Why You Can’t Trust Nutrition Science & Health Claims

Why You Can’t Trust Nutrition Science & Health Claims

Today’s episode is sponsored by audible It is a common assumption that the human species grows more intelligent as time progresses We are certainly learning more about how the world works from space exploration to the smallest atoms Our knowledge is expanding But is all the scientific knowledge making us healthier when it comes to food Scientific research has done little to make us healthier as a species But rather it has done far more to ensure the profits of massive food corporations For centuries now humans have studied food the field of food science began in the early 1800s when English chemist William Prout proclaimed that he had identified the three pillars that make up all food fat protein and carbohydrates shortly after this discovery German scientist juice dis von Liebig added a few new minerals to the big three and Declared that he had uncovered the mystery of animal nutrition. This was the dawn of nutritionism an ideology of viewing food for its nutritional value Rather than its taste or tradition This would be the biggest shift in the way humans ate food since the invention of Agriculture Liebig would go on to concoct the first ever baby formula consisting of cow’s milk wheat flour malted flour and potassium bicarbonate this invention would reveal itself as a massive failure of liebig’s understanding of nutrition For babies fed, exclusively on his formula would suffer serious health effects regardless of this failure Scientists were determined to break down food to its smallest elements and unlock its nutritional secrets Enter the 20th century and the rise of the Kellogg Empire John Harvey Kellogg Considered a diet guru at the time went on an unfounded campaign to smear animal protein in an attempt to promote is much healthier snacks and cereals Kellogg convinced the public that protein proliferated toxic bacteria that destroyed organs and even spread the idea that protein caused obsessive masturbation in the mid 1900s the focus would become fat as Americans gain weight throughout the century a logical target was fad Short-sighted consensus would lead us to believe that eating fat makes you fat Science and the media would support that logic by demonizing fat and soon every aisle in the grocery store was nonfat this or low-fat that as you do a little more investigating you uncovered that many of the studies that demonized fat in the 1960s and 70s were funded by sugar companies the same thing happened in the tobacco industry with physicians approved cigarettes that could miraculously heal a sore throat clean your teeth and lead to a longer life of Course these studies and claims were all funded by the tobacco industry Today it’s the same story But different culprit packaged foods are now covered with health labels of no carbs and sugar free The science is now telling us that some fats are a necessary part of a healthy diet Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats which are found in foods like fish seeds nuts Olive oils and avocados are a major source of energy Help you absorb, vitamins and minerals are needed to build cell membranes Essential for blood clotting muscle movement and hormonal balance for the last 40 years Marketing on food labels has convinced the public that fat makes us fat which could not be farther from the truth Yet many of us go on trusting food labels that claim to be backed up by science What happens when we zoom out at the last two centuries and review all the nutrition science? You’d think that with all these studies and health revelations that the population as a whole would be much healthier if the goal of foods Was to produce the most optimal most nutritious food wouldn’t there be ultra healthy? superhumans walking around everywhere The fact is the exact opposite is true after All the studies and research the Western world is more unhealthy than ever More than 100 million people in the United States have diabetes or prediabetes About 70% of the population is overweight and 40% is obese heart disease is the number one killer of Americans Nutrition science may have its intentions rooted in the right place But ultimately it has been manipulated to serve the capitalist profit machine not our health Nutrition fads health claims and diet plans have fueled the food industry into a nine trillion dollar glutton The bottom line is the Western diet is not good for health if this wasn’t already obvious enough We have startling proof of just how unhealthy the Western diet is when it gets introduced to an isolated Population like the aboriginals who for thousands of years lived on animals, they hunted and plants they could gather Once the Western diet was introduced to them the rates of obesity heart disease addiction and diabetes Skyrocketed when aboriginals get off the Western diet and go back to their traditional ways of eating they lose weight Lower their blood pressure lower cholesterol and dramatically improve their health in all areas We should ask ourselves. How different are we from aboriginals? What’s even more concerning is the conflicting alliance between the health care system and the corporations that produce our food? The unhealthy addictive food that is force-fed to the masses ensures that there is a steady flow of paying customers for hospitals and drug companies in 2016 Bayer pharma acquired Monsanto the world’s largest food agriculture company for sixty three billion dollars This merger put Bayer in control of 1/4 of the world’s food supply Why would a pharmaceutical company want to control the food supply? This is just one example of how the large corporations don’t have your best interests at heart They only care about profit and they use Scientific research to manipulate the population at the expense of our health So what can you do to escape the complicated misleading maze of information surrounding food? The answer could be an entire three-hour video on its own But here are a few simple rules to follow Don’t eat anything. Your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food avoid food products containing ingredients that are a Unfamiliar B unpronounceable C more than five and number avoid food products that make health claims shop, the peripheries of the supermarket the middle aisles are where all the processed foods are get out of the Supermarket whenever possible and go to farmers markets in closing we need to move away from Deconstructing food into nothing more than calories and nutrients it’s time We reevaluate our relationship with food and it is a relationship Everything in nature has a deep relationship with what it eats. This is what keeps nature’s balance in Ancient times a human’s entire day would revolve around food growing it catching it Preparing it and sharing it Now the average person spends only an hour per day interacting with food We want instant gratification with food and with everything today We want our nutrition now We want our meals instant the faster the better, but it’s time We reconsider that relationship get as close to the source of where your food comes from if you have space Plant a garden it is time to reconnect with the source that nourishes us You will find that this connection will lead to re connections in every aspect of your life The information in this video comes from Michael Pollan’s book in defense of food, which brilliantly breaks down How our relationship with food has changed over the last two centuries You can listen to the entire audio book or any other audio book on audible. Just visit audible.com backslash after school or text after school to 500 500 to get a 30-day free trial a Free audiobook plus two audible originals which are all yours to keep even if you cancel Audible is great for listening and learning. Will you commute or during a workout? So go to audible.com? Backslash after school or text after school to 500 500 to get started today For more interesting videos like this one, please subscribe You

