okay you it I can't believe you buy your birthday oh good morning guy at every intention of doing a really kind of swanky opening of the door of the wallet gold we are delirious a barely slept the Maldives is really beautiful but oh we're in this amazing kind of what do you call it a hot I got hot over the sea whatever it is it's incredible but we're not really sleeping very well at all partly jet like partly because the waves are crashing so much so anyway we're a little bit delirious that we are up and about but I just thought I would do you a little kind of like a day in the life in the Maldives I'm not gonna vlog the whole trip because it's not not overly jam-packed in terms of our schedule and it's a lot of kind of me doing filming and then sort of just sitting but I will take you with me today because we're gonna hopefully get some paddleboards maybe do some snorkeling and I'm teaching later on so yeah I'll take you with me happy birthday yeah just having a little morning cuppa in bed great news for any vegans coming to the island they have almond milk and they have soy milk so I'm a happy bunny okay so I thought that before I go sit outside I will give you a little tour of the outside not the bedroom because it's a bit of a mess so I'm gonna wait for the guy to I don't know make the bed or something I'm heading out to find Naomi I'm gonna show you the view first my view is Naomi though Oh hold on that was a bad idea it's gone misty oh dear dear screen you've gone a little misty is that better okay sorry it's so hot out here so humid that the camera keeps missing up when I go from the inside to the outside so I'm going to show you our incredible I don't know we don't know what to call if this is a veranda if it's like a terrace if it's a balcony I don't know what sorry I'm missing up again I'm constantly misting oh okay so this is our absolutely stunning pool that overlooks the sea there is my absolutely stunning friend Nomi white pepper and this is where we've been chillin but yeah it's just so beautiful and this is where we get into the sea oh look at the color like how is that real and the other day we were doing our meditation here and I saw a little baby shark down here there's none today it's not the best time of year for sharks there's also stingrays going by everywhere so yeah I mean this is of you oh it's just insane so beautiful I wanted to show you my bikini this is from a brand called ode and Ray and I love it it's a minimal bottom but a really really nice top they are sustainable and beautiful and I will link to them below I honestly like feel so good in this bikini so yeah happy days so this is what we walk out of our little apartment – this is the view so these are the cocoa terraces no the cocoa residents you haven't even said told you guys I'm staying here at cocoa resorts so I'm staying at cocoa resorts how stunning is this like that color and I'm here doing a little yoga residency so I'm just going to show you the view as I talk to you and I'm doing yeah a little yoga residency I've already taught my first class I've got another one this evening and I feel very very grateful to be here see if you know it clap your hands we know the vlog knows and it won't be by the time the blog goes live and a million for every so we are heading to breakfast we there are numerous restaurants here but there's a really nice one called stars that we go to each morning and they do me spinach and grilled tomato and avocado so I can't really go wrong with that though just kind of such a creature of habit and I'm going back there right now as if this is a real life view from breakfast so that over there in the distance is the main island and that will take you there in the vlog later on so we're going to go paddleboarding look it's tough beautiful you're gonna hear the word beautiful and amazing quite a lot breakfast time avocado spinach tomato mm-hm there is toast on the way also got an iced almond latte and some orange juice paper straws with little whales on so I've just got back to the room I had an interview with Yoga Life magazine and buy so because I'm here at the Coco resort as part of the yoga residency they invited some press so I just had an interview with the lovely Vicky and we laughed a lot I'm so good so I will share that interview on my social media when it comes out it's gonna be in the July issue and I am back in the room now back to see Nene I'm just going to show you our room because I didn't show you earlier but now the bed actually been made so I'll take you on a little tour so this is the bedroom trying to stay as tidy as possible but not always working through here is our little kind of sort of dressing room got little mirrors everywhere and then this is our bathroom you might steam up against it's super hot in here but big bath I've got a sink over there nay's got a sink here there's a shower there an outdoor shower there and then the toilet so yeah pretty big we're thinking we might have a romantic couples Baha possibly maybe then coming through now the lounge I have slightly changed layout of because I've been filming for my membership so I have basically moved everything this did look really really nice but as you can see it's turned into my private studio anyway I'm gonna head out there go find my girl and then we're gonna go paddleboarding in a bit these are my little sunshine essentials my wonder boom reusable bottle