What I Eat in a Day (to Lose Weight) on the Eat to Live Nutritarian Diet // 3 Meals + RECIPES PDF

What I Eat in a Day (to Lose Weight) on the Eat to Live Nutritarian Diet // 3 Meals + RECIPES PDF

hey guys Cheri from the Watering Mouth I’m out
here doing a totally impromptu video today I don’t often do these kinds of
videos but I wanted to because I’ve been traveling for a few days we just got
home yesterday and I didn’t have a video ready to go for this week so I thought I
would just do a nice quick impromptu one because I got something to say well the
first thing I want to say is that the reason I was traveling was because I was
going to an event for my life coach school and I also just got certified you
guys I’m so excited check this out certified life and weight coach by the
life coach school I’m so proud this I honestly feel like
is the most amazing life coaching school in the world the programs and the I have
used a lot of these techniques in my recent weight loss and consistency
workshop people loved the techniques they’re really starting to feel like
they’re changing from like the inside out of how they think using these
techniques so that I’m really excited to be able to start to bring more of this
kind of stuff to you guys in the future so I was at an event in Dallas for my
life coach school and didn’t have time to do a video so I thought I would just
do something impromptu today about what I am having today to eat now I’m always
talking about protocol I’m always talking about planning ahead I think
that planning ahead what you’re gonna eat for that day is the most important
thing that you can do as a healthy eater as someone who wants to eat healthy
forever as someone who wants to lose weight and keep it off forever
if you really want consistency one of the best things that you can do is to
plan ahead so I just wanted to show you today how I plan ahead and what I’m
specifically doing today this is how I always plan ahead by the way I don’t
really do anything super fancy I usually just do it on a little sticky note like
this like you can actually see another one that I did from last week right
there I will just take a second empty my brain of what I think I can eat that day
and then then I just have it not follow the plan so this is what I’m having
today this is what I’ve planned for the day now
to take you into the kitchen and show you so here’s what this is I have been
doing intermittent fasting lately most of the time but I don’t do it exactly
how dr. Fuhrman says he’s always saying that the best type of internet
intermittent fasting that you can do is to eat early and finish your meals early
so like be done eating around 3 4 or 5 p.m. for the night I don’t find that
very easy with just the way that my daughter is scheduled is in my work
schedule so what I do instead just because it works for me not because it’s
necessarily optimal but I’m saying this note to you guys because I want you to
know that this is what protocol is this is finding something that works for you
you don’t have to follow every single rule exactly the way dr. Fuhrman says it
or the way anyone else says it we just have to find what works for us for our
schedules or whatever so this is how I do it because I have more willpower in
the morning because it’s easier for me to not eat junk in the morning and it
gets harder for me around 3:00 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. I hold off on eating until
noon that um that takes willpower in itself and sometimes it’s not easy
because I do get hungry earlier but I just find it’s way easier to stick to my
healthy food if I do that then if I eat earlier and that’s just so it’s working
for me right now it’s kind of I kind of have always done this a little bit at
least wait till 10:00 or 11:00 to eat because I usually don’t need to eat
until that early but now I’m really trying to start at noon and it’s really
been helping me to maintain my weight actually um so I wanted to share that
because I want you guys to think of the way that you eat and the choices that
you make about food to be things that work for you and I don’t want you to get
caught up on the details okay so I’m gonna show you what my details are as
far as how I’m planning my meals so I plan to eat at noon then I plan to eat
around 3:00 or 4:00 and then I will maybe have something around 7 or 8 I do
this because I love having three meals a day I don’t like to usually have just
two meals at least lately like sometimes I’ll do that but now I’m on three meals
a day and I’m doing it because I really like to eat every few hours no that’s
not what duck Herman would say he would say wait at
least four or five hours in between meals things like that but for me this
is what’s working right now so this is what I’m doing okay
please take this advice to heart do the thing that works for you personally and
don’t worry about all the little like optimal things okay so here’s what I’m
doing I’m doing 12 p.m. is my first meal which is oatmeal
now today I’m changing my protocol a little bit to see what happens because I
have gained a few pounds in the last six months or so like about five pounds my
super super happy weight is 115 my nutrit arian weight is like 110 I’m five
two and a half my nutri terian weight is like 105 to 110 I don’t think I want to
get anything below 110 but I would love to be 110 to see how it looks on my body
if I feel comfortable at that way or whatever so I’m kind of always moving
