue Apron. The meals
are quite good. They’re very balanced. You actually put in your preferences and
then go through and choose what meals you’d like to receive that particular
week. So that is to say that dinners for me three times a week are Blue Apron and
always something balanced like you would get from a Blue Apron meal. After dinner
I do have my one vice and that is I have two squares of Lindt dark chocolate. 85%.
80’s too sweet. 90’s too bitter. Okay, so that was breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now, there
are those intervals between meals that I do get hungry and that’s where my
snacks come in. I always have a snack mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and then
probably about an hour so before I go to bed. I have basically two or three
different kinds of snacks that I eat. And they are either a cup of Greek yogurt–
I prefer Fage zero percent. Sometimes, in addition to the yogurt, I’ll also add in
a Clif Bar at the same time. I like peanut butter Clif bars. And then, the
other snack that I will have is a handful of raw almonds. Now let’s talk
about workout nutrition, staying fueled during a workout, recovery drink, and
also supplements that I take. So, I do have a personal trainer. His name is Rick
Kattouf. He was my nutritionist and strength coach when I was a cyclist. And
now that I do just kind of general fitness, we work together on that. And I
mention that because he does have a line of nutrition products and
supplements that I use for my workouts and post-workout recovery. Again, this
video is not sponsored by anyone, but I did mention to Rick that I was going to
talk about his stuff and he graciously offered to provide a discount for both
his training services as well as his nutrition products. And if you’re
interested in that or learning more about them, I’ll put the link and the
codes down below in the description. So it’s very important that you stay fueled
for your workout. A lot of people work out to lose weight and they think they need
to stop eating in order to do so. Now, in order to lose weight, you do need
to burn more calories than you consume. But you have to stay fueled for your
workout so you have the energy to actually do it. Now, one of those ways is
to consume calories as you are working out. The drink that I make consists of one
scoop of the Team Kattouf Sustain, which is just straight-up maltodextrin. To that,
I add two scoops of KAT-1, which is a creatine powder. And one scoop of the
Team Kattouf Ferocifire Xtreme, which has a bunch of vitamins, other stuff, and a
little bit of caffeine in it. So all those scoops of stuff are just mixed
together with water in a blender bottle. Post-workout recovery. Just as important,
if not more important, than eating well and staying fueled for your workout. So,
for this, I make a shake. And that consists of 8 ounces of oat milk,
1/2 a cup of frozen blueberries, 1/2 a cup of oatmea,l one scoop of protein
powder–I use the Pro Voltage 10x from Team Kattouf–and then a tablespoon of peanut
butter. A little bit more water just because I don’t like a super thick shake.
And then just blend it all up and it’s perfect. Now, supplements. I do take some. I
take a one a day vitamin in the morning. Pre-workout, I also take the Team Kattouf
High-Output, which offers nitric oxide support. And then post-workout, I take the
Team Kattouf Athletes Aminos, which helps muscles repair and also speeds recovery.
So that’s it. That is what I eat in a day. I am very regimented so I stick to this,
or something like this, a lot of the time. The biggest thing to take away from this
in terms of what I eat, is more of what I don’t eat. I don’t eat a lot of sugar. I
don’t eat a lot of bread. I try to keep things very balanced and tailored to
what my body needs to perform what I’m asking it to do. Robin and I do go out to
eat. I indulge every now and then. But a rule of thumb for life, in general, is
everything in moderation. Leave your comments below. Thumbs up if you liked
this video. Hit that subscribe button. And until next time, thanks for watching and
stay tailored.

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44 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day | Meals, Snacks, & Workout Full Day Of Eating

  1. Hi, What do you think of Keto? I was struggling with Diet for the last, let's say 8years? Last year I tried Keto and I dropped 10kg in 2.5 months. Now I am back to my normal carbs diet and I am still not gaining any weight. Love to hear your thoughts.


  2. Interesting video! Just my two cents on different subjects;
    1. For losing weight: when you are at a certain weight, it doesn't matter what you start with, just start! I think the hardest part for me was just trying to stick to a program. Once things start slowing down, then I guess you will need a lot more research or professional advice.
    2. Cooking with what's left is very fun for me! However having cooking as a hobbie and dieting hasn't been the best two hobbies to enjoy at the same time.

  3. Far more healthy than what my schedule looks like. Truthfully, I don't have a schedule, I eat what ever I feel like having at the moment. I maintain approx. 150 lb. with a little exercise now and then. I say all of this but I should mention that I am 33 years older than you, so all things considered I think I am doing pretty well. I also, went back to work, as I was bored with the retirement gig. I find the physical and mental challenges to be so rewarding and hope to continue for at least five years.

  4. Nicely done with good, factual information. Thank you.
    But…… you did seem to gloss over dinner the other 4 nights of the week…….errr, Popeyes fried chicken or just drinking Jager? 😉

  5. Amazing discipline and advice to come back to. I'd certainly enjoy more fitness/health content. It's so interesting to see how eating habits differ culturally!
    Being in my early 20s, I can just eat what I like—I don't gain weight, that's a blessing and a curse. Though I should add that I'm keeping my meals healthy and visit the gym. And as soon as my metabolism changes, I'll be ready. Thanks as always—whatever you put out, it's enjoyable and thoughtful, Brian.

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  13. Great video and I would like more details on your gym workout (and how you make your breakfast and pack your lunch). I imagine as an ex athlete you have the discipline to maintain routines that a lot of others won't.

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