Why I chose Avant Healthcare Professionals

Why I chose Avant Healthcare Professionals

hi my name is Angela and I'm a philippine a registered nurse assigned here it's an Angela Texas so the reason why I decided to create this blog even if I am NOT a professional blogger I'm just a trying hard to be a blogger it's because I wanted to share my experience or based on the title of this video why I decided to choose Avadh over other recruitment agencies and at the same time I just want to also have this vídeo para my circle to those Filipino nurses nanda gasp iron maha punk apply or Maupin trabajo de dos America and clueless I'll accompaniment start or come animal kingdom agency petting a player nila so first some of you say good or not I get a new name even post ko or your mum comments casa la a nursing mother Filipino nurse in group or forums of Facebook so my mama yah nurses nominee message of course I think private account asking the same question which is basically kamusta buying experience go with a vat or okay vomit applies awhile unfortunately because of the time zone difference in vehicle never ever play and lahat so just in case me McDonald that I can just share the link of this video so just a brief of a background case mi mami banana cotton on : mahira bum apply or Marah me Brazil on my exam so in my personal experience when I sign up with a warrant I already have my employ X miles might be subscribe basically in order Co muna unfortunately during my time in deeper Tameka luma agency in the muck shouldered on my expenses name cocina made this a retrogression at the time but right now major competitiveness islamic recruits Pilipinas i think as long as registered nurses a Filipina strong a graduate belonging nursing premier cru Camilla high up in epic signed up you know fair enough I own a Mac sign ups a vanilla so in my case knowing that the player survived Marin akhom exams at Marin and home priority day so bucket before neck beside Mac sign up with them so unlike most of you none domineering resources Tsugumi ma uh trabajo Narayana that puts America Meryem Facebook me YouTube so in my case American DeLuca trabajo Annapolis Nevada so noon time an acronym priority decode Kayla for the mechanic no agency tanne reason Coulomb combat atomic sign of Sonny discuss a main opposition ibeacon Co at cattle alcohol and at the same time well an among permit Nana sabi humor I began communal but more than that with all honesty will Italica home idea at Indian economist goal columnist Maha Pontus americanum moleska Sonia and I think I own papers coats it took more than almost 10 years bug actually upon upon us America Ksenia untied Navin maybe say retrogression yeah so you'd love to like the human main reason come back at the whole next sign up with them to my surprise non-factor Abajo Nevada toes America and I am exposed with other Filipino nurses with para under different agencies share a very common to us Filipinos cap agreement gathering or a cup of memo duty in Tomorrowland topic and about pan-american today's agents as America and among agents in your Costa by ultra to say no and hindi naman my Coppola man must maganda young experience at you assistants Nanoha diamond as compared Salmonella indication of sobbing permit um agency in a on or in our booster you mobility no it's definitely no but mass maganda nylon young experienced them and cast a vanilla hindi kannada by bad mouth or he become a specific owned an apartment experiment assam hanka but i'll just focus on the reason why satisfy us a van as my recruitment agency una una at the moment that I signed up with them since curtain Amaya priority did go so you expect Napa but Caetano agency player at the moment of acronym priority live comas constant now you of me missing Sheila senior so no Sapodilla compadre harmony la capacidad boy you communication in a socket and then like for father silly logic and para means an acquaintance automatic submit normal requirements nahi nahi Mila so in terms of communication in kids in terms of updates of my application status satisfy the possible Portman Stella Melora noon approved neon visa CO and piped a para comment dues so America so the way how they do it regardless concern state homicide latinum nurses or therapists nahin hai Neela in a dilemma Manila sub-base office the language is in Casselberry Florida or in Orlando Florida salon Munna pupunta so no the Crime Commission Orlando Florida telegram but element Monahan be timid or Dominican the animal valve in your medallion muna mater got Nellie lagina guató suprem organized from arrival pollen me Madonna Sassoon decennial with matching welcome to America banner path and then me malapa under Napoli machine no Susan to say no and then it requires a mama apartment an event comes on comedy stage so while in Florida American four to six weeks stable Attila Talib Don but on cultural and clinical training so during that span of time memama different lectures Mima different activities kinda goin on Jenna young but practice comadre mangaka who are you know US driver's license genuine cocoa oppan kangnam bank account Don Young because vaccinations purpose general care to to ruin a mechanic known apartment general to Tatia system Aconitum Sasaki on and then my part but clinical concern pattern barbaric kassapa giggling nursing students concerned pop kita senior doctor say no young usual mama nursing procedures neguin ago body to America of course as nurses my mom experienced magnet I borrow but I Puma does America pero they just want to make sure now all about nurses they have a parent they're in the same boat but I'm human supply stood in the gamete or a copepod no did not go they just want to make sure in analyzer assignment para para who you at least your basic knowledge Nuno similar basic nursing procedure while you were in Florida I think mama happened up in Kingdom allowance in being Adam Xiang hourly rate in a personal but that will be good enough Paramore sustaining expenses in your husband at NASA Florida papaya and since Librium on your accommodation in your pre no provide Manila in your basic needs or basic Nehalem and and you like me Kumiko Nanami toiley enemy toiletries mamimi Pamela banner and then soccer Cena me mama be signal commitment on Sehun young param gatim eating or a spender most likely human dilemma your personal needs Moodle and Hindi Magadan kalakeya probably Mahima actually maps saguru bahaha become a typical Mojave Ponca potential on IB beginning Millison your earlier in Orlando while you're in Florida Atma da da da Winter Park Nakata NASA assignment mean your pan Appa you