WT || Re.2002 Early – Wellness Spading

WT || Re.2002 Early - Wellness Spading

hello hello there and welcome back to water now so today I have a little bit of a wellness video for you because I am playing in a very relaxed style and the plane that you see is a new Italian prop plane at battle rating 2.3 Rank 1 it's the are a 2002 early and this is what I would say the sixth of its name simply because we have this are a two thousand line from rank one to rank two and we begin with the re 2001 serie one at battle rating 2.0 the early 2000 GA at two point zero then this plane at that rating two point three the are a 2002 early then we go back to the nomenclature at rank two with the re 2001 theory one the re 2001 CP and also the re 2001 C and then with the hospital rating of two point seven due to Chairman twenty millimeters and I loved them all that were always nice to play that was always nice to Spade good experience fun little planes and I absolutely loved them so this is actually the very first battle that I play in this flame and I wanted to share it with you because this is a game in this plane where well it's the first one where this plane is completely stopped completely stopped so I have none of the engine upgrades I have none of the survivability upgrades I don't have any sort of the weapon upgrades or well bomb upgrades if you will and so I intended to spend this by myself despite being a content creator and having a lot of support by Guardian in terms of test drives and vehicles and premiums given to me as well as golden eagles I think that you never must lose the touch with people that are actually paying gaijin the average player and I say that a lot of players are completely free to play a lot of players are paying gouging nothing at all no premium accounts no premium vehicles you name it so a lot of people are playing this way now I am going through here a lot of the other acquiring boosters if you will and so then they login fulfilling war bond missions etc and also the tournament that one gave me some nice boosters and so one of the boosters that I just got was a 200 RP booster which I activated for this flame which is completely stuck all the more interesting will be the result screen currently you see me doing nothing for the first few minutes or actually you see me preparing for the engagement so we are playing on the operation husky map and map that are absolutely despised I think this is one of the lamest asset flipped designed Maps that there is in war thunder it is absolutely punishing for bombas because there are no bombing points and yes in theory you could go for the tanks you could go for the pillboxes here you could go for the ships from the exercise but frankly this is boring the most easy targets are in the middle of the map which is watched with hawk eyes by some fighters that just go immediately after the ground attackers with some nice between zoom attacks and the ships while they are shooting back there are really not worth the effort of going for them and again then the Allied fighters are watching out for their ground targets or there are sea targets as well so not the most friendly environment for ground attackers but we are in a fighter so despite being in a fighter and not being truly affected by the ground units I still think that the map is absolutely dreadful even for a fighters every map has some dynamic that is initially coordinated by the ground attack us by the bombas etc the layout etc and that is not really given here I did climb I pumped a lot of energy into my plane and you see I am stopped performing so I had to hear this jump on this hurricane and I decided after the initial boom and zoom attack that was not the most successful that assume away I gathered a lot of speed in the initial dive and I invested to zoom back to altitude to hopefully surprise your the Spitfire that seems to be unaware the cloud cover is really annoying which makes the footage itself look boring sorry about this but that's kind of the average match in war thunder these days either you're blinded by sunset or sunrise or you're just in cloudy foam no more normal matches here anyway despite the you know the bold bullets and also the practice rounds I got the critical hit on this big bar no idea which one though and I continued to fire on him he barrels out but I got the kill on him which is nice and I'm already really really happy about this because as I said 200% are people who stop premium account completely stopped playing and then the first battle I thought a kill and I didn't get shot down and again you can see how nicely actually this plane handles when completely start I only can imagine what a beauty this will be to fly fully upgraded and again the question is how long I have to wait for this now the other question is while I engage here this second Spitfire in a corkscrew maneuver attack ish thing attack I I just asked myself why am I as to myself why I am doing myself the stress of heights here gameplay of high tier stock run etc which is absolutely tragic and unfun I want more of those World War two birds I want more of this and again multiple hits in there into the Spitfire but again a stock bounce maybe I would have done more damage or incredible hits and you can see how I'm sinking low to the ground which is one of those syndromes of low speeds or well stop planes and I just cannot get on the tail of the Spitfire mark – and so slow I'm almost stalling now we get the crypto hitting come on go down go down yes second kill hmm nearly 500 RP for that Kira as well at least in the direct first combat message we'll see how this works out later on into assault streets so there are only two or three enemies left one is a Corsair one is a French bomba and some other plane so we'll see how if we can get one more of those so again let me know what really gets you into this stop line where you have to play dozens of matches to get in the first upgrade to get probably only the the fire prevention equipment or repair toolkit for your tanks to ships and if this is really worth doing for it for me personally it was always punishing it was always annoying and so claim stop glad was by default for me personally always not so much of a problem up until you hit ranked for where then the discrepancy really shows you're coming across more capable players and then the first jets stock jets the first stop Jets absolutely awful but this plane I absolutely love it again first battle first match and I have absolutely no idea how this thing will perform when fully upgraded but I cannot wait for it so the problem is here again I cannot wrap up here some other artillery positions or howitzers now after the why the fight is already won we are about to win this match no doubt about this and so I would love to rack up some more RP by going after some soft ground targets at this stage of the battle that's absolutely fine especially when stop grinding with a big booster hell why the hell not a few hundred or a few thousand extra RP are always welcome and now the lost enemy was shot down and this is now where the match comes to a close let's now have a look at the post battle results twins and that looks promising yes 23,000 silver lines and nearly six thousand three hundred modification research points for this plane that's really great second place in team with two kills and now let's have look at the out Brad's oh yes that looks good not one module not two modules for the weaponry this availability and flight performance know nearly everything I can unlock with this right now except the bombs which are on a fighter in my opinion not a priority and yeah I'm now looking forward to the next match to be played with this plane I hope you enjoyed this video please give this a like if you did subscribe if you want to see more and we'll see each other on the ways on the battlefields and in the skies of war thunder

