What is a Diet? – Lose Weight and Keep It Off | Healthy Ketogenic Diet

What is a Diet? – Lose Weight and Keep It Off | Healthy Ketogenic Diet

the way that we understand what we’re
doing so the thoughts that we have about our Keadle eating will determine whether
or not we’re successful in our Kido eating
hello Wellness Warriors welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet
for those of you who don’t know who I am my name is Violet Reveira I’m a
psychologist and I work out of Montreal Canada the reason that I make these
videos is because our physical health and our mental health come together to
create an overall sense of well-being today we’re talking about the idea of
how we conceptualize our diet determining whether or not we’re
successful with our diet and actually I want to make this even more specific and
talk about the idea of diet versus dieting and I’m going to use an analogy
to help everyone to understand the difference between diet the way that I
eat and dieting something I do for a period of time to lose weight so let’s
imagine for a second that you are driving a really old inefficient car and
this car is costing you money because first of all it breaks down every three
weeks to two months and it’s costing you anywhere between a few hundred dollars
to fix it to a few thousand dollars to fix it every time this car is
inefficient and it’s causing you problems because every time it breaks
down you are either late for work or unable to make it to work which means
that you don’t get paid when you’re not able to get paid that also affects your
ability to continue to pay for the car so this car is causing problems in your
life and in your work so one day you make it the decision I need to change my
car scenario number one you go to your parents and it turns out your parents
are going on vacation for six months and your parents say to you oh you plan to
change your car well here you can use our car for the next sens months we’re
going to be away and you’re like great and your parents say there’s conditions
while you’re using our car you need to pay our car payments now your parents
car is a much nicer car than your car you have to pay their car payments while
we’re away you need to pay our insurance and that much nicer car has much higher
insurance while you’re away while we’re away you have to be obviously
responsible for the gas and obviously we want our car to be in the same condition
that we would have kept it so every week you need to take that car and get it
washed you listen to their offer and you decide you know what it’s worth it it’s
gonna help me to get to work on time and it’s gonna solve this issue that I’m
having with my car and looking at the numbers you think I can afford it it’s
gonna be tough but it’s gonna be better than paying repairs every two months two
three every three weeks to two months and not really knowing how much time the
paper per repair sometimes that being thousands of dollars so you look at all
the numbers and you really feel like you can do it so now you’re driving your
parents car to work and as you’re doing this over the course of weeks you start
to realize a few things first of all you’re getting to work always on time
you’re a much less stressed because you know you’re gonna get to work on time
you don’t you’re not worried about the car and you get some feedback from your
boss and he’s so much happier with the fact that you’re arriving on time that
you’re you’re not missing days of work and your boss lets you know that hey
he’s impressed with your work in general but had it talked to you about this
promotion that’s coming up because he wasn’t sure about whether he’s gonna
keep you or not because you were always missing work or you were late all the
time so now this is terrific having a reliable car put me in the position
where I’m probably gonna get a promotion my boss isn’t considering firing me
anymore I’m not stressed everything is going well so as the months roll forward
things are going really well at work and you start to realize that wait a minute
it’s soon time for my parents to come back from vacation what’s gonna happen
when my parents come back I have to give them back the car and guess what I’m
back to driving my car that was giving me all these problems and causing me to
have not be at work which was exactly what my boss was hating and all of a
sudden even though you still have three four months to go before your parents
are gonna return you start to worry about the fact that well when they come
back I’m gonna have to give them back the car and then I’ll be back in that
same situation and maybe I’m gonna get fired because now I know that piece of
information so for the rest of the time that you are focusing on your parents
return now your this is not where it needs to be and you
start to make mistakes at work now you’re stressed and worried and you
start to make mistakes at work you are now in the position where you don’t
trust what you’re doing is gonna lead to the results that you need it to lead to
because you know you have to go back to that other car in case you haven’t
figured it out yet guys this is the dieting situation we’re changing our
diet and we’re getting results but we know that at some point we’re gonna go
back to that other diet that we were doing before that caused the problems in
the first place and even sometimes while we’re on the
diet and doing progress because we know that we can’t sustain this it’s
frustrating and sometimes we don’t even complete what we were trying to complete
in the first place because if this person keeps stressing out about the
fact that their job relies on this car and makes me keeps making mistakes even
though they have the car their boss might change their mind and think it’s
not a way it wasn’t that he was late it was just that maybe this person can’t do