difference Nunavut is Miss mcgoun the transition from Florida poeple turbines assignment in oh I remember in my case man salmon avoids Fanta box a vanilla is transitions and trabajan Allah is a guide kale from Florida hyun-bin supplies of assignment we know so for the first three to four days the toboggan area número Pepa sama from Havana if up the driveway Osama honking her grocery so someone came abuts apartment sasame Han can pick up in u.s. appearances Omaha implemented is a hospital dr. Rob Owen mom he asked Anila a passive AHA Kakinada done most likely so he mimicked Canela i mean ii is a setup Canada no meetings among Massa manager more into token Ellison unity know so basically the partners facility can our own as a place of assignment Canada before Cannella eewan they will make sure ready or a stable kana or radical an appetizer and then lastly you've been around a bush 207 lat Union parent Hindi common Sahiban agency constant Bedini on communication at guidance nila saying okay it NASA remote area now like for example I remember no orientation period Coburn every week Kayla Tolga in Ottawa Camilla for just to make sure in the back up a code alcohol and that did not start from day one or week while not having deployment condoms the last week knocking want rata so if you're going to ask me if and what is the best recruitment agency Sharon because of Sabina or casts a pineco making a final marketing strategy my agency and partner McCarter co-founder says and which is a good thing for us Filipino nurses param if there's a competition at this manometer option and then pattern human recruitment agencies the environment the cockpit visitor Aramis Margaret said enormous Mohammed nurses and homicide victim seguro he dementia young the best agency pero Campobasso calm qualified or mahogany la it won't be a bad choice I'm syllabic Oleg a once Nopalito an under kind of agency most likely being an agency major mahir up shall he be specifically because of that agency but in general an Indian psychopath now the person ' in contrast I think the robber who never below me some direct staff nurse I would be realistic to say 'no mas malok a young benefits non-human as compared noon agency PAHO but I'm gonna tell again except are you learning business without without this agency is most likely my help I'm a part of America so I laminate in Silla and at the same time relevant did need a diorama so stimulating business nila so for example if they're going to offer us a higher rate apart on a mozilla kickee tapu party muscle recruitment nurses for piracy remarkable by adnan people employ Adelina so technically I would say young man agency not all they will always be here to help us but param stepping stone young happens in Hong Kong what multiples cast of need and finally marijuna or much that cannot are gonna carry more as a registered nurse or a summer sleeper saw America and maganda London's avoid is you contra tanya is per hour left for example there's two agency not offer say you know yo ISA is three years quadric like for example next Arcanum June 2017 and then what adoption contrato is June 2020 whereas with a ban in opera and Canada um certain or specific number of hours I would say the most moderate Muslim complete of us a most likely mug may extra hour schemata White's either leave Dominic document so extra hours night or the meeting kayo after your shift so extra hours may also loving the data by use our small the Bubba Watson's contrato here in America were only required toward 36 hours or three shift most likely comes a hospital comma a sign so you know bonamana kusuma trabajo lana three days long same lingo local work and I know God will use an iPod nano it doesn't mean never come per hour in quantum or it doesn't mean que llevan motion pedometer Abajo economic power hang I know Sahil param four times a week I hope I'm a pass off most often in in a span of one year in ten months the top screen contrast a vanilla so after that Padme enjoy gonna young parent benefits known per giving some core or regular staff nurse Lee to America so just to summarize my video or my blog if you are thinking of playing with a but this is not part of the marketing strategy I'm not in connection with their marketing people or marketing group I won't even ask you to put my name on your monitor resource person or consider man and good for signor casanetti because sedan with fellow boarders I will even insisted that it's just my personal way of sharing my experience now software the top salsa agent Sakana welcome muscle mountain up I will happen bad experience I'm very thankful maloo maloo ha Doha for homeless update course a vanilla I'm very grateful for their assistance I don't think base among sama Hank or the mean mama even agency nah Umaga Vanunu Gaga vanilla Salmonella but at the end of the day it's up to you I would advise you param compare the others offer or comedy pavilion epic a personal but never ever consider coming in offer an hourly rate link menu as mean reasonable capo Contessa agency neon you should always consider company vanilla so support ohonta burgundy token as America like for example not even a mulatto you may cut in aladdin's area Nabokov behind more so Menachem Begin American agency a lot more the part acquired or really condemned to lumen and constant you are indeed a cup of a problem and in a catalog and regular your Napa okay commander my famiiy problema man cuz I'm here upbeat a matter about no be done nurse America so what a mother guide say oh he repealed so you know setting in corner greatest asset nama bad you bad Anila a guide or papazilla EEOC's you Mandir says for therapists Allah so now that I am done with my contract I can say in a pattern I am confident enough guy Lumi patent economists eight or Qaeda me but monopoly bomb hospital Alam ko kya hua casa camba renegade knock on a pinecone Papa no Copa Panama move higher copepod motor Abajo Tito be donors so with love so hot number Filipino nurses or whom maybe Bangla him and I don't think they would understand because Macapagal Okafor but anyway good luck saying your application just a piece of advice or motivation colony on I'm starting over from scratch so to let you know next I did a possible kind of agency like NCLEX dinner connect is dinner it took ten years before I came here in America so grab this opportunity in a career thing priority date exhibition mass Mabini map of the veto so who need to delegate para Nino so what can you top it laughs I American you so hope to see you all soon here in America thank you

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