towards 110 115 was kind of my happy weight where I feel great and I would be
happy to just stay there forever too but right now I’m at about 123 so I’m
wavering between 120 and 125 right now my happy weight is about 5 pounds below
that and I really kind of want to be 110 just to see where it is just to see what
that’s like I don’t think I would ever go below 110 I just don’t think it would
look good I’m a pretty muscley person and so that’s kind of where I’m at on
the whole weight thing and what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to finally
get over my addiction to grains and my addiction to well just grains in general
right I feel like I’m at a place now with the mindset techniques that I have
that I use and that I teach that I’m at this place now where I really want to
start experimenting with this I want you to think of it like as if I was to put
the most addictive thing in front of myself and want to be able to just get
used to being around it and it being okay now so I’m actually putting grains
into my diet now to see not to see because I know I can but I want to be
able to lose weight while eating them and not shy away from them I want to be
able to have them in my diet and just have some grain some nuts and seeds or
whatever because I used to always do way more nuts and seeds and no grains
because grains were such a trigger for me and now I want to just do it kind of
even where I have some grains I have you know some nuts and seeds and a little
bit of this and a little bit of that according to what dr. Furman says half a
cup to a cup of beans per day I just want to follow those guidelines and see
if I can get past the food addictions that I’ve always had so this to me feels
like kind of like level 10 right like just trying to really get to that place
where I’m no longer addicted to stuff anymore and so it’s an interesting place
who makes I actually never thought I was going to be here but I’m excited because
now I get to sort of relax about things a little bit more and this is available
to you too as well with work and working on your mindset and getting to a place
where you know carbs aren’t such a trigger for you or whatever I’ve really
been working to get through this kind of stuff so I’ll be reporting more on this
and how it goes with me but so I want to tell you what my protocol is so I’m
starting off with oatmeal I’m doing one cup of steel-cut oats now one cup is
kind of the max per day of grains and so I’m starting here I think it might be a
little bit too much but I’m testing this as a protocol and that’s how protocol
works you decide on some meals you eat them you see if you either lose weight
or maintain weight or whatever and then you tweak from there depending on what
your weight-loss goals are or if it’s just healthy eating goals or whatever
right so I’m having one cup of oatmeal I might cut down to a half a cup and this
is actually probably gonna be too much food considering the amount of fruit I’m
gonna put in there too but we’ll see I have to test this out so my idea for
today is one cup of oatmeal plus two tablespoons of walnuts chopped plus
maybe some carob powder and or maca powder because I just like those flavors
and then I’m gonna put in an apple a banana chopped and then also a half a
cup of wild blueberries so that’s my breakfast I’m gonna have this at noon
which is in about 50 minutes from now then for lunch is gonna be so let me
show you what I did just to show you guys how I prepped this we’re in my
house I’m like everything’s messy nothing is like this
is totally impromptu and I know you guys like these kinds of videos so here is a
huge instant pot full of oatmeal that I made this morning this is steel cut oats
I got this out here just so I can try to let it cool off a little bit and it’s
really oh really it’s really hot and because what I’m gonna do is I made a
ton of it this is probably like an 8 cups or more something like that I am
going to let this cool and then I’m gonna proportion it into one cup
portions in these like ziplock bag things and I’m gonna do when I put it
into the bag I’m gonna spread it like flatten it and then kind of make it in
half and then freeze it so I have kind of 1/2 cup portions in each bag and that
way I can just take that out and thaw in the microwave or over the stove or
whatever one I want to eat it and it’ll be all done
so I’ve so what I’m going to do is portion out some in the fridge and then
into the freezer so I have it for this week to test this protocol and then I’ll
have more in the freezer for when I need more oatmeal and I can feed this to my
daughter and stuff too and my husband so this is the oatmeal that I have for this
morning so I’m gonna have that then for lunch I have been having a lot and this
is a habit that I want to get out of I’ve been having a lot of pre-made
salads from like Trader Joe’s or whatever and the reason I want to get
out of that habit is because they don’t have all the G bombs in because they
have a lot of sodium but I’ve been doing this just as a way to kind of be lazy so
I’ll show you what I’m doing today what I have today which is this salad from
Costco which is called the Mediterranean chopped salad kit I really love these
salad mixes that Costco has because it’s this is like almost wait I think this is
way too much food for a salad it’s 2 pounds but I would actually eat this
whole thing for a salad but probably will do like 2/3 of this for my salad
actually the problem comes in in the little packet of extras that they give
