When Nutrition & Dieting Is Not Enough

When Nutrition & Dieting Is Not Enough

Peter laughs I walk back to the challenge about my teen you know what it is you know what I do you know how I get yeah I'm in the gym right now guys the studio that I trained out of a I went ahead and got me a workout in I told you I'm back on my workout regimen I figured out a way to be able to do it and with all the conditions that I have and still be effective with it now I just got to be more consistent with it I let you check out the gym so you see the calling balls and counter bails see some mats you see some dumbbells these are the ways that I'm curling that they got small things over here they're machine pull-up machine etc all right so let's talk about what when diet nutrition and fasting are not seeming to work for you again guys no matter how great these things are for certain individuals these things will not be enough or you will have to go to the next level guys we're gonna have to go to the next level and sue it myself you find out what it is that you dealing with and then you make the adjustments that's necessary that's gonna benefit cute again the ketogenic diet again you never had me really promoting it I don't promote it because it's animal-based the way that they promote animal fats now I do promote the ketogenic diet if it's plant-based and you using plant fats coconut oils and things of that nature again this diet or this nutritional way of working or implementing into your life seems to be working for a lot of people guys so I can't deny the fact that it even works when you're utilizing me animal fat I don't think it's the best for your longevity but as far as you losing weight and losing fat this seems to really be working and there's some science behind the body utilizing fat as a primary fuel in order to burn fat in order to give the body the energy that it needs so there is some truth in there but there also is some drawback long term in my opinion because again we are not natural animal or eaters carnival's you can just ask yourself I just want you to think don't get mad don't get the set just don't get upset just upset just think now no other animal that it's a carnival has to cook its food in order not to be poisoned by all the animals that are carnivores they have the anatomical choose meaning their body is equipped with everything they need to care that animal to consume that animal and to keep moving on and living a prosperous animal life of their own we on the other hand we have to use tools in order to skin an animal to drain the animal in order to bite into the animal just imagine you trying to bite into a cow with your mouth you don't have the models in order to do it and you're not gonna be successful and getting a big chunk out anyway because your mouth is not but it's what so why all right so we leave that at that guys again the basis of that video is this guys you want to understand what it is that you're dealing with and then you want to work from net again I'm trying to lose this gut that I got so I have to make adjustments as to what it is that I'm doing not only on a nutritional in not only on the fast an end but as far as my training is concerned many of you who are unable to train then you're gonna really have to focus in on possibly implementing one to two days fastest complete fast with no food just uh just eating just drinking teas herbal teas with no sugar and those type of things in order to get you do again you'll have to work your way up to that again this is on and suggesting guys not to dock so don't just take my word and go wrong with it but what I found out when I was doing the 23 hours a day fast in my younger days when I was in the best shape of my life I actually uh fasted three days out of the month as well so I was doing a 23 hour fast everyday and then for the last three days of the month we would do a complete fast with nothing but cheese etc that had no type of calories in it and we'll do that three days straight so not consuming any food at all and it was amazing and I have to work my way back up into that and I would have to figure out how to implement that into my life now that I'm I'm so busy doing other things so it boils down to being able to implement it and to make it work at the end of the day guys again when nutrition fasting it's not enough those of you who can train you're gonna want to start training in order to be able to burn off some more that fat as well as and I'm talking about resistance training I'm not talking about one out there running marathons and so forth if you want to do that then that's cool but you don't need to do that in order to produce what it is that you're trying to produce also if the nutrition and the fasting it's it's pretty much in line with what it is that I'm telling you then you may have to go a little bit deeper into the nutrition cut a few things out scale back a few things and you may have to go deeply into the fast meaning eliminate the a daily fast like do today fast but on the last in one or two days in a month do a complete fast and see what your body responds to and see if you able to up sustain it alright peace and love peace and yes you

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4 thoughts on “When Nutrition & Dieting Is Not Enough

  1. Thanks for sharing Monte, I have been going to a Nutritionist for a Couple Of Months To Try And Eat Right. I do not eat Everything that she’s Suggest 6-24-19

  2. Good points. Since I'm greedy, I csnt fast for 23 hours lol. I just eat a stricter diet when trying to cut weight (alot of veggies) I also sit in the sauna after a few workouts to rid the body of some toxins.

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