Why FCR is the most powerful structural & neurological correction.

Why FCR is the most powerful structural & neurological correction.

hi this is dr. John in this video you will learn why functional cranial release is a unique and powerful structural and neurologic correction FCR is also not done the same on each patient but is tailored to each individual what we're doing is we're doing optokinetic testing it's very important to assess the optic kinetic response to determine how the patient's brain function is working and we look at this before and after our treatments why for me here I'm testing the patient's gag reflex on right and left side of gag reflex as well that would tell me that she has low vagal tone her digestion autonomic nervous system would be damn bird this is called saccades looking to see how she goes from one target very difficult for her to track up here I was hypokinetic this digital balance platform testing is very important to determine brain function as well and here we're doing glutathione nebulization with gluta serda product from buddhist wars gentle percussion has done to the skull and manipulation with the instrument is done along the spine then specific testing is done on the patient's balance there are specific brain balancing chiropractic manipulations that are performed on one side of the body and on the other side of the body then a specific endonasal inflation is performed in order to release the patient's skull changes in people's structure and neurology are typically seen after treatments she's got a gag reflex so her gag reflex returned her her eye abduction returned and her saccades returned where she's going upwards the cave which is really important would like to see that more clarity through my vision and yeah initially after the first one seen what my vision was a little clearing up and having you know blurry vision for a while now so you know I was happy with that and then of course the balanced test afterwards so it was a significant and visible difference that you know thanks for joining me if you'd like to contact our office give us a call or email me personally with any questions at ask dr. gel at gmail.com and remember if healing is possible consider it to be within your reach

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  1. This stuff don't work. This is straight up quackery. I have over 30 Chiropractic treatments and I still have my fuckin sciatica. Chiropractic adjustments and don't hold so please stay away from this f**** quack. If this guy was for real he be a medical doctor and not a doctor of chiropractic.

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