Would Democratic Candidates Get Rid Of Private Health Insurance? | NBC News

Would Democratic Candidates Get Rid Of Private Health Insurance? | NBC News

many people watching at home have health insurance coverage through their employer who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan just to show hands start out with all right well senator Klobuchar let me put the question to you you're one of the Democrats who wants to keep private insurance in addition to a government health care plan why is an incremental approach in your view better than a sweeping overall I think it's a bold approach it's something that Barack Obama wanted to do when we were working on the affordable care act and that is a public option I am just simply concerned about kicking half of America off of their health insurance in four years which is exactly what this bill says so let me go on beyond that there's a much bigger issue in addition to that and that is pharmaceuticals the president literally went on TV on Fox and said that people's heads would spin when they see how much he would bring down pharmaceutical prices instead twenty five hundred drugs have gone up in double digits since he came into office instead he gave a hundred billion dollars in giveaways to the pharma companies for the rest of us for the rest of America that's what we call it home all foam and no beer we got nothing out of it and so my proposal is to do something about Pharma to take them on to allow negotiation under Medicare to bring in less expensive drugs from other countries and Pharma thinks they own Washington well they don't own their time as I thank you senator senator Warren you signed on to Bernie Sanders Medicare for all plan it would put essentially everybody on Medicare and then eliminate private plans that offer similar coverage is that the plan there a path that you would pursue as president so yes I'm with Bernie on Medicare for all and let me tell you why I've spent a big chunk of my life studying why families go broke and one of the number one reasons is the cost of health care medical bills and that's not just for people who don't have insurance it's for people who have insurance look at the business model of an insurance company it's to bring in as many dollars as they can in premiums and payout as few dollars as possible for your healthcare that leaves families with rising premiums rising co-pays and fighting with insurance companies to try to get the health care that their doctors say that they and their children need Medicare for all solves that problem and I understand there are a lot of politicians who say oh it's just not possible we just can't do it it have a lot of political reasons for this what they're really telling you is they just won't fight for it well health care is a basic human right and I will fight for basic right congressman O'Rourke when you ran for Senate you also praised a bill that would replace private insurance this year you're saying you're no longer sure can you explain why my goal is to ensure that every American is well enough to live to their full potential because they have health care in Laredo Texas I met a young man 27 years old told me that he'd been to a doctor once in his life and on that visit he was told he had diabetes he's told he had glaucoma and he was told untreated because he doesn't have healthcare he'll be dead before the age of 40 so getting to guaranteed high quality universal health care as quickly and surely as possible has to be our goal the ability to afford your prescriptions and go to a primary care provider to be the ability to see a mental health care provider in Texas the single largest provider of mental health care services is the County Jail system today and healthcare also has to mean that every woman can make her own decisions about her own body and has access to the care that makes that possible our plan says that if you're uninsured we enroll you in Medicare if you're insufficiently insured you can't afford your premiums we enroll you in Medicare but if you're a member of a union that negotiated for a health care plan that you like because it works for you and your family you're able to keep it we preserve choice by making sure everybody has time is up congressman but I do want to ask a follow-up on this one just to be just to be very clear I'll give you ten seconds would you replace private insurance no I think the choice is is fundamental to our ability to private insurance is not working for tens of millions of Americans when you talk about the co-pays that deductibles the premiums the out-of-pocket expenses it's not working that's not working they can choose Medicare for the person any workers and you gotta start acknowledging the associate is looking for people they're able to keep them why are you saying like their private health insurance by the way it should be noted that 100 million Americans I mean I think we should be the party that keeps what's working and fixes what's broken I mean doesn't that make sense I mean we should give everyone in this country health care is a basic human right for free . but we should also give them the option to buy private insurance why do we have to stand for taking away something from people and also it's bad policy if you go to every hospital in this country and you ask them one question which is how would it have been for you last year if every one of your bills were paid at the Medicare rate every single hospital administrator said they would close and the Medicare for all bill requires payments to stay at current Medicare rates so to some extent we're basically supporting a bill that will have every hospital closed I mean my dad was a union electrician right I actually grew up in a working-class family he loved the health care that the IBEW gave him and I just always think about my dad and anything I would do it from a policy perspective he'd look at me and he'd say good job John for getting health care for every day why are you taking my home let this play out a little because it's I'm fascinated to hear the daylight between you congresswoman Gabbard why are you weigh in here I think we're talking about this in the wrong way you're talking about one bill over another bill really what we're talking about is our objective making sure that every single sick American in this country is able to get the health care that they need I believe Medicare for all is the way to do that I also think that employers will recognize how much money will be saved by supporting a Medicare for all program a program that will reduce the administrative costs reduce the bureaucratic costs and make sure that everyone gets that quality health care that they need also thank you if you look at other countries in the world who have universal health care every one of them has some form of a role of private insurance I think that's what we've got to look at taking the best of these ideas but making sure unequivocally that no sick American goes without getting the care that they need regardless at all times your little money they have in their pocket senator corker on there senator Booker explain to me where you are this is a hugely important to people so tell us where you are absolutely well first of all we're talking about this is of health care issue but in communities like mine low-income communities this is an education issue those kids who don't have health care are not gonna succeed in school it is an issue for jobs and employment because people that do not have good health care do not succeed at work it's even a retirement issue because in my community african-americans have a lower life expectancy because of poorer health care and so where I stand is very clear health care is not just a human right it should be an American right and I believe the best way to get there is Medicare for all but I have an urgency about this when I am president the United States I'm not going to wait we have to do the things immediately that are gonna provide better care and on this debate I'm sorry there are too many people profiteering off of the pain of people in America from from pharmaceutical companies to insurers literally the overhead for insurers that they charge is 15% while Medicare's overhead is only at 2% we can do this better and every single day I will be fighting to give people more access and more affordable cost until we get to my goals which is every American having house hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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40 thoughts on “Would Democratic Candidates Get Rid Of Private Health Insurance? | NBC News

