Why Is My Dog SO Itchy – the 5 Big Causes! – Dog Health Vet Advice

Why Is My Dog SO Itchy - the 5 Big Causes! - Dog Health Vet Advice

if your dog has started scratching then this video is for you as I answer the question why is my dog so itchy by running through the five main causes of itchiness in dogs I undocked relax the vet behind our pets health calm where my aim is to bring you pet health information designed to help you and your pet live a healthier happier life so make sure to subscribe by hitting the button down below if you're not already so let's jump into the five main causes of itchiness in dogs and the first one is going to be infections so this can be a bacterial infection or it can be a fungal infection or a yeast infection is the other one there is often an underlying cause so that can be some of the other things that I'm going to be talking about so it's important that if you think your dog has got an infection then they get a proper diagnosis because otherwise it will likely come back or it will be a recurrent problem further down the line now like I say these can be bacterial infections so you'll get things like hot spots maybe which could have patches of really wet moist inflamed and painful skin you can also get ear infections as well so there are you know often caused by the same things that can cause other skin infections it might just be that there's an infected cut or a bite or something like that that's become a little bit nasty and causing that itchiness so infections is my first main cause of itchiness in dogs now the next problem and number two is going to be anal gland disease so the anal glands have two sacs either side of the back passage and if they become really full and enlarged then that can become quite irritating and uncomfortable for a dog now some of them will scoot their bum along the ground to try and relieve that irritation but others will chew and nibble and lick and scratch much like an itchy dog would so it definitely looks like they're itchy when perhaps there may be just more uncomfortable but that itch enos will more be focused around their back end so their thighs around their tail base around the the very kind of back part of their spine and they'll be chewing and nibbling and they can make that quite sore and they can then actually cause an infection in that skin just because of the damage that they're doing to themselves okay so my third cause of itchiness in dogs is going to be parasites and this is a really common one so flea these are the most likely here they're common throughout the year so it's not just I'm in the warmer months although they are more prevalent then and their numbers are higher but as our houses are getting better insulated and the heating is better then even in really cold climates fleas can be a problem in the middle of winter obviously if you live in somewhere a little bit warmer then these are a year-round problem and should be treated as such and we should certainly be kind of thinking about flea prevention as a year-round issue and also if your dog has started itching and they haven't had a recent flea treatment then that's probably the first thing to try and do if you can't see anything else wrong with them because it's a very common problem and really it's a frustrating trip to the vets if all your vet does is say well I can see fleas and give you a flea treatment that could be something that you could have applied yourself and saved you the cost of a consultation fee but as well as fleas we can also see mites so the big one here is going to be sarcoptic mange the mange mite that causes really bad itchiness it causes thickening of the skin will often get a lot of skin damage as a result of the scratching that the dogs doing because it's really that bad but there are a number of other mites as well and then lice is another problem that we don't see quite so much it's not very common but more certainly in the areas where I've I've worked but in your area may be more prevalent or it's certainly something to think about and parasites are the third cause of itchiness in dogs at number four we've got actual skin conditions themselves so that could be dry skin it could be greasy skin that's causing itchiness it might be that there's an underlying hormonal abnormality that scauses converts causing itchiness or it could also be a problem with the diet so for example a diet that's not got enough essential fatty acids in it causing the skin to be dry and that's kind of the cause there and then at number five we've got allergic skin disease so this is another big one and I'd say along with parasites allergic skin disease is probably the most common cause of itchiness in dogs so we've got a number of different types of allergy that our dogs can suffer from so we've got a flea allergic dermatitis and that's actually an allergy to the flea saliva so even when there's only one or two fleas present that wouldn't normally cause a really severe problem we've got if your dog's got a flea allergic dermatitis then they will have an intense really severe reaction to those bites just because of the allergy to the flea saliva ATP is another cause of allergy so that's actually in an allergy to the environment or pollens or other things within the air so much like we have hay fever that causes us to UM sniff and sneeze and be all snotty so ATP is a bit like a hay fever for dogs but rather than getting no symptoms they're getting really itchy skin and then we can also have a food allergy now that's not maybe as communist you might think or you might have heard but it is something that we see on a not too irregular basis and that's often an allergy actually to the protein part of the diet so that's I'm your chicken or your beef being the most common and then finally you can get allergies so contact allergies where something comes into contact with the skin a chemical or something like that that causes a real itchy reaction and then you can also have insect bites and an allergy to insect bites where you get really itchy nosov itchiness and you can get inflamed hive type reactions where you get little swollen bumps or just general swelling over the skin where those bites were so really those are the five main causes of itchiness and dog so we've got infections we've got anal gland problems we've got parasites we've got skin conditions and then we've got allergic skin disease it's important that we do get a proper diagnosis because a lot of these conditions will need ongoing management to try and prevent them too from becoming a real problem in the future to prevent them from getting worse and to keep them under control so it is important that we get a proper diagnosis so if your dog is really itchy and you've got no idea why then a trip to your vet is never going to be a bad idea okay so I hope you found this useful if you've got any questions please leave them in the comments down below remember to subscribe it until next time i'm dr. alex this is our pets health because they're family

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