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100 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Trust Nutrition Science & Health Claims

  1. Thank you so much to everyone that supports After Skool on Patreon. It's been a big help! https://www.patreon.com/AfterSkool
    I am also so grateful for all the interesting video ideas that are being sent my way. Much appreciation!

  2. I would recommend that everyone read "How Not To Die", by Michael Greger, Gene Stone. They discuss these similar topics in greater and more scientific details. They also give you a list of easily obtainable and cheap foods that we all can eat. Also, shout out to @YungHuman and @The Jaxx Channel – Self-Growth Health Wellness. You both make great points in your comments!

  3. I recommend everyone learns how to cook and better understand the relationship with ingredients and taste. Most of us have an underdeveloped/untrained pallet that can't differentiate between over-processed food and a properly prepared meal. Once I started cooking, I was soon able to taste each ingredient in a dish I found the majority of processed food was largely imitation and lacked any substantial flavor. The best experience I had was when I ate chicken that was walking around earlier that day, sucks for the chicken but got damn was he delicious

  4. I think the largest problem is not capitalism like you seem to point the fingers at throughout this video. Capitalism provides the products we demand. We are the gluttons and the lazy ones. What you want is the old family structure. The man works a job and the wife stays home and cooks and she buys fresh food from the local markets and cooks everything fresh each day. The problem with that is the economy is set up (partially because of greed) for both parents to work fulltime and the knowledge of cooking (as well as sewing and knitting and other domesticated chores) is fading away and has been for a long time. Time is money after all. parents and grandparents do not stay at home. They do not work together and everybody wants their independence. it is easier then to work and buy stuff instead. The pre packaged foods are the biggest problems. they tend to have the least amount of nutrition. Too many restaurants rely on prepackaged foods too. They do not need too. It is all about saving the pennies.

  5. Obesity is also caused by lack of exercise and binge eating junk food which is caused by your DNA, its not that eating hamburger, chips, chocolate, ice cream and pizza is bad, its about how much you choose to eat, if you can balance the amount of food you intake and stay hydrated and have enough excerise like a 1 hour walk a day you will be healthy, and sleep is also very important, a lack of sleep will increase weight, don't take too much stimulants like caffeine and sugar, these things causes stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia, meat is very important to stay healthy too for it has all the mineral's your body needs for a lack of intake, a lot healthier then being vegan, for a vegan diet will cause an increase of testosterone which increases energy which increases alertness, anger, anxiety and insomnia, and also being vegan makes you feel hungry all the time, I can't remember the chemical reason why but its got something to do with the lack of protein I think

  6. Hey After Skool…im a 5'10, 36 yr old male that weighs 180. I literally eat ANYTHING i feel like except sodas, and i maintain constant 180lbs without any other "nutrition/diet" its all bullshit.

  7. This fall, lay a bunch of cardboard down on the sunniest part of your lawn. Pile as much organic material as you can on top. Leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, food scraps, manure, coffee grounds, dirt, whatever you can get. Come spring, use a pickaxe or shovel to mix it all up with the dirt underneath (Only do that step the first year.) Google your last frost date, and plant a bunch of Dollar Tree seeds according to the directions on the back. Water daily. You'll have failures and success, but every season you'll learn more and get hundreds to thousands of pounds of delicious, healthy food, and you'll be on a pathway to freedom.

  8. You guys sound more and more like you dropped a heroic dose =)
    My suggestions for food: 1) avoid added sugar 2) eat real food.
    What`s real food? It is it`sown ingredient. Apple is made of apple. Meat is made of mea.

