Whats New: Wellness, Fitness + My Teeth!

Whats New: Wellness, Fitness + My Teeth!

hey girlfriends hey welcome back to my Channel today I'm gonna be catching you guys up to speed on like what's been new in my life that I don't necessarily talk about on social media today I had got a comment on my Instagram and I shared that I've been doing this and she was like oh and that really made me realize that hey you know what there's stuff in my life that I do like I don't even talk about and it's like really good stuff that maybe you guys would want to do too and it's funny because I'm a natural sharer naturally I like to share the things in my life but I find myself kind of like pulling back from social and being online constantly and every time I do something feeling like I need to post it so I saw myself pulling back from it but as a natural sharer it kind of like chicks that made to be like not sharing stuff first things first what I was talking about I made a post on my Instagram page and I included you know working out exercising you know going out for a walk or something getting some sort of exercise in just to boost your overall mood and get that inner glow coming out peeking through a fellow Arizona it's a girlfriend like who's doing that in a hundred and three degrees I'm not doing that but if you know if I'm gonna do that I'm gonna go for a walk I'm gonna do it before the Sun comes up so I'm gonna go for a walk around like five o'clock in the morning cuz like this would be real no I'm not walking at 103 degrees so I was like girl nobody's doing that get yourself a stationary bike you guys I've had a stationary bike for the past three months I ordered it online because I'm like you know what I really miss walking and it's too freakin hot and realistically with a two-year-old I'm not gonna be waking up at five o'clock in the morning and go for a walk secondly I've been watching a lot of like kidnapping and adult napping human trafficking videos and I just don't want to get taken I'm just afraid for my life to walk so I purchased a stationary cycle and I'm looking at it I purchased this cycle with my own money you guys it's available at Walmart but it's much cheaper on Amazon so I found it on Amazon and I am obsessed with it I'm looking at it right now here is the bike and I'm definitely not in the proper attire today to give you guys an example of how it works but I do want to show you guys and kind of tell you guys why I find it or how I find it most useful and again this is not sponsored I purchased this bike with my own point really cool really cool it comes with these that come in the back but the biggest part about this is a sign that since I've been doing this I'm so much more productive while you're exercising you know something's coming out into your brain alright let's pause really quick when you're working out your brain releases endorphins what I am speaking about and what I refer to on my Instagram posts is working out to release serotonin serotonin contributes to the feelings of well-being and happiness and if you're on your self-care journey self-love journey which we all should be at all times then this is something that you want to kick in when I wake up in the morning before I eat I like to do the bike I like to get on the bike before he wakes up he wakes up at like 8 o'clock I set my alarm at 6:15 so I will get on the bike I'll check you know create blog post you want attention you just want attention so it has a screen and then it has a little hook right here for like your iPad or media book but I like to keep my laptop on it or my phone but I get my emails done while I'm cycling I feel so much more productive and then I don't know about you guys but sometimes I would get that guilt like I'm not doing enough for my body cuz let's face it you only get one body and sometimes I look into like a little funk like I'm not treating my body right I'm not able to exercise as much as I want to I used to literally go to the park and run laps and that used to just be the best thing ever ever for me things happen at parks people come up missing and I'm just terrified of that so that's why I have this another reason why I have it is because me and my mom and my sister we like to do these challenges if you watched my Kiehl's blog then you guys saw me talking about the challenge the winner of the challenge won a Nike sports bra we always do incentives like that to keep us motivated for going so literally what I would do I look right this bike until my legs fatigue and now that's not good to be up on the cycle until you literally cannot you know cycle anymore but I would do that and I will be so determined and you guys my legs are so firm okay now there's always a side effect there's always there's always a downfall of doing something the only thing about this bike is when I go to bed at night I get restless leg syndrome now like it's just a feeling I can't even explain it it's like a a dole numb it doesn't necessarily hurt but it's like a dull and so annoying well I was looking up what I could do to treat these restless legs now we're gonna get to this sponsor part because this company reached out to me literally the following night up ways to get rid of this this annoying filling doze ology reached out and they're like hey we have a weighted blanket it's especially great for people who have anxiety which I do have a bit of anxiety and also for those who struggle falling asleep at night before they reached out to me I was join