YouTuber Nearly Raped in India – My Advice & Harassment Experiences (Travellight Reaction)

YouTuber Nearly Raped in India - My Advice & Harassment Experiences (Travellight Reaction)

da-da-da-da-da-da very peculiar yeah lucky Sagada do you have the best waiter in our culture there is no place for a woman recently a foreign female youtuber uploaded a video detailing the sexual harassment she faced while she was here holiday in India so in this video you're gonna hear her story straight from her I'm gonna take you inside the minds of these guys who have these really backwards mentalities and then I'm gonna give you some tips so you can stay safe while you're travelling here in India let's get into it let's hear the story straight from Jordan about two months ago I got to India we were wrapping up our trip and that's when all these things just started happening men reached out and grabbed me we're touching me groping me this one guy walking by kind of leaned like his face was right here and he just said to me I want to you right into my face with Livia right next to me I had a five-star hotel give out my personal information my full name my room number to a stalker I really want to say these things are uncommon but unfortunately of all the experience I've had here meeting female tourists and just meeting females and new females in general they all have a story like this you know some of them aren't as bad as this some of them are worse I've witnessed this firsthand as well so I was on the Delhi Metro and a guy just grabbed my friend's ass and then another time we were walking down a road in South Delhi bye-bye lodi garden and this guy just walks past and rubs his elbow across my friend's chest i met a girl from thailand who had just been to Amritsar and this guy started stalking her along the streets they wouldn't stop following it so she decided to run into a bathroom and she thought she would be safe there in a female bathroom but this guy comes in and starts banging on a cubical door and asking for money he was trying to scare her to pay him so she had that she was like so scared sitting in this bar from cubicle right so she just slid a bunch of money under the door and luckily he left so yeah they're these stories do not end unfortunately and that goes for local woman too this is not a foreign woman problem this is a woman problem in general here in India and it's not all men don't think all men I like that there's certainly not it's a it's a small percentage of men who had these back with mentalities which we'll get into soon let me and I checked into a just normal hotel it was about ten dollars night so it's not like a nice hotel or anything this is the first alarm bell for me she's staying in a 500 rupee hotel which is as cheap as you can get in Delhi and she's staying in piccata guns and how the guns is hell on earth I can't describe it any better than that I hate the place you walk down the road you'll see drug addicts shooting up needles into their arms it's 200 meters from the human trafficking and prostitution area of Delhi GB Road which you do not want to go down and under any circumstances especially at night so she's so close to all these things drugs prostitution and human trafficking and yeah unfortunately a lot of foreigners choose to stay in the harder guns because there's a lot of cheap hotels there but it's the worst place you can stay in Ola Delhi please people go stay in the residential areas where normal Indians are go stay in South Delhi go stay and pay a bit more for a hotel because when you pay 500 rupees or ten dollars American for a hotel the quality you're going to get is terrible but what's more important the staff you're gonna get are terrible so the staff in these cheap hotels tend to be uneducated boys from outside of Delhi from from small areas they have no education and they have and they come with these backwards mentalities unfortunately do not stay in 500 rupee hotels if you're a girl okay anyway at this point she was with her boyfriend and now just wait to see what happens when her boyfriend leaves the hotel and they knew that I was now in this hotel alone from that very morning they started acting completely different to me at one point they even one of them even followed me up the stairs they called the room and they just said into the phone hey baby and I hung up and they called the room again and just silent not saying anything and it was just kind of creepy the next day they called my room and I pick up the phone and they were making sexual noises breathing okay so let me give you some insight into the minds of these guys these guys are from a patriarchal system where they see woman as an object and I'm not talking about all Indian men okay I'm talking about a small percentage of Indian men these backwoods types of guys and so to scare a girl on the phone like that to grope a girl to pass rude comments to a girl this makes these guys feel really powerful it makes it feel like a real men array which is total rubbish but for them this is a form of entertainment they get off on this they enjoy this and pavatt also is that here in India couples that aren't married aren't respected as much so these guys have seen her with her boyfriend and they're thinking oh she's going around doing immoral things with this guy then why won't you do immoral things with me that's their thinking they they think she's a bad girl and she's doing bad and immoral things it's totally crazy right in this next clip you're gonna see right inside the minds of these guys one of the guys is a rapist and the other two are his lawyers and their rapist is responsible for the Jyoti Singh rapes in 2012 which shook India talak America's analyst D'Amato silverstein it will be here Albus additionally QT return over the ninth year da-da-da-da-da-da-da very peculiar yeah lucky segata per hour Lila Kirika you're cute 11 agua con carne adovada hey is ona up with the school area borrow Mukunda yeah cos these bees for San Diego simile in our society we never allow our gold to come out from the house after 6:30 or 7:30 or 8:30 in the evening with any unknown person – means I immediately put the sets in AJ's do you have the best pitcher in our culture there is no place for a woman she should not go in night hours to snuggle at anything mother cow judge you are a cow this is my strength I'm still today stand on that replied there's nothing more I can add that those guys explain themselves perfectly and this is what India is dealing with these kinds of mentalities I was in my room and one of the guys knocked on the door and said hello open your door and