Why attend the KU School of Social Welfare?

Why attend the KU School of Social Welfare?

hello my name is Steve cap I'm the associate dean for academic programs at the School of Social Welfare at kayuu let me give you some reasons why you should consider the School of Social Welfare at the University of Kansas we are one of the top programs in the country we have research faculty that are doing cutting-edge research across the country and across the world we have the benefit of having scholars and staff who are on the cutting edge that's what they do they're just tremendously devoted to their classroom teaching and it's it's really unusual to see that blend of research and teaching and the faculty and staff here you really feel like you have a personal relationship with them and they're obviously really interested in making sure that you succeed the professor's really keep me on the edge of my seat which allows me to absorb so much of the material and you can tell that they really want my involvement a unique aspect of our master's degree in social work is that we offer two concentrations in order to help our graduates to be ready for the demands of today's workplace when students leave our clinical practice program they are in a position to get a professional clinical license so when we walk away with the degree when we apply for a job we can walk in knowing that we have what it takes to do the job the clinical concentration tries to provide students that specialized training and working in clinical settings with a particular population so students can specialize either with aging groups or in mental health practice or working with families or children the course curriculum has been very broad and it has prepared me to specialise in whatever direction that I choose to go into whether that be working with veterans or the aging population or our other specialization is Social Work administrative and advocacy practice we call that swap students in swap are prepared to do administrating practice and advocacy practice in a way that will maximize benefits for the people of receiving those services the courses that we offer in this concentration provides students skills in financial management program evaluation staffing and staff management policy practice and advocacy our field office does a great job of meeting with students finding out what it is they want to do and then placing them in relevant placements my practicum experience has afforded me the opportunity to grow as a social worker and a person and it has allowed me to take the classroom knowledge that I have obtained and applied to my field education we work with about 200 agencies in over 32 cities around Kansas and Missouri Study Abroad is an expanding area of our program we currently have programs in Costa Rica Korea India and Ireland kayuu study abroad is a fantastic experience and if I hadn't studied abroad with kayuu I don't think I would have the passion for a national social work that I do now and I think it's a really great experience as one of the best I've ever had he learned so much just about your own culture and other cultures and really who you are as a person and I would recommend it to anybody I think it really changed me kayuu has an excellent reputation in the professional community my values of a person's strengths social justice the critical perspective as well as social diversity have all been validated throughout the course curriculum through the genuineness of my instructors and it has given me the ultimate students variance people seek out K U students because they know of the quality of education that they're getting

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