What Is IBS and How Can You Manage It?

What Is IBS and How Can You Manage It?

Hi there and welcome back to my channel, the
place to be when it comes to gut health and overall wellbeing. In today’s video we’re
going to talk about what irritable bowel syndrome is also known as IBS and how you can manage
it. So if you’re someone looking to relieve IBS symptoms naturally, and also if you’re
wondering do I have IBS or is it something else then this is the perfect video for you.
So then first of all, what is IBS? So IBS is actually a disorder of the gut brain axis.
So in other words, it means that the communication between the gut and the brain is not working
as it should and that can cause an extra sensitive intestine which in turn can lead or will lead
to things like tummy pain, bloating and constipation. So then you might be asking, so how does one
get IBS and how do you know if it’s IBS or if it’s something else? So first of all, there’s not one single cause
for IBS. So it can come from everything from a gut infection like food poisoning or a history
of let’s say anxiety, depression or chronic stress. And in terms of knowing if it’s IBS
or if it’s something else. So first of all, there’s no test that you can take to find
out if you have IBS, unfortunately. So the only thing you can do is to rule out other
things. For example, like celiac and celiac is when you have intolerance to gluten. And
celiac has very similar symptoms to IBS. So what I want to let you know is that, you know,
there’s no self-diagnosis when it comes to IBS. So it’s important to see your doctor
or healthcare practitioner to find out if it’s IBS or if it’s something else before
you take action on it. And so that we’re getting to the question,
so how can IBS be managed? And here there is no one size fits all. So it’s always on
an individual basis and it’s something that you need to discuss with your healthcare practitioner.
Because especially for instance, if you’ve been dealing with an eating disorder in the
past excluding certain food items and restricting yourself can trigger negative emotions. So
it’s important to discuss your individual situation with your doctor first, but diet
does play a big role, so not only the types of foods that you’re eating, but also how
you’re eating. So in terms of types of foods, it’s important to focus on eating wholesome
and real foods as much as possible so veggies, fruits, nuts seeds and so on. And in terms
of how you eat, it’s important to eat mindfully. So eating without any distractions like TV
or phone or any kind of technology. And if that approach doesn’t work, trying a low FODMAP
diet might be an option for you. A low FODMAP diet is a very big topic. So I’m not gonna
get into details about in this video, but if you have any questions about it do just
send me the questions in the comment section and I’ll be happy to get back to you around
that. And as I mentioned at the beginning, so IBS is really a disorder of the gut brain
axis. So it’s also key to include non diet approaches such as yoga, mindfulness, breathing
exercises, making sure to get enough sleep and all of these amazing things. And there
are also some great natural remedies that you can try out. So peppermint oil is one
of those. And peppermint oil is really great because it supports relaxation of a tense
intestine and can also help to reduce tummy pain, bloating, excess gas, etc. There are also some great fiber supplements
you can use, so such as psyllium, which is great because it helps to normalize your stool
and also flaxseed, which is great, especially for when you’re having constipation. So I
hope you found this video helpful. If you did, go ahead and give it a like. And of course,
if you have any questions please go ahead and just write me in the comments section
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So have a great day. And I hope to see you next weekend.

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18 thoughts on “What Is IBS and How Can You Manage It?

  1. Do you have IBS? If so, how are you currently managing it? <3
    For more gut loving content, join my free FB Community: http://bit.ly/2lJ2ozA

  2. I've heard IBS can be very challenging, but this video is a great place to start for anyone wondering if they have it!

  3. Thank you so much for speaking about this Anna! When I see my students and clients suffering from this, it's heartbreaking. So grateful that we are able to heal this from the inside out with the appropriate healing foods, meditations, and much more! Your voice on this topic is really crucial in helping others heal!

  4. I'm so passionate about this topic! All disease begins in the gut. So much human suffering can be avoided by fixing IBS where it grows. I help my clients with a regimen of nourishing and cleansing the gut microbiome. My experience is that if people avoid all 5 of the most allergenic foods in the western diet (added sugars, dairy, wheat, corn and soy) while nourishing the gut with glutamine rich foods and rebalancing the carb loving microbiome that's responsible for all that CO2 (gas and bloating) and alcohol (brainfog, headache, fatigue) into the bloodstream, they feel relief within the first week. Thanks for sharing your light!

  5. Omg! My best friend has IBS! I realize after watching this video I didn’t know as much as I thought I did about this syndrome! Thank you so much for sharing this much needed information!

  6. Very nice video. We have had a lot of patients with IBS and often diet and lifestyle modifications can resolve the problem without medications.

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