hat Sun safety sunglasses I don't know what my friends say but anyway there's a phone we are just taking a nice little stroll to the main island where we're gonna get some paddle boards so like I said this is the main island here I'll show you inside it's just quite jungle II that over there is the gym and the spa and the yoga Pavillion where I was teaching yoga which is pretty cool I might take you there at some point if I make it to the gym at some point so we went paddleboarding and I forgot to vlog it was just too much fun and I forgot to get my camera out because I get very very wet holding Nomi stuff but yeah this isn't killed little one piece as well from a brand called September swim to really like really good for surfing there like a surf brand so know why I'm telling you that yeah talk about not filming the paddleboarding but we had a great time this is the pool area at Kona I totally forgot to show you my lunch I got way too carried away eating many many carbs Chi failed there didn't I at the paddle boarding and the lunch but I basically had a veggie wrap with guacamole and some fries can you hear that see and we're now heading back to so it is evening time Sun is setting behind me and I am on my way to teach my second yoga class here a nice chilled restorative class hopefully for some guests and I think some of the staff members will come and we'll see we had a nice turnout a couple of days ago but it's really quiet here on the island in terms of guests so no guarantees oh this we just got back from dinner and look he did this whole thing on the bed I mean it definitely looks like I got I love swans look at I love someone's so sweet we are heading off for a little snorkeling adventure today is international cool turtle day so hopefully okay okay you can never be a deviously exactly factor 50 away I am so ready faction everything nearly flippers on she pretty we just got back from a little snow concession at Madrid battle nice orbiter sir if you think you're a tea teddie the turtle Teddy and Myrtle the turtle it was I've never seen the peridot today so there's just one little bit of the island that I haven't shown you guys yet and we are heading there now kitted suited and booted I've been ready to sweat we're sweating already it's the only problem with working out in the Maldives but we didn't want to be outside in the real like blazing midday heat so we're gonna go and do a workout go back shower and then grab some lunch I will try and show you what we do unless I get too caught up in the sweaty moment so this is the little gym small but perfectly formed little weights area and just look at that view so so nice I mean basically a gym on water so I'm never usually a fan of any kind of cardio but I'm feeling the choreo could be a thing with that kind of you okay guys that is a sweat section complete well actually no it's not we've sort of caused to do and then I'm gonna know me can be mean to me and she's gonna film me doing the exercises that we did so basically we did a hundred meter job in straight into 100 meter sprint and then we did five exercises 50 seconds on 10 seconds off then had a rest and then did it all again five times and it was pretty it's pretty free playing it was pretty grim like I'm so sweaty right now but yeah so we're going to do his core finisher and then how will attempt to show you the exercises that we just did okay external one was away the physical to make a stock photo and I've definitely spent twenty ways done so every dish swap with the press with x7 to was just definite hope leave 10 I'm show you what we did already done a few [Applause] except number three we did puppies with a rose and the press except on the for you rather like the way we did right it's flying pretty killer after process [Applause] [Applause] so it's my final class here on the island at koko resorts and it's a little bit breezy as you can see I'm very short you can actually hear me but again beautiful setting and yeah I'm just been so so nice teaching I only had three classes but it's just been a dream to to teach some really really lovely people really super chilled blows been absolutely wonderful you blowing a gale damn it whoo I haven't really been like as good out in the Sun as you I think it's cuz I know I put six weeks in Sri Lanka anyway final class is taught sadly my time lapse didn't fully work but you'll get a little snippet and we are going to go and head for dinner in Mediterranean night and this girl wants some hummus so the camera obviously won't be doing this justice but that is the full moon she is beautiful strawberry full moon and just did a meditation we're gonna go and watch the sunrise a little trip has come to an end I've also got a bit of straw hanging down in front of my head it has been so wonderful and it's so great to come to a hotel that actually is doing things for conservation oh I'm gonna link to Koko Resorts below this trip was gifted in exchange for my yoga teaching but I'm gonna link to them below and you can check them out so if you are thinking of coming to the Maldives then definitely bear them in mind it's been wonderful but I'm sad to be leaving although actually the weather at the moment it's gone got a little rainy and I'm actually optical anchor now so I can't complain so anyway thank you for watching and I will see you again soon bye bye

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