Why The ADA Diet Is the Best Diet to lose weight? | Balanced diet

Why The ADA Diet Is the Best Diet to lose weight? | Balanced diet

Today, we are going to talk about dieting When we think about diets, we only think about weight loss We really don’t think whether it is healthy for us Will it give me the nutrition that I need We are very lucky to have Tina Sipra from Doctor Diet To tell us why the ADA diet And why she prefers that for weight loss and healthy eating The ADA diet from the American Diabetic Assocation It follows the food guide pyramid that has been set forth by the USDA Encourages healthy eating Distribution of various food groups Serving sizes that are recommended If I follow the ADA diet will it help me lose weight Combined with exercise and if you follow the food guide pyramid you can maintain or lose weight Why amongst all the diets out there you have chosen the ADA diet Because it is a balanced diet It gives me serving sizes or portions for each food group Serving size for carbohydrates, proteins, fats and dairy It tells me how much a person should be consuming on a daily basis An you think that this is suitable for the Indian lifestyle Because we have a lot of vegetarians Yes, the proteins are what we call as the exchange system Proteins can be exchanged for vegetarian options So what are the key elements of the ADA diet So the base of the food guide pyramid has the carbohydrate servings and there are a certain number of servings there is a minimum and a maximum amount So you have to go by that range of carbohydrate Then you servings listed from the protein group And then from dairy Fats and oils are used sparingly this sounds very complex How can you do it simply Do I have put everything into a portion control and watch everything So we in general in day to day life say watch your plate So your plate should have one carbohydrate serving the size of your fist One protein serving the size of your palm Most of the plate should be filled with greens And what about fats can you use them sparingly normally in our Indian cooking we do use fats while cooking they get covered in the food guide pyramid And how do we go about physical activity Encourage 30 minute of cardio every single day Does brisk walking count 30 minutes of a brisk walk does count as the activity How do you make it simple what should I remember Eat all foods, but eat them in moderation Follow the food guide pyramid Exercise

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3 thoughts on “Why The ADA Diet Is the Best Diet to lose weight? | Balanced diet

  1. This food pyramid suggested by these people and the ADA is wrong! It is VERY dangerous for diabetics. I agree with "KETO IF" below.

  2. High carbs cause insulin resistant, which cause body inflamation in the long term. It is embarrasing that these doctors are giving advices; they should re-educate themselves on nutritions and human physiology.

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