  1. Single payor system. Why profit from sickness caring? Nurses and Doctors have to do 8 years to vet their degrees, make them pay off their student loans via working these 8 years off at clinics, hospital, community center, senior care, etc.

  2. Ugh everyone is full of it!!! Tulsi is trying to attract the wrong base. Hunny NO you have to be bold. Just say Medicare for all. And be done with it.


  4. Want to solve the healthcare problem? take it back to the source. Money. All these arguments over insurance HAH! The real question should be "  Why do we need insurance"  Well its because its so unreasonably ridiculously expensive. Why is it so expensive? Because of liscensing and malpractice suits. Hospitals used to be churches who wanted to help. Now they are for-profit corperations who abuse their monopoly.What would happen if they let high school grads go strait to med school? a flood of doctors on the market? What would happen if we could deal directly with doctors instead of hospitals wedging between? If there were more competition in the medical field the cost would be driven down. make medical "club" easier to get into and they lose their monopoly. Pass laws to protect docs from malpractice. Just my  Ideas.

  5. **Lester Holt** asking the question & a show of hands is the best way to handle this many people because they are not actually debating & it gets the questions answered without having to hear all the additional stuff that just throws the viewers off tract.

  6. Medical insurance is a Ponzi scheme. if the insurance industry had to pay out on everybody that held a policy they would be bankrupt. They are hedging their bets in the same way the Wall Street did on the housing industry. inevitably there will be some type of a healthcare disaster that will leave the insurance industry in a position where they're asking for a bail out. but once again the American citizen will still be stuck with the bill from the medical practitioner. There are billions currently in profits each year if not each quarter from the insurance industry. That's a lot of overhead and those Prophets could be reintroduced medical practitioners to cover the entire bill not just a portion that we end up getting a second bill people that are against universal health Care keep saying good if you have great insurance you shouldn't have to give it up. insurance is not a health care provider. What you would joy is your provider not paying an insurance company to be a middleman between yourself and your health care practitioner. Union workers in particular what benefit from a universal health Care system. Part of a union workers pay package is exceptional healthcare insurance. But if your employer is no longer required to provide insurance those additional funds could go back into wages.


  8. Democrats likes to point to how other countries have free healthcare but don't want to talk about how they make it possible…

  9. Medicare for All.? Bad idea. Very Bad idea. The worst ever and we The ppl America doesnt want it and we refuse to be a socialist country

  10. Is Elizabeth Warren serious? Omg. Wth is she thinking? I hope ppl make the right choice and vote her out.and also Bernie Sanders they both have to go. TRUMP 2020! for sure 100%

  11. Not a single candidate has an innovative idea, is more of the same free crap that they keep promising, Trump is going to win easily and this is coming from an independent.

  12. Something about these debates i dislike is they never have anything good to say about the président that is an has done an only negative things but say they can do better but really they dont even know really if they could or not but are determin to say they can.what a joke.same goes for canadian primeminister here but trudeau has done nothing for us at all.

  13. Is the Trump fanatics the only ones who is writing on this site? People who don't care about anyone but themself and Boss Trump. Trolls.

  14. Great debate…10 more to speak tomorrow! Was really impressed at the conversations and knowledge on all issues.

  15. Hey, the debates gave another three years of “investigations” by MSNBC and CNN: Breaking News…RUSSIANS sabotage debate!!! (A definite case of Russian collusion with the lame streamers of Pravda West!)

  16. Medicare on its own is not sustainable. It currently only survives because private insurance subsidizes Medicare shortfalls. It also has huge rates of fraud and incorrect billings which in fact make it significantly more wasteful than private insurance. Politicians who talk about Medicare's "low overhead" compared to private insurance are either lying or are ignorant.

  17. GDP was 3.25 for the first quarter and we have the lowest unemployment in fifty years, and the dem candidates said we have to get Americans back to work. Lmao

  18. Let me tell you why universal government healthcare will be a complete disaster. My aunt is a nurse who have been working at VA (Veterans Hospital) for many years. She recently tore her acl and the wait time for them to review her files are up tp 10 weeks and even longer to schedule an appointment. Can you imagine being in pain for that long without having a opportunity to get surgery? She does have private insurance so she is considering going that route which will only take about 1 week to schedule an appointment for a surgery. If they can't provide adequate care and support the government hospitals, how would expect me to believe that they can take care of 330 million people?

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