Which Bike Helmet Is The Best? (TEST)

Which Bike Helmet Is The Best? (TEST)

what's the best bike helmet wear in a sword fight let's talk about that good mythical morning bicycles they're a great way to get around town while also getting some exercise being eco-conscious and put an undue stress on your grundle okay well today we're not gonna help you de-stress your grundle but we are gonna help you protect that noggin by determining the best bike helmet you can get for under $100 this time for okay now we've developed a series of rigorous but an absolutely no way frivolous bike helmet test somebody may get hurt I hope it's not me perhaps I should wear home oh we're gonna eliminate the worst-performing helmet in each round until we have one winner remaining here are the helmets that we're gonna be testing the Bell adult quick bike helmet at $35 the callee protective chakra plus bike helmet for $50 the bern linux 60 bucks the abbess heibon urban helmet with integrated LED tail light for $70 and the Giro hex mountain bike helmet at $80 to the bike safety zone we're on our rooftop now you could ride your bike on the street but then you got to contend with cars so you should be riding on the top of buildings you should be a roof Rider and if you are a roof rider you want to have a helmet that will protect your head if you fall off of the building so we have waited these helmets with a bunch of eggs to represent your highly crackable head and we're gonna toss them to the ground and see how they withstand the drop three okay – what oh man a lot of brains all right let's suss it out okay I think it's safe to say that all of these people were injured we have in this first one which is the zero we have two fully intact eggs okay for this one which is the abus or abbess we're not really sure the Bulger got in there we have no we have no intact eggs okay so this is at the bottom right now all right and for the tally not intact oh okay the Bell oh look at that it's like just a regular nest down there no there they're all bursting except there's one one fully intact one fully intact until right there okay and finally the burn ain't nothing ain't nothing intact in here man okay so it's down to the abbess and the burn with the burn a lot of the brains exited the nest right if you're gonna crush your brains you at least want them to stay inside of the helmet there's a lot some mixed up brains but they're still in there so it's pretty clear to me the burn gets burned let's say you got a paper route in Arizona and your party too hard at your company's July 4th celebration so you wake up the next day at noon and you're like wha how to deliver these papers but what the crap it is yes and you don't want your human head to cook inside of your helmet and human heads are expensive so instead of those were using stakes along with these heat guns we're going to eliminate the helmet that lets the steak cook the most you fire up your guns Linc all right even heat on both of these whoo that's hot now you may be tempted to say hold on a second guys the one with the ventilation should be the most cooling because that would let in the most air you may have even gone as far as to already comment that you know what you're wrong because the ventilating slits actually let heat in and they cook your brain as if it were a steak stop trying to be right about everything this is science my arms are getting tired I'm not commenting about that now I am noticed noticing some Chris penis a little Mel teenis on the helmets themselves at least these two that smells bad yeah you want to start thinking it smells good and then you smelled the burning helmet oh okay let's stop all right let's start over here with the Kali Buddha who does hot now if I look at this steak even from from the back right there there's a little bit of cookies but not much at all the abbess at Moscone Devils that's pretty good as well it's it cooked a little bit more in the front it's cooked more it's a little bit closer to the cerebral cortex where you make your decision let's check out the Bell oh wow whoa we got a pretty we got a pretty cook steak here Bell not faring well no and look at the helmet itself you really blasted that spot but that's how the Sun would do it yeah you would be down to like just a reptilian functions at this point you would be running on instinct and now we're gonna get into the gyro is it Jiro is it gyro is it hero kero kero gyro oh it's pretty cooked as well it but I can tell right off the bat the Bell is cooked more man okay just as a final check here these are all the steak brains mine look great mine are both pretty cooked but I think we can definitely see that the Bell got the most cooked there for your brain would be the most cooked and therefore bell I'm sorry you made it to round two but now your aluminum you go the elements not the only thing you might need a helmet to protect your head from sometimes you might be biking with your friends take a wrong turn and end up in a bad neighborhood did somebody say bad neighborhood I did yes yeah this is a real bad neighborhood you know why because we all walk around with Swartz who are who are you my name is Paul and there was a ship off there was a shipment of Swartz in a truck and it fell over and we all got a sward we becoming a sports for years okay you seem like a nice enough guy put up with things in our neighborhood like for instance this little pod of children that are riding through my neighborhood without their parents they should be doing that they need to be taught a lesson get out of the way what the crap Paul yeah take that yeah you still got a thumbs up he hasn't learned his lesson but you know what I'm gonna teach it to his little friend oh these kids are tough they stay up on the bikes I've never seen it before I've never had like this it was so resilient it's very impressive you did not get through it no never happened before it's amazing this was definitely going through to the next round the gears got a nice slice on it so we maybe helmet thank you this kid has another problem you should see someone about let's take the callee off too cuz I don't know if the oh look at that if you look at the nice slice there so this helmet it definitely went all the way through did that one go all the way through oh yeah well this has got a bigger slice on the styrofoam which means that the callee is eliminated and now the crush test there comes a time in every man's life when he wants to get out on the road and do a little street tanning and just spread out there but hey don't forget your helmet because you don't know when some 4×4 is gonna come creeping along with its wheels perfectly aligned with your noggin yes sir we have strapped watermelons and to our two final helmets and now we're going to run over them oh I think that was them that felt good okay oh you know what the lights on on this one that's a good sign yeah that one is fairing a lot better than this one look at that crust job oh my god yeah we've got a there's a flatness to this obviously the the noggin has been completely destroyed there's no more thoughts in there Wow okay look at that flatness no you can see I mean obviously fully crushed but it still has somewhat integrity it has an integrity I mean the light's still on the fact that the light came I think the results are clear yes our winner the official good mythical morning best helmet is the abus – urban helmet with integrated LED tail lights you did it buddy oh yeah thanks for liking commenting and subscribing you know what time it is what's up guys I'm Rob and this is Milo we're from Washington DC currently biking down the Potomac River and it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality ah that dog doesn't have a helmet on look happy this kiss click the top leg to watch some BMX bike fails with us to the mythical mare and if I don't win the element the guy and great things come in twos just like the discounted Incan and synciq diner mug set get yours now at mythical dot store

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24 thoughts on “Which Bike Helmet Is The Best? (TEST)

  1. I’ve never had a problem with my head “cooking” in the sun while biking and biking is my main method of transportation

  2. I had 3 fractures to the skull by the time i was 8, the skull is the strongest helmet for a reason.

  3. Audience: wait but this doesn’t make any sens-

    Rhett and Link in unison: *Slaps Ikea Table* SCIENCE IS SCIENCE.

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