you that has flat red strips feta cheese and then vinaigrette so the problem is
that the bread of course that’s not new to Tyrion processed food feta cheese
I don’t do dairy and then like the strips will have too much sodium and
then the vinaigrette this the dressings always have oil and
then they have sodium way too much sodium too so what I’m going to do with
this particular one is I’m going to use the lettuce and then I’m going to put
just a little bit of the dressing in and then a little bit of the flatbread
strips and then that’s gonna be it for the salad I’m gonna try to add some
onions and some mushrooms and then I have some precooked one so lentils that
I made last night I’m gonna put that into this out too so it’s a full G
bottom salad but the thing is it’s like if you add this up there’s seven
servings of 150 calories so if you ate this whole package you’d have way too
many calories you’d have a crazy amount of sodium like a crazy amount if you ate
even one seventh of the dressing that’s in there you’re gonna still have 340
milligrams of sodium which is allowed but it’s still too much Plus that the
bread strips and things like that so you got to kind of like look out for this if
you eat only this salad look it’s only a hundred calories total just the salad
part so if I add in some of the flat bread strips and some of the dressing
I’ll still be okay as far as what I’m eating but of course it’s not exactly
what you want but it is organic so still a pretty decent idea especially if you
don’t care about sodium or you don’t care about you know some of the extras
if you’re not interested in weight loss then this is a you know and you don’t
care about sodium this is a decent option it’s not totally new to Tyrion
but the reason I bring it up also is because you could just buy these packs
because this is only like 5 or 6 bucks for something like this you could just
buy these packs and just make your own dressing that way you don’t have to
worry too much about anything else we just add some beans and some onions and
maybe some mushrooms in and then you’re all set I just find that it kind of cuts
down a lot of that time so that’s better so that’s what I’m gonna have for lunch
I’m just gonna make sure that don’t have too much of the dressing and I only have
some of those bread strips I shouldn’t have any of those but I’m gonna have a
little bit of them and then now that amount of food for the day just those
two meals is probably enough so I’m gonna see what happens but I have an at
the I’m here you can can’t see it very
easily but my warm Apple Cinnamon smoothie for dinner that’s around seven
or eight if I get hungry or if I’m really craving so oftentimes I’ll use
smoothies as a way to kind of get through cravings I’ll just make one
really quick and then I’ll down it you know 20 30 ounces something like that my
Apple Cinnamon smoothie I have released in a cheat sheet I’ve released it in a
challenge before I actually think it might be on my youtube channel too at
this point I think I might have put it up a couple weeks ago or else it’s going
up next week I’m not sure but you will definitely be able to get that recipe
but I drink that warm which maybe sounds weird but it is oh no I did post it a
couple weeks ago it is so amazing it’s the perfect smoothie for winter I just
love it so much so that is kind of my dessert and the reason that I have kind
of put things in this order is cuz I used to always have that smoothie first
for breakfast and then it was like the best part of my food and the day was
already done so then I was like I don’t want a salad or whatever but what I’ve
been doing is just flipping it around and going like no have my salad first
get that part over with and use my smoothie as my kind of dessert later so
this is me testing a protocol right like I’m testing this out to see what happens
see if I can lose weight on it if I can stay consistent on it if I like it if I
feel full if I feel like I’m getting all my G bombs etc if I’m keeping that
sodium level low enough to where I don’t have to you know I feel like I’m not
having too much and yeah so I’m gonna test this out see how this goes because
I want to get back down to 115 at least pretty soon and maybe 110 we’ll see but
but yeah this is how I do it in my real life okay alright I hope you like this
video um there isn’t a cheat sheet attached to this one or anything but um
actually maybe I will put one in yeah I’ll put a cheat sheet for this one if
you guys want it I’ll put my oatmeal recipe I’ll mention my Costco salad and
then I’m gonna also put in that warm Apple Cinnamon smoothie recipe in there
so if you guys want the recipes from this particular video feel free to
download by signing up at the water mouth calm slash cheat sheets the
watering mouth calm / cheat sheets okay so you guys can get the cheat
she there you sign up and then you can get all the old cheat sheets to to get
the recipes from other videos like this hope you guys like this one make sure
you check me out on patreon this is where you can get some awesome awesome
coaching that’s actually really really affordable every month and also just
other ways to connect with me – I give other super valuable information on
there to anyone who’s a patron so look at me on patreon.com slash the watering
mouth links for everything are down below in the description hope to see you
guys really soon in the next video have a great week until then bye