the job because now that they’re not late they’re still messing up let’s
compare that to the scenario where you buy your car so if I buy my car I’m
gonna choose a car based on what I can afford so then because I can afford the
car the insurance for the car will be also within the range of what I can
afford and because I can afford both the car payment and the insurance of course
I have to pay gas and that’s something you already know basically what’s
happening here as you can listen to me talk is that because I’m talking about
what I can afford I’m gonna buy a car that suits my needs
because I’m gonna buy a car that’s at a price range that I know I can afford
I’ve already started to plan for the idea that I need to make these car
payments well into the future now of course it’s my car so I decide
how often I do car washes I’m still gonna have to do maintenance but because
it’s a new car I’m not gonna be doing maintenance that could come in at three
or four thousand dollars unexpectedly because it’s a new car right away what
you can see is that I’m making my decisions based on what I can do well
into the future but there’s more benefits because what
you’re gonna also notice is that all the pluses that came along with my parents
car is still going to be here my boss is still gonna be super impressed that I
make it to work on time my boss is still gonna tell me about his plans
to promote me but now because I know I have this car and it’s not gonna change
all of my actions towards getting that promotion you’re gonna stay in line
because I’m not gonna be stressed about having to give the car up I’ll be able
to focus on doing a good job the same good job that I was always doing except
that I was worried about my car scenario two is called diet as a lifestyle diet
as what I eat every day when I’m planning my meals well into the future
and I know this is what I will eat forever then I plan appropriately that
means I’m gonna choose foods that I like that means I’m going to cook in a way
that I like if I don’t like cooking everyday I’m gonna meal plan in a way
that I cook every few days if I don’t like beef I won’t eat it I’ll find some
other meat that’s gonna fall in line with what I’m trying to do because it’s
the meat that I like basically when you look at diet as a lifestyle rather as
dieting you start to recognize that the way that you will be successful is to
understand that this is something that you’re doing well into your future I
need people to understand very clearly that when we are on the standard
American diet the standard Canadian diet when we’re doing that we have every
intention of going forward living this life forever
eating these foods forever the foods that are ruining our health we plan to
eat them forever but when you find out that these foods are ruining your health
the only thing that I’m asking you to do is when you are changing your diet plan
planet forever so whatever changes you make make sure that they are towards
foods that you love that tastes amazing to you that you know I’ll be happy to
eat this going forward the same way that most people have five to seven staple
meals that they make throughout their week you could have five to seven staple
meals that you make that fall in line with your low carb or fall in line with
your keto or fall in line with whatever paleo whatever is lifestyle that you’ve
decided to do that’s healthier for you this isn’t
about depriving yourself it’s about eating a healthy nutritious way well
into your future this is why it’s important for you to choose a diet
that’s biologically sound that helps you to lose weight in a healthy manner and
in a strategy that’s going to be sustainable because you’re choosing a
diet not dieting I want to thank all my wellness warriors for coming back to
watch a Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet and if you’re new here
please take a moment subscribe because I can’t wait to see you in the next video
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13 thoughts on “What is a Diet? – Lose Weight and Keep It Off | Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. Hmm, not sure what happened but I lost my connection to the live chat. I will be in the comments for the next half an hour.

  2. Great Violet!! I love your concern about our health and like I told you on the prior text, I had learned a lot with all your information abouth a good health! Thank you so much for all your efforts and good intentions for all of us😁

    Thanks again,
    God bless
    Eve, from Brooklyn NY

  3. I WANT so much to live a ketogenic lifestyle but I’m really struggling with kicking the sugar habit. I am a comfort eater and my life is super stressful with being sole caregiver to my aging and demented mom. I rarely get to leave the house and feel so suffocated some days…a bowl of popcorn is a welcome friend….but then chocolate candies creep into my mind and keto is over….again and again and again. Any tips?.

  4. Great analogy and totally true. I started on my journey with Paleo because it looked to be sustainable, and it looked to be sustainable because it contained the elements that suited me for a lifestyle diet (not dieting) that my lifestyle diet evolved into Keto was due to research and of the experience of how well my body responded to proper care and maintenance. Thanks, Violet 🙂

  5. I have been making some poor food choices for a good while. I do start out great in the mornings but very often cave in to high carb cravings later in the day. I have fairly good knowledge of the ketogenic way of eating but having trouble turning it into wisdom. I must be more diligent about applying the knowledge so it can become wisdom. Your videos are a Godsend—thank you so much Violet.

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