Why China Can't Hide Its Health Scandals

Why China Can't Hide Its Health Scandals

China has faced a series of health scandals over the past decade among the list of tainted goods were toothpaste pet food fish toys milk powder blood thinners cooking oil pork and most recently vaccines where the authorities used to downplay scandals and sweep them under the rug this vaccine scare shows just how much things have changed and the reason why the Chinese have turned to social media and the government is responding parents are expressing their anger on social media after drug regulators found a health care company produced 250,000 low-quality vaccines for infants the shots which are compulsory in China were supposed to protect their kids from potentially deadly de faria whooping cough and tetanus it's fair to say that producing low quality products happens in many other countries too the difference is in China due to the large population every problem gets amplified data for rabies vaccines were also found to have been fabricated some parents even picketed government offices and many flew to Hong Kong for foreign-made shots the government had no choice but to address the public outcry I think we are seeing a tipping point now where social media is becoming more influential than traditional news outlets the government can't control social media like they could with traditional media's so they're having to address the issues like never before in a rare reaction to public outcry President Xi Jinping personally called the vaccine scandal shocking and vaccine maker executives were detained within 48 hours of the initial clamor on social media due to the rapid growth of users on social media such as Veatch had an increasing number of bloggers news and views can spread more quickly the government's response recently was more timely than ever an investigation in punishment was more effective critics say that the health crises have stemmed from lacks regulations and light punishments in a current vaccine prices for example for the 250,000 ineffective vaccines they only got a fine of about 3 million yen or 440 thousand US dollars which is really low so if the country lacks regulation and the punishment for violation of the rules is low it's a really big temptation for local makers to use low-cost materials even bad quality products to sell and make a huge profit the inadequacy of regulations stems from government efforts to coddle domestic companies in an effort to help them grow on top of that imported medicines and vaccines commonplace around the world have long been unavailable because of an arduous drug approval system Chinese companies had to repeat all drug trials for imported medicines to get them signed off on in China his protected local drug makers but in October 2017 the country's regulator abolished this rule by introducing competitors into the market that will raise the bar in terms of quality and social media will continue to act as regulators you you

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45 thoughts on “Why China Can't Hide Its Health Scandals

  1. If China is really as awesome as they claim to be, why are their wealthiest people fleeing to the West that they despise so much?

  2. What's a few thousand babies, more or less? Mao killed 30 million Chinese during peacetime, and he's still a hero.

  3. I can believe all comments here are negative and have you been to China before? Do you know the real China? You are so ridiculous. And as an international media group, I think you should use a more reliable map or country’s name.

  4. Meanwhile, when Chinese are fighting for the valid vaccine, US having so called anti-vaccine movement. I mean, each country has its own issue.

  5. Chinese wants to depopulation people. They want to get rid off people they don't want. In America, it's the ​same… They don't want rapist, gangs, and drug gangs.

  6. While Chinese parents rushing to Hong Kong for a vaccination on their children, a Hong Kong celebrity spread the message of the ineffectiveness of approved and recommended vaccination to prevent disease. Idiocy everywhere.

  7. Social media to act as regulators for vaccines? May the divine Winnie the Pooh bless their souls, and they never pick up the autism vaccine trashy argument that plagues the internet.

  8. I'm so bewildered by these derisive comments on China when most of them have not even been to China or realise them fully. China just doesnt have as much liberty as other countries, but for even for foreigners living in China, you don't feel much interventions.

  9. If you want to talk about China at least you should have the decency to get the map of China right, in your map Taiwan isn't included dumbass.

  10. Daniela Wei – obviously one of the very few Chinese professionals who can speak English without an accent. Bravo!

  11. “Social media will continue to act as regulator “ how come this happen in those Chinese censorship and internet great-wall? Seems highly unlikely to me, sadly.

  12. China communist party does not really want to fibidden this kind of information which will not affect their autocracy,  and you canot find any true information about Tiananmen square massacre issue in China media.

  13. FACT according to UN 2015:
    US 79
    China 77
    India 68

    Education is important for some commentors whom has no sense of statistics.

  14. You only have to step outside of china to see that Chinese do not take safety seriously and everyone is trying to make a buck off of you. China simply is an inferior nation to the west and japan as well as hk and Taiwan.

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