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15 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day (to Lose Weight) on the Eat to Live Nutritarian Diet // 3 Meals + RECIPES PDF

  1. Digging the impromptu…always great to see you! 🙂 I'm over-the-moon happy for you and your certification! Congrats girl! xoxoxoxo

  2. You're absolutely right about planning ahead. Sometimes I'm so busy I don't get to do that for the whole day and that's when I fail. Usually breakfast and lunch were okay but I miserable in the night when it comes to dinner and snacking

  3. Holy God I don't think I ever weighed 120! although I am 5' 7 but even at my skinniest with working out 6 days a week I was 145 to 150 lb, but no one believed that they all thought I weighed about 120!

  4. Cheri, I so agree on personalizing the protocol. For intermittent fasting, awhile ago I heard Dr Fuhrman say that he can go play tennis in the morning, not eating until noon, and he's fine because he is using stored glycogen for energy. I agree that intermittent fasting can totally be individualized. And many of us want to eat with our families in the evening. When I workout in the morning I usually don't eat until about 10:30 or later. However, if I wait too late, then my lunch and dinner run late, and I'm def a 3 meal a day girl! I'm TRYING not to eat 3 hr before bed because of reflux, but I often find that I'm finishing dinner at 8pm and wanting to crawl under the covers at 10pm – not good for me. So I'm readjusting to eat breakfast no later than 10 am. I will naturally get hungry about every 4 hrs, which puts lunch about 2pm and dinner about 6:30. 
    And individualizing food protocol is the way to go too! We gotta experiment and do what works for our bodies, health, and energy needs. I can't eat too many nuts/seeds/nut flours & butters/avocado or I will put on weight in a flash, lol! And higher fat foods make my reflux worse. So I stick with Dr F's recommendation for women of 1 oz/day of nuts & seeds. I need my whole starches for energy. I eat ½ cup or more beans/legumes at lunch & dinner. And I eat oat groats every morning for breakfast, and with lunch and dinner I will have about 1 cup of diced gold or sweet potatoes or ½ – ⅔ cup of black rice or other gluten free whole grain. I sometimes have brown rice, but it tends to cause (ahem) system backup. In case you wanna try a nice fall bowl of oatmeal… I mix ½ c cooked oat groats (batch cooked in water for the week in my IP), ½ c pumpkin puree, oodles of cinnamon and pumpkin spice, and ½ c plant milk (I prefer soy). I stir it all up and warm it in the microwave, and then stir in 1 TBSP ground flax and top with a sliced banana and sometimes blueberries. But truth….I eat this all year long, not just in the fall. I'm a pumpkin junkie, lol! Good luck trying your new protocol. And have a absolutely wonderful day, my friend <3

  5. Thank you ❣️😊 Cheri I like imf it's hard for me sometimes because I'm Diabetic and I do need to prep some of my meals thank you❣️you look Fantastic Cheri 👍👍😊💐

  6. I wish your videos actually consisted only of what is in the title instead of:

    You: "wanna see what I eat in a day to lose weight?"

    Me: why yes, I would like to see that

    ~proceeds to click on video~

    You: ok but you'll have to watch this vlog of me chatting for quite a bit about my life and glean out what I eat in a day in tidbits throughout while I talk about what I’ve been up to and how, and when, and why!

    Me: 😐

    Why don’t you make 4 or 5 minute videos of what you eat in a day or recipes or quick nutritarian tips …etc? I’d totally watch all of them! Then make vlogs or dedicated videos for your life updates, goals and how you plan to achieve them or whatever else. But I never know what’s I’m in for when I click on your videos because they are rarely only about what you title them

    …it's only a suggestion people.

  7. I also naturally deviate from the 4-5 hour eating window. I have a tendency to like to have a snack midway between lunch and dinner. It seems to help me with food contentment issues and with overall portion control, as well. Thanks for mentioning finding something that works for the individual and not get too hung up on optimizations. It can be a trap for me.

  8. I read that the body absorbs nutrients mostly at the beginning of the day so I don't skip breakfast and lunch. In the evening I eat little and quite early, before 6 pm, otherwise the food feels too heavy in the stomach.

  9. Congratulations! I have a huge sweet tooth, so I have found that if I eat my oatmeal for my last meal of the day, loaded with fruit, it helps me tremendously. Your so right, you have to tweak things to see what works for you.

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