  9. Everyone needs to watch John Rose if you want to live past 100 and still be up and running around.
    Here is a link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JRawRose

  10. Grandma was eating Arsenic to make her skin whiter. When sick she ate cough drops that had heroin in them. Her Coca-Cola had cocaine in it, and was a "shot in the arm." And mostly dirt from The Great Depression.

  11. You're confusing nutritionists with published researches, the most diffused and discussed ones and the most reliable… Plus you didn't provide a single sources for your claims, this is populism and demagogy, I expected more from you

  12. 4:56 "Nutrition science may have its intentions rooted in the right place, but ultimately it has been manipulated to serve the capitalist profit machine not our health". Could not agree more.

  13. It seems to me that you're only referring to junk food when you say "western diet". Am I to believe that a person from an isolated society would get fat and develop health problems by eating American meat and vegetables?

  14. Nutritionfacts.org (he has a YouTube channel aswell) is a non profit organization that helps us know the TRUTH behind food science 🙂

  15. Moderately eat everything, simple, don’t cut anything, just eat less, exercise and do not overeat one food type.

  16. Capitalism at work. No ethics, no morals, no value of human life. We need to introduce some guidelines into our system of capitalism that helps prevent evil like this on such a massive scale.

  17. I keep saying that we need a nuclear war to kill us all.
    Todays world is just hell,lies and manipulation for imaginary power and fucking paper…

  18. your video seemed interesting,but you lost me at the part where you tell us the rules.
    what the fuck do you mean avoid products with matterials that are"unfamiliar""unpronouncable"and"more than 5 in number".
    soooo if i find a food with mercury should i eat it?
    i am familiar with it,and i can pronounce it,this does not mean that i should eat it since i know it is harmful.
    since most people are not chemists,most matterials are unfamilar to them,not to mention that the ammount of the chemicals we eat matters a lot.
    also i have no idea what do you mean by more than 5 in number.

  19. The meat, dairy, and egg industries are the biggest culprits by far. Most studies that claim these foods are super healthy for you are mostly likely funded by these industries. A lot of unbiased peer reviewed studies will show that a predominantly plant based diet is the healthiest for you.

  20. Pffft… NO! obviously you cannot trust the "science" of nutrition!  You have to pay attention to how you feel!  It blows my mind that people are willing to inject street drugs with dirty needles into their veins to feel good, but they are unwilling to eat more fruits and vegetables to feel good!  Sure vegetables are not as intense as heroin, but if you pay attention they DO make you feel better!

  21. Great work After Skool!!!  I wish you continued success!  You are helping humanity ascend brother!  No DOUBT in my mind!  Sending you love!  <3 <3 <3

  22. I remember I had a serious but curable health issue once, and somebody introduced a very well-known therapist to me. I went there to see the doctor, but the receptionist told me that they don't accept new patients, and that the doctor has a fixed line of old regular patients to attend to! I was shocked! I looked at the other patients in line and said "So, you're telling me that the doctor has made sure that none of his patients are ever gonna be cured?"
    And I left while everyone in the room was dumbfounded.

  23. So strange the amount nit-pickers on here who totally missed the point of the video in favour of a good moan about nothing much.

  24. I still don’t understand how people can just blame fat people for being fat when there’s obviously something wrong with the western diet as a whole. I highly doubt all western people are just inherently lazier and less motivated than all indigenous populations or even other countries like Japan.

  25. Nutritionfacts.org is the cleanest science around. Dr. Michael Greger saw his grandma's end stage heart disease reversed and has devoted his time to spread the news that disease is optional. His vids are up on YT but if you see them on his website you can click on sources or read a transcript. In other words, see the studies for yourself and see that they're large and done right. So I changed my diet and now my heart disease is going away too. It's working.

  26. People are stuck in these habits and will not get out of them by themselves. The only way this change would happen is if the government made regulations to change food production habits, which wouldnt pass because people are not going to be okay with getting rid of something they are addicted to, not even if it is slowly killing them. People are dense and ignorant at their core. They will never change

  27. Actually fish don't make Omega 3 fats. By eating what they eat, far enough down the food chain, you can get those fats and not support the stripping of the oceans

  28. I'm 43, 6' and wear size 32 pants. Ten years ago it was size 34 going on size 36. Even though I exercised I was getting fatter. I did research, tried things, and got on the right track.

    Basic recommendations:
    1. No high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Minimize sugar.
    2. Don't drink calories. Dump soda, diet soda, fruit juice, energy drinks, and high sugar coffee and tea. Drink water or coffee/tea with as little sugar as possible.
    3. Avoid polyunsaturated oils. Use olive or coconut. (I also recommend saturated animal fat but do your own research and make your own decision.)
    4. Avoid or minimize corn, wheat, and soy.
    5. Total carbohydrates depend on activity level. Try not to go above 100 grams a day, less if you don't exercise.
    6. Eat your veggies.

    Beyond that, do your research on Adkins, Paleo, keto, Mediterranean, South Beach, Blood Type, vegetation, vegan, etc and decide for yourself.

