Why I choose to buy organic food – Organic September

Why I choose to buy organic food – Organic September

Hello Jackie Elton from Green Natural
Living in today’s video I want to talk about why I choose organic it’s
September or the end of September here in the UK and it’s getting very autumnal
very much a nip to the air in the mornings and the fires on most days now
and in September we have a whole month of promoting organics so it’s organic
September here in the UK it’s there’s various different organic companies that
get involved and it’s coordinated by the Soil Association and it’s great for
promoting organic products of all types now the thing is and it’s towards the
end of October and I’ve been meaning to do this all month but it’s just been a
little bit hectic once I got the kids back to school it just seems to have
been non-stop and for me organic is something I use every single day it’s
part of my life really every single day and it’s not just for September it’s
every day so I thought what I would do is tell you why I buy organic and
mention some of the things that I do buy and for more information I’ll pop a
link to the soil associations website in the comments so you can get more details
there.So why do I buy organic? Organic helps the environment in so many ways
and it also helps people in so many different ways so for me buying organic
really does help the planet in a very practical way so for example in organic
farming you have to have a healthy soil it’s the only way it works basically so
a healthy soil leads to healthy plants and healthy animals this means that
they’re less susceptible to diseases to pests and generally grow better so
therefore if we look at animals so I buy a lot of organic dairy products so you
can see in the background there’s a pot of Yeo Valley organic yogurt
so for animals organic farming is better for their welfare farmers can’t give
them antibiotics on a daily basis to ward off illnesses they have to make
sure that they’re naturally healthy so they have to feed them a good diet many
organic farms will have their cows out in fields eating grass and again for
organic meat I know everybody doesn’t isn’t keen on eating meat but for
organic meat pigs are kept outside and they’re kept really really healthy and
happy so that they have a strong immune system because you can only give sort of
antibiotics if an animal’s ill whereas in traditional farming methods when they
kept indoors and they’re fed not great food then they also feed them
antibiotics to keep them healthy until they slaughtered basically so organic
farming is better for animals and by having healthy soil which is the basis
as I said of organic farming and a healthy soil actually holds more carbon
dioxide within its structure and then a soil that’s pumped full with artificial
fertilizers and things like that so the soil has more invertebrates in it and
has more microbes in it it has more organic matter in it and this means that
it can trap more carbon dioxide which if you’re looking at climate change and
wanting to help with that is a really really good thing to do apparently red
on your soil is a soil Association website that healthy soil actually holds
five times more carbon and then forests do now I don’t know the specifics of
that whether it’s the amount of healthy soil that we have versus the number of
forests we have or whether it’s a per area of each I don’t know I’d need to
research that more so if we’re looking at helping climate change then actually
going for organic can really really help because more carbon if we get more soils
healthy more carbon will go into those soils and out of the atmosphere which
would be really good for people for far farming organically is far better for
them because they aren’t being around pesticides and things like that so for
example organic cotton this this dress is pretty
organic cotton from sea salt so organic cotton is mostly farmed in places like
India and Africa I think some is in America maybe but by getting organic
cotton and supporting people that grow organic cotton it means that the workers
aren’t being exposed to those pesticides because obviously in those country in
sort of Africa and India definitely the health and safety for those farm workers
isn’t as good so some die from and some villagers died and from exposure to
pesticides if it gets into the water and things like that so it’s really good for
people in that way the people are farming it also organic cotton in
particular uses far less water again I’m assuming that’s because the soil is
healthier it holds more water and things like that and also the farmers get a
better living growing organic cotton it’s more sustainable living and there’s
high profits for them so that they actually can live better and then
traditional cotton and things like that so um that’s another positive so we’ve
got positives for the soil which holds more carbon and we’ve got positives for
the animal welfare we’ve got positives for farmers and
actually do the farming of the products and then we have health for people that
are eating organic food the statistics say that there are less antibiotics and
pesticides in organic food and that dairy products organic dairy products
have more omega-3 I think oils in them and so that means you’ve got more
nutrients that your concern if you eat organic then we’ve got the
wildlife so there’s lots of publicity at the minute about bees and I love these I
love sitting in my garden watching bees but there’s a lot going on about trying
to ban certain pesticides to help bee population and again it’s not just bees
but organic farming has I’m not quite sure the percentage but has more
wildlife generally on those farms than non-organic farms
so that’s insects butterflies birds I’m assuming small mammals so it’s great and
that there are more it helps wildlife and recently in London there was a big
march for wildlife so going choosing to support the organic farming industry by
buying their products means that again you are supporting wider environmental
issues such as diversity and wildlife and things like that
so I think that’s covered the main things I was wanting today to say today
but one of the things is how do you know if a product is organic so I’ve got some
products here so you see this is an organic hand cream and it’s from Neal’s
Yard remedies and you can see here if I hold where am I there you go you can see
that that’s the soil SH Association logo on that which means
it’s definitely organic again this is from my cotton dress and you can see
there there’s a Soil Association logo and also it’s saying about organic
farming no GM keeps soil healthy less greenhouse gases more habitats for
wildlife no nasty chemicals and that’s sort of on the ticket from sea salt and
then another organic logo you might see is this one here the
little leaf can you see that and this is something I tried new for organic
September so this is a chili relish it’s really lovely I got it from ethical
superstore I did a bit of a haul and then I have organic apples and you can
see both logos on that Apple packet and what else we’ve got some products over
here on the organic hazelnut and chocolate spread by essential just very
nice you can see there there’s the leaf logo and then on my Yeoh Valley I buy a
lot of video value products so I have their yoghurt i buy their milk their
butter occasionally the rice cream and where’s there they go you can see both
logos there so there’s a leaf on there and then up here there’s a Soil
Association so anything that’s organic has to meet certain standards so that’s
why they are independently inspected to make sure that they’re not using
antibiotics that make sure they’re you know that they’re basically meeting all
the criteria and so if you want to know more about soil Association and the the
sort of things organic farms have to do to basically be able to put that logo or
that logo on the products then again I will put a link in the description below
so that you can read all about it so also it’s part of organic September
if you’re quick eg in the next couple of days then you can print off some coupons
so I’ve got a coupon there for sixty P 65 P off yo Valley organic natural
yoghurt and on the back another product I use regularly is organic
clippety so I’ve got 50 P of that so and it’s worth going on to the organic
September website which again I’ll put in the links below and yeah so do you
use organic products if you do tell me your favorite products in the comments
below because it might be a product I don’t know about in which case I love
finding out that new organic products and I love trying them hence as I say I
tried this this September and I tried some lovely organic soups or if there’s
somewhere that you like to get organics from and let me know they are becoming
more widely available so I do shop it online so for example as ethical
superstore that has a big organic range and you can get them from health food
shops and depending on what supermarket you go to you can get organic products
from there and then there are also vegetable box schemes so there’s lots of
places that you can get organic from it might just take you a little time just
to find out what there is locally but just have fun doing it you know have fun
finding out these new things and trying these new products um so yeah so if
you’ve enjoyed this video please do give it a thumbs up so more people to see it
and as I say tell me below if you’re using organics and what your favorite
products are and if there’s anybody you know think they would like to see this
video then share it on as well and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and
you know if you want to then click for notifications but and then then you’ll
see all my other videos as I produce them but that’s it for me now so happy
organic September and I’ll see you again soon okay thanks a lot bye bye

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