my own research in looking for a way to get rid of the restless leg syndrome I saw that the way that blanket was it it works let me go get this blanket okay this is the car that came in the box Dola Dola G weighted blanket was specially formulated to be a very effective therapy and organic solution for helping adults and children suffer from a multitude of health concerns by providing deep touch pressure DTP of gentle pressure applied to the body this pressure increases the release of serotonin a chemical in the body that promotes relaxation my bed isn't made or anything but I like to literally just have a blanket positioned near the foot of the bed it's so comfortable and has really helped me out a great deal I'll leave a link down below to the dose ology weighted blanket in the description of this video thanks again Jose ology for sponsoring this video I really love this weighted blanket it's exactly what I needed you guys I really love it when brands reach out to me with a product that I was actually looking for it happens quite often but I don't know I just get really excited when it's not necessarily in the Beauty category and it's something that I was in like dire need of it I had no idea what I could do to fix the feeling that I would get I recycling and this is helped out so much um next thing that's new in my life you guys I ended up doing a smile direct so they are clear trays and basically I had braces in the past but let me tell you I don't feel like I got the most out of my braces experience so I have braces I don't even want to say how many years I think it was well over four years my teeth were never actually aligned and um it was just like I'm not even gonna sit here in nitpicking cuz this video isn't even like gonna be like a full-blown about my teeth but I have I'm doing smile direct and I'm gonna be in them for five months I just started my second month and so far it's cool I have to say like the first two trays were terrible I had to trim the material myself because it was just uncomfortable and cutting into my gums but these last two trays have fit like a charm I didn't have to alter them in any type of way I see a slight difference in my teeth and I'm really excited about that I'll also leave a link below to my small direct where you guys can get a discount this also is not sponsored and I paid for my small direct what do you call it plan what do you call it I paid for it all myself as well so it's just me literally just sharing with you guys what's going on in my life because it's not something that I would typically talk about on my channel it's not beauty related or anything like that so I didn't really find a place where I could just squeeze it in unless you guys want to see updates some I asked on Instagram if you guys would be interested in that some of you guys said yes some of you guys said no maybe I'll just do like a another informal update you know tober when i'm done with all of this that's another thing that's super just super annoying with these trays I find myself having to wear matte lipstick because gloss gloss just don't cut it with these trays it's like Oh literally the only teeth that I had an issue with are these top floor and bottom floor and so on my plan really that yeah that's all that's really moving actually the top six and bottom six are pretty much like the only teeth that's really moving but my back the back of my mouth really isn't moving at all or at least I can't tell so yeah that's that that's what's new in my life that's what's happening I really especially wanted to share with you guys the bike situation because if you work from home or maybe you're writing a book or anything like that really the creative juices just flow all of my blog posts or anything that I'm writing up pitches and stuff like that I am always on my bike when I'm writing stuff up and I find that I'm not even drinking as much coffee now that I'm doing something that's really getting my creative juices flowing cuz the first coffee was my vices like make a glass of coffee or make a cup of coffee and get to work but yeah so that's my updates let me know what you guys are up to thanks so much for watching until next time I wish you nothing but

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10 thoughts on “Whats New: Wellness, Fitness + My Teeth!

  1. Great video. Love updates. Dentist don't tell you after you have braces that you have to wear your retainer for life. Why? Because your teeth continues to move. I'm pissed 27 months and 11 years of wearing mine retainer down the drain. I only stop wearing them because it had been so long 😒😒😒😒

  2. Your whole look accentuates your home beautifully 😊, much appreciated update.
    Also the cycling challenges you do sound interesting, might have to try it out with my mumπŸ€” thanks!

  3. Oh what's new in my life! Well I'm giving myself a manicure while watching your video. I stopped going to the nail salon these nail techs have been giving nothing but attitude bc I tell them how I want my nails done. And I actually find it to be therapeutic doing them myself. Once in awhile I would go and get my feet scrub

  4. Thanks for the info. Yeah, my youngest daughter was telling me about the human
    trafficking was rampant in her city in texas.

  5. I hear you about walking in the heat. I really love my walks so during the summer I actually walk in a mall. It's air conditioned and there's always people around.

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