Xiamen Street Food | 厦门 | 廈門 | China | 5 Minutes Trip

Xiamen Street Food | 厦门 | 廈門 | China | 5 Minutes Trip

Xiamen is a coastal city in southern China. It is known as one of gourmet city in the country. For most of tourists to Xiamen, exploring cuisine here is also the fun of Xiamen trip. But do you know what most popular food streets in Xiamen are? Xiamen is known most for its fresh seafood, abundant tropical fruits, and lively street food scene. The warm climate, clean beaches, and lush gardens draw vacationers from all over China. Hot weather during the day means outdoor night markets and street food stalls don’t come alive until around sundown. There are many places where you can get street food in Xiamen. The most famous one is Zhongshan Road, which is huge, crowded, and has tons of different eateries. However, there are many others as well, such as the smaller and cuter “Cat Street” or Ding ‘ao zai Street, Longtou Road on Gulangyu Island, or Zeng Cuo An Village, a former fishing village turned trendy artsy neighborhood with a vibrant nightlife. There are all sorts of crazy street food, from barbecued meat on skewers, black stinky tofu, oyster pancakes, and even worm jelly (!) to sweet cold bean soups, tropical fruits, and the locally famous shā chá noodles. Xiamen definitely reminds me of Taiwan in some ways, which is not a surprise, considering that the two regions are just across the Taiwan strait from each other and they both speak the Minnan dialect. We tried many different types of street food during our trip. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting ones! Xiamen’s street food may not score high marks in terms of appearance but the dishes come with brilliant flavors. You will know it only when you have tried the dishes. Take a chance and stroll down one of Xiamen’s many food markets. You’ll have a chance to experience an authentic taste of Xiamen cuisine. Here are some famous Xiamen dishes Enjoy! Have a nice trip

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