  29. What a shitty simple rules. A banana has more than 5 ingredients and most are unpronunciable. I could go on but its pointless. "Eat food made from scratch" is a better rule and its only one.

  30. I love all these videos it makes it easier for me to explain to closed minded people by showing these videos from "After Skool" this video brilliant 👌🏼

  31. And people are appalled why I eat a whole food plant based diet. I'm appalled that people eat the shit these corporations call "food".

  32. Rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes among Aboriginals is more a reflection of social/political situation than just diet, just like all other populations. That spike coincides with forced dispossession of native lands, forced removal of children from their families, mass imprisonment and various other forms of violence and discrimination which have had a carry-over effect to today.

    It's the same for westerners in a way, because with the exception of a few, you only really become obese or get diabetes when you are socially disadvantaged. Things such as education, profession and wealth will determine whether your diet and exercise behaviours are healthy or not.

  33. Is there a place to find sources for your videos? I want to know if the statistic 1hr/day at the end there was Americans, Westerners or really out of everyone. Thanks for the videos!

  34. I feel a bit disappointed as this video is contradicting itself and is also not true in some aspects. "All food theories are wrong, don't listen to them. But here's one food theory that is right". How about no. The main thing which is right is that we used to work all day for the food. And the key here is not the food we worked for but the fact that we WORKED ALL DAY for it. We moved. Like all other animals, we have bodies which gets sick if we don't use it. Most of these modern problems are mostly caused by modern lifestyle: desk jobs and leizure time spent sitting in front of TV or computer. The food we eat is just a part of problem. And mostly the problem is about oversconsumption (eating too much) as you have mentioned in previous videos. A lot of nutirtion theories are at least partly right. Counting calories is fine. Trying to eat enough different minerals and vitarmins is fine. Otherwise we wouldn't have body builders and athlethes who actually look like or can move like GODS. The difference between them and general public is their nutrition and activity. You can easily check a lot of statistics to find correlation that populations who are active (uses cars less, does more sports and etc.) are much more healthy. Selling yet another book about food to americans and not telling them to move more is just pure lie. Your other videos were much better.

  35. The simple fact is, humans are omnivorous and benefit most from a moderated diversity in food. And most other things in life too…

  36. What if the government realized that they can't keep raising the retirement age so they decided to just lower the life expectancy

  37. because eating the right kind of fat is good for the body carbs empty calories are bad for the body your just filling yourself with energy and not burning fat until you burn off them carbs first that’s why the keto diet is the best

  38. I would like to know your reason for saying that we are "force fed". Aside from income inability, nutrition science has made it possible for anyone with the desire to become a magnificent human specimen, as seen in, I don't exactly know, 100's of 1000's of amateur and professional athletes western society produces. The Aboriginal is "force fed" with a diet strictly defined by the produce and game found in the area. I'm sure that if an Aboriginal didn't participate in the collecting of food, or any activity except for eating, they would get fat. Likewise, I doubt you'd get less healthy overall by following Jenny Craig to the letter (including the recommended exercise). I agree completely, otherwise. Multinational corporations are guilty of many lies, false choices, and greed over safety. It's because we each and all as western society are also guilty of these things that we're fat. I love your work and hope you keep doing it forever.

  39. Americas biggest problem right now is a food problem and no politician is talking about it. Stop talking about free healthcare, take personal responsibility and shut down monsanto. Change the way we eat change the way we think change the way we feel.

  40. Fantastic video!
    I would add to the list of "SIMPLE RULES"
    Buy Wholefoods!
    There is no point disassembling a food outside of the body, we have a digestive system for that.
    Nature did all the hard work making food great just on its own.
    The sugar in a wholefood is encased in fiber, meaning it is slowly metabolized and cant access the liver like a processed sugar can.
    Just learn to cook differently, instead of adding sugar to your meal, throw in some dried fruit or sliced apple for sweetness.
    Also, buying wholefoods usually means less plastic waste.
    Food "products" need packaging to contain them.
    The skin on an orange is its own packaging, and you can compost the skin to grow more food, if you want.
    Soon people will wake up to the fact that big corporations are powerless without our support, and that there is a far superior way of living, we don't need them anymore, we never did. It was all a trick.

  41. Americans are eating themselves stupid and sick. No wonder Trump is president over there:p USA used to be something to admire and look up to for the rest of the world. Not anymore…….

  42. Awesome video!! This is a topic I really wanted more information on. I have been looking for alternative diets for years now. It's just that they make it SO CONVENIENT to eat like sh*t. Farmer's markets are something I definitely need to go to more often. Thanks friend!

  43. That beings said; can we honestly say that any "science" has been for our wellbeing as a species? Or simply for the benefit of major corporations who use their claims to manipulate the worlds population for one reason or another?

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