I thought no I'm not opening my door he came back about an hour later and he banged something really hard against the door I don't know what but it means such a loud sound startled me and he said ma'am man open your door right now trust your gut and that's exactly what Jordan did she didn't let them and when they're telling all these lies to try and get in her room this is like a horror movie and to be honest it's really hard to understand the feelings that she will be going for at this point locked in this hotel room and dally with these guys trying to get in until you're in that situation you don't know you know it's easy for us to criticize her or to say other things why don't you do that why don't you do this but until you're in a situation if you don't have experience and what to do you don't know what to do I knew that he had just turned off my a/c immediately he knocks at my door and says hello the AC is broken we need to come in and fix the AC open the door and I will come in and fix your AC and I just said no I'm not answering the door then they shut off the life I and said the same story they need to come in and fix the Wi-Fi I kept telling me open the door let us in I just felt so certain that if I do to open the door then because they were so desperately trying with the lies to get into my room and to get me to open the door I did feel very certain that if I did then something very bad would happen I say this in my India Survival Guide which helps people travel safely and confidently in India you have to be assertive and aggressive here in India in India strength respects strength only every day here it's a fight to do whatever you need to do you know so these guys only respects drink if you look weak if you give off weak signals people will prey on you these guys will prey on you they'll think you're weak so in this case Jordan should have kicked up a fuss as soon as she got that phone call she should have said of blasting them on the phone you know what are you doing don't do this I'm leaving and she should have left she should have got out of this straight away from that first weird phone call you know but it's easy for us to say this after the fact you know in hindsight yeah but Jordans probably never experienced this type of harassment before so yeah you can't criticize here you can't judge her she has no experience in dealing with these types of situations and that's one thing that I hope to change I want to empower for us to be able to deal with this kind of stuff and just enjoy India because India is an amazing and country and I think it's the greatest country in the world especially for traveling you just think to be a little bit prepared okay obviously I'm a guy but I've also come across this type of harassment as a man it was really on the on the lower side of things it's more gay guys hitting on me and being too touchy I had this one guy tried to kiss me on the cheek I had a guy rubbing my thigh I had a guy come up to me and say lollipop lollipop and no you know what is it called knock me in my private pass gently and yeah it's creepy but this gets me to my point don't be overly friendly that was my problem I'm really friendly I'll chat to anybody you know say hello I'll chat away and I'll go have a coffee with them or whatever but this is often taken as the wrong wrong signal you know if you're being true friendly guys can take it the wrong way is and you want to sleep with them that's what I've experienced if you get into a problem like Jordan was in you can call the Delhi police and they will happily come pick you up from your room blast the guys downstairs and file a police report against them and you don't have to have a sim to call the Delhi police you can call an emergency number anywhere in the world from your smartphone it's an emergency system on your phone which will connect to some cell phone networking and can you to the police and actually this kind of harassment it happens everywhere in the world so when you're traveling especially as a solo female which I know is totally unfair you have to be extra prepared when you're traveling especially alone you know even in in this situation in her situation in India she wasn't alone she was with her boyfriend she still had those terrible things happening to it so you just have to be prepared I really hope that I haven't scared you too much with this video I want you to come to India I want you to have a life-changing experience in India I want you to love India I want you to have a positive experience here and you know most tourists do that you just have to take some precautions you have to wive it up and get street smart before you come here okay then you can love India like I do and it turns out that Jordans fears were totally legitimate the police are investigating this hotel now and they have been closed I want to thank Jordan for telling her story and I've linked to the full video in the description and it goes on quite a lot more and you can even see the guys standing outside her door it is creepy but I want to thank her because it is such a hard thing to do to speak out like this to tell your story to the whole world it's really really hard and despite what happened to her in India Jordan say she loved her time here and she wants to come back so you guys go to her video leave a comment leave some love and invite her back to incredible India thank God for now

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  1. It's bad enough just on line , they threaten to rape you or they sexually harrass you ( and yes they are Indian )..but in actual life I wouldn't go to India alone .

  2. Hey buddy
    Dont worry about saying the truth
    Im from india and i know the problmes
    Women are not at all safe here in most of the places in india
    Especially foreigners
    There are somany illiterate buffoons
    I love my country and I worry for my country

  3. I noticed after the amazing race tv show made the contestants take the train guys were grabbing the female contestants , they stopped making contestants taking the trains that after that.

  4. Isse kehte hai paare likhe unpar……. N mostly ….these kind of People found in mainland india fucking armpit smelling persons

  5. If you want to be strong..
    If you want to be next Steve Jobs..
    If you want to be successful…
    Come India because here you have only 2 choices Do or Die 😁

  6. If you want to be strong..
    If you want to be next Steve Jobs..
    If you want to be successful…
    Come India because here you have only 2 choices Do or Die 😁

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