What is Revelation Wellness®?

What is Revelation Wellness®?

hi my name is ELISA Keaton I'm the founder of a ministry called revelation wellness thank you for taking a moment to listen to what God is up to in this ministry so we have a vision it's a big vision but we believe God is calling us to use Fitness as a tool to spread the good news gospel message to the ends of the earth it's a really kind of crazy tool but we know that something happens when people move their body in the presence of God surrounded by other like-minded truth and loving people so our mission we do this vision through the mission of being dedicated to educating and inspiring people to love God get healthy be whole and love others let me break that down just a little bit love God right a lot of people stay they love God and that would be something we would attribute highest value to we also know there's a lot of people spending time energy money and resources looking for fitness wellness the magic bullet the magic pill and it simply doesn't exist we believe that God wants people to know him to come and know the love of him and that when he meets them with the love of God they become healthier they believe better for their life the problem is a lot of people say they love God but if you are willing to do the get healthy now we're not interested in making a bunch of bodybuilders for Christ er everyone has to be a certain size I lose a certain amount of weight it just isn't about that we believe it God wants to use his love to get after the things that are in our heart that are unhealthy that are dis-ease and that can be kind of messy but you know what something happens in a fitness class when people move their bodies something happens and they encounter wholeness which is the next invitation we were quiet we asked them as you're getting healthy it's a little messy nobody walks a straight line out getting healthy but they have the right as a child God to behold that God is in control that God's love can cover anything that's coming up for them and then eventually as this get healthy and being whole and their love of God it's an automatic to love others they go out with the same message of this love of God so love God get healthy be whole and love others finally our value the thing that you know if you come into revelation wellness class or become an instructor however you engage with this ministry there are three values that we put at the forefront and that is God first whether you're seeking weight loss weight gain health restored relationships whatever it is that you're seeking it's God first we put God first we don't do 10 steps of this or 10 steps of that way it's always say let's go after God first the second part of our values is no gimmicks there is no gimmick we won't offer you six days to six pack abs ten pounds in ten weeks whatever it is you won't hear us doing it we just really want people to meet God and know the love of God and then finally our final value is freedom living I'm kind of wearing it on my shirt that I really feel that God has called us that he was called is free and free indeed that is our value we really invite you to join us in our vision in our mission and participating with us as a community so thanks for taking the time watching this I hope it got you thinking check around all our resources a website I hope to speak with you again peace

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