Why Nepute Wellness Center – Dr. Eric Nepute

Why Nepute Wellness Center - Dr. Eric Nepute

hey everybody this is dr. Eric and Pootie I'm the founder and creator of the new pootie wellness centers here in st. Louis Missouri I just wanted to take a minute and share a little bit about who we are and what we do with you and the rest of the community you know the pootie Wellness Center really started out of well out of frustration many of you guys know that I'm a doctor of chiropractic but let me tell you little bit about how that journey started so many years ago I've always been excited about the human body and and nutrition and sports and bodybuilding and just just physiology in general ever since I was a kid I've been very intrigued by it well I was very blessed and got to play football in college and obviously in high school as well and when I was in college I was studying to be a sports medicine doctor an orthopedic surgeon is what I wanted to do and I would hang out with the team doctors and the team trainers these are my friends well my senior year in college I sustained a neck injury that nobody could help me with and quite honestly it changed my life forever I was all set up ready to go northwestern medical school it's good to be an orthopedic surgeon following the footsteps of my idols who I looked up to at my team physicians and then come to find out what this injury they couldn't help me I had a herniated disc in my neck and some what they call subluxation in the cervical spine which I didn't know at the time what it was and I was devastated because my idols my heroes couldn't help me my friend's father who's a chiropractor who I've known since I was a small child called me up and said I want you to come see me I can help you and I thought well what do I have to lose but growing up you know chiropractors they weren't even real doctors right there were those quack doctors that that you didn't go see right it wasn't the normal doctor so I started to go see dr. Mark Waid in Carlinville Illinois and after just a few adjustments I could move my arm again I could move my neck again and my life was back well I never was able to get back to playing sports again because the nerve damage was so bad they told me that one more big hit and I might be paralyzed but that happened for a reason and I believe all things happen for a reason a very faith-based guy many of you know that and so he told me about chiropractic and taught me about helping people find the cause of the problem and fixing that helping them helping them get their lives back so I decided to go check out Logan college of chiropractic fell in love with it it made sense to me and the rest history so from Logan I learned how to become a great chiropractor I learned a lot of great stuff but then when to go on further and dig deeper into my education so I went to university Madison Wisconsin got my fellowship and internal health got advanced training in neurology and in nutrition and there's more stuff that we've learned along the way I'm still learning right and I'm not telling you that to impress you but to impress upon you that our background is so diverse that we look at things different and so the new putti wellness system really developed out of necessity out of frustration I wanted to create a one-stop shop where people could go and get the true cause of their problem created so in our offices we have a model that we use we say we don't guess we test physiology never lives and so when a person comes in our office regardless of what symptom they have we measure their physiology because everything has a cause and if we can find the cause of the problem we can fix it which is why I'm proud to be considered a DC a doctor of chiropractic which also stands for a doctor of cause in my world so if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired if you've got chronic pain if you've got illnesses injuries or it's you're a quote-unquote healthy person but you want to stay healthy and take your life in your health to the next level or maybe you have a curse of sickness on your family maybe everybody has diabetes or heart disease or cancer or chronic pain and you want to break that cycle we can help with that so I want you to come to one of our facilities and see if we can help you find the true cause of your health problems so I would encourage every one of you to go to new putti wellness comm that's NEP Ute wellness comm to learn more about who we are what we do and how we can help serve your family so again the putti wellness comm that's NEP Ute wellness calm I look forward to seeing you and your family on your next office visit have a great name

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