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27 thoughts on “WT || Re.2002 Early – Wellness Spading

  1. Oh god oh fuck he's researching the g91ys… oh god yall call t2ks op just wait til you see a good g91ys pilot

  2. I still need to spade the k4 and c3, than all german props are spaded, only need to spade the jets afterwards…

  3. My issue is that I simply cannot enjoy grinding tanks because you need a whole lineup to grind with, not just one vehicle that you enjoy. With air RB I find it much easier and more enjoyable, all you really need is one plane in a tree that you enjoy and you can get RP while still enjoying the matches

  4. I try to spade all of my planes. But when you get to higher tiers some are just not worth it. Especially bombers that get hunted and you get shot down before you can even hit a base to cover your repair costs. Low tier doesn't punish you like that.

  5. I've been going back and spading out a lot of my low tier planes. It is much more exciting than a 10.0.

    Some of the best games I have had were in something like a Bf109E3.

  6. Yeah I'm a hardcore f2p player but I have the 2 g91 with .50s and I have a couple of American jets!

  7. Low tier – best tier.
    I mean I love my Ru 251, my Panther A and that stuff, but if I want to have fun, I love to go to tier 1 – 3.

  8. I'm currently grinding for germany first post-war jets and while I still have fun with it sometimes, the 262 stock is awful, mainly because of the huge spread the guns have (and because you're put against much better planes when uptiered)
    Still, I want to unlock them, at least the CL-13 and the Mig-15 Bis
    Those two are my piorities

  9. WT should print on a t-shirt "low tier, fun tier"
    For me the problem is not only in high tier, it is just the repair costs: I am very stressed to go into a match with an expensive vehicle to play (SP or repair) because of what I could loose by not playing well (crew lock, repair, or a week of not playing it anymore), whereas I have no stress at all going into a low tier game (except when the french tanks were introduced, they were really sh*t)

  10. Low tier boomer dogfight romance vs. top tier zoomer jet clown fiesta.
    When Me262 was top tier and we had 20rank system.
    *crack* *sip*
    Those were the times.

  11. For me, the fun from War Thunder comes from playing the WWII vehicles. Playing high tier is not fun for me and feels like a mockery of what the game used to be.

  12. high tier is a no for me, and tanks are almost not even in my consideration for playing the game

    i usually play tier 2-3 and almost tier 4 but some specific planes and most of